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Published: Tuesday, July 3 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Westland, MI

The LDS "perspective" on heaven is false doctrine and the corruption of 2 Cor.12:2 (1-4).

The "3rd heaven" mentioned in the above scripture is where God dwells and all His holy angels (Alma 18:30).

The 2nd heaven is Outer Space.

The 1st heaven is Earth's Atmosphere, which consists of the following 5 layers (lowest to highest):
Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and the Exosphere.

There is no segregation in heaven. There is no going to the back of the bus in heaven.

Salt Lake City, UT


I guess we'll all find out what is true doctrine at some point, won't we?

Until then I'll respect your beliefs although I doubt you'll respect mine.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

The most humorous moment in the interview took place when Walters asked Elder Walker whether non-Mormons will make it to heaven. After Walker insisted that people of all religious persuasions will be in heaven..." ~ article



That ought to be a real shock eye opener to many Utah Momrons who insist only card carrying Mormons will be there.

Same goes for Zion and the New Jerusalem having Non-Mormons and people of all religions residing there too.

I can't count the times I've debated this with my fellow Brothers and Sisters.

Doug Forbes
Greenfield, IN

There is segregation in heaven.. of a sort.
There is class distinction in heaven.
There is sex in heaven.
Heaven is a continuation of life for good people.
Hell is a continuation of life for bad people.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Michigander and LDS Liberal,

Thanks for posting. I read it on the internet so it must be true, right?

USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS Liberal" um....it all depends on how you look at things. They never explain what they are calling Heaven.

From an LDS perspective, yes, there will be people of all faiths in the Celesestial Kingdom. Any child, regardless of faith, who dies before the age of 8 will be there. Now, here is where symantics comes into play. Suppose a Catholic dies, then while awaiting the final judgement, joins the LDS church and accepts the posthumous work done on their behalf. When they enter the Celestial Kingdom, are they Catholic or LDS? Lets also consider those at the time of the Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament people would be considered Jewish (or whatever name they had for their religion at the time), and those during the time of the New Testament would have been considered Saints.

As the scriptures states, those that enter the Celestial Kingdom will be his Saints, or "whose names are found, and the names of their fathers, and of their children, enrolled in the book of the law of God;" (D&C 85) Some people would consider that to be God's Church. So, you can lay off your antiUtah drivel.

South Jordan, UT

I believe the Mormon concept of heaven is any degree of glory. If true, virtually everyone on earth will go to heaven except a small number of people who disqualify themselves.

Other than those sons of perdition, everyone will receive a reward far better than this mortal existence. John Lennon's song Imagine described what many people view as heaven. Yet he only scratched the surface of the least degree of glory.

I think most people will receive a heavenly reward similar to what they envision. In that way, other faiths are correct. However, they limit what could be theirs if they really understood the plan of salvation.

My Christian friends often quote John 3:16, yet when queried they have no idea what to do with eternal life. They envision singing in choirs and floating around without any cares or praising God all day long. Few of them recognize the value of growth, work, family relationships, etc that are part of what really brings happiness for eternity. Seriously, how can anybody believe in a heaven without the love of our family members being a major part of it all?

Elk River, MN

"Elder Walker said that Mormons believe our lives will be evaluated on how we live," said Walters in an interview from her office last week. "And if we live with a love for others and we contribute to society and we keep the commandments of God, we will have a better opportunity to go to heaven. He said that Mormons believe that our lives will be evaluated on how we lived them. That is reasonable and optimistic."

Oh, I hope he mentioned grace and Christ's atonement...

O-town, UT

LDS Liberal

I totally agree with you. I have had many non-LDS friends who have been chased away from the LDS religion by some of the self-righteousness of some LDS members. Their kids aren't allowed to play with their kids, they aren't invited to parties, etc. I have also heard them describe that some LDS claim that they are the only ones who will get into heaven.

Standing in a church doesn't make you spiritual just like standing in a garage doesn't make you a mechanic. I trust in God's justice. He is no respecter of persons and looks upon people's hearts. Many of my non-LDS friends are better examples of followers of Christ than many of my LDS friends. I am sure the right will be done!

In the meantime, we all need to be more compassionate to everybody!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

I yearn for the day of candor.
Joseph Smith had a good time with the journalists of his day when he answered some repeated questions.
"Will everybody be damned, but Mormons?"
Yes, and a great portion of them, unless they repent, and work righteousness.
History of the Church, Vol.3, Ch.3, p.28-30

Spanish Fork, UT

The alternatives to LDS heaven are interesting and I hope I'm not incorrectly stating them:

Agnostic heaven -- no idea
Atheist heaven -- none
Evangelical heaven -- eternity praising God
LDS heaven -- eternal progression

I'll opt for the latter.

