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Published: Tuesday, July 3 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Not to pre-judge this subject I have decided to review tales of the old days, in which men are usually thought to have "had it all". This is as presented by female authors only. Here are my digests of the main themes as I see them:

Wuthering Heights: Woman drives man mad and continues to haunt him after her death.

Jane Eyre: Servant woman marries man after his mad wife dies in a fire.

Pride and Prejudice: Woman meets good man but shuns him because of pride and prejudice, preferring his false accuser who knows how to flatter her. Fortunately all ends well and she marries the good man, although the marriage is not pursued in detail.

Gone With The Wind: Woman chews up and spits out two men. The third man sees the trend and keeps out of her way.

Silas Marner: Man driven to workaholism after his fiancee believes others who decide he is a thief without any evidence. He lovingly raises the daughter of the squire's son who was abandoned by his opium addicted mother.

I must say some of my female relatives would tell me I missed key areas in these novels.

Casa Grande, AZ

Learn to not want so much. Why do people drive themselves crazy thinking they need it all? I spent 2 years home with my daughter when she was a baby and it was great.


I agree w/ Screwdriver. You don't need to nor should you try to keep up w/ The Jones's.

People don't need as much as they have been led to believe.

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