If one believes that no one really knows what happens after we bite the dust, why not pick one that has some future rather than nothing or sitting around praising some megalomaniac deity who makes us go through this junk so we can sing to him.

Orem, UT

Good grief, all you people, L.D.S. and non-L.D.S., who can't stop ragging on the church and its members. Give it up, would you please? I have lived in Utah almost my whole adult life. I have never come across anyone who wouldn't allow their children to play with non-L.D.S. children. And not invite non-L.D.S. to parties? That's crazy, as we're always accused of trying to proselytize because we do invite them to things. And as far as who gets to be in Heaven goes, I don't know a Mormon soul who would profess to know exactly how it's going to be. Who are these L.D.S. people you all seem to know who are so self-righteous? Because as I said, I don't know a single one in all of my L.D.S. acquaintance. Please, just give it a rest. You're exhausting me.

American Fork, UT

It's pretty clear even just from the posts here that we simply don't know what lies in the great beyond and what we take on faith varies widely. I guess we'll have to just wait it out.


LDS Liberal,

"Utah-Mormons" and nearly every other member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints knows that Joseph Smith was surprised to see his brother in a vision, someone who clearly wasn't a 'by the book Utah Mormon' either. If Utahns know about that, then we aren't as short-sighted as you suggest.

There are three degrees of glory which are all heaven compared to what we see in the world around us today. Just because one person can't or won't abide a specific glory, doesn't mean they are the heathen, an outcast, and condemned forever. Anyone who thinks that doesn't understand LDS doctrine rightly if at all.

There are 3 degrees of glory and an outer darkness. That's more than a simple "heaven or hell" and such analogies aren't adequate to answer people's questions that seem to only include that or refuse the possibility of a different belief system.

Please, stop judging the rest of the membership and just live your own life already. You can't justify your own judgments of others, no matter how much you try.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

@Counter Intelligence


Perhaps we should be even more truthful and profess our actual LDS Doctrine of the after-life and the Final Judgement.
That there really is NO Hell at all, only 3 Degrees of Glory.

That most certainly doesn't fit into mainstream "Christianity" or in-line with the Bible.

Should really make some heads spin on TV and put us right back into the Evangelical cross-hairs -- not something Mitt Romney needs with only 100 days until the General Election.

The Church did a great job of not being too controversial which I quite frankly applaud, but it was a watered-down general answer.

But, I digress....

On anothrer note;

O-town, UT

Agreed with your comment.
My kids are the only friends with the non-Mormon kids in our 95% Mormon neighborhood -- I wonder why?....
Johnny's daddy drinks a beer now and then, and Tommy doesn't go to primary.

My LDS upbringing taught it's "members" to abstain - then set a good example - and love and accept all as friends and neighbors --
They are fellow CITIZENS with the Saints -- just like Paul said,
That is what I've taught my children.


It's not often that I agree with Hutterite, but this time I really do, Well said!


The mormon church will get themselves into trouble with this one. Just more propoganda and contradiction. It should be concerning for members to see the spin machine in such a public forum.

Bountiful, UT

@LDS Liberal,

For one who professes to be a Mormon, you seem to have a strange personality trait of deliberately and openly attacking members of your own faith (from a religious standpoint) in many of your posts to these comment boards.

Just remember, we will ALL be held accountable for OUR own actions, which may include criticism of others. Let us all remember to remove the beam in our own eye before we remove the mote in another's eye.

Westland, MI


"I guess we'll all find out what is true doctrine at some point, won't we?"

We already have found out that knowledge. It is contained in the KJV and the BoM only (no 3 degrees of glory or 3 kingdoms of heaven mentioned anywhere!)

Joseph Smith got the false notion of 3 degrees of glory from the 3 degrees of the Masonic Lodge: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason, plus the fact that Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, Heber Kimball, along with many others were Freemasons (peer pressure on JS). What eventually resulted was the abominably erroneous D&C 76.

O-town, UT


I am glad that you have never run across any problems in your life with LDS people. I can tell you that I have seen it all too much. I remember taking a non-LDS friend to a summer bbq party when I was eight-years old. A parent (yes parent) told me that I could not bring him there, and that it was only for LDS. I remember seeing the hurt in his eyes as we both left the party. Of course my parents told the bishop, and he was very upset.

Gordon B. Hinckley mentioned in a conference talk how he had read many letters concerning incidents like mine, and that he feared we are responsible for some of the bad image being spread.

I don't do it to rip on LDS people. I am just suggesting we all have a lot of work to do, and we all are our brother's keeper. Some non-LDS people are more in touch with the Spirit than LDS people--our membership means nothing if our actions aren't Christ-like. Sorry to exhaust you, but all is not well in Zion.

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