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Published: Monday, July 2 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Sanpete in Utah
Fairview, UT

Does Riley Nelson not count as having flourished as BYU quarterback after a two-year mission?

Chris from Rose Park

@Sanpete in Utah

I think it's too early to say about Riley Nelson. I say we should leave that decision till after his playing career has finished.

Virginia Beach, Va

Why did Max Hall come home after a year ?

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Good luck to you Tanner. I think you've made a great decision to serve.

Sandy, UT

Bronco is doing a great job managing the difficult dynamics Missionaries present to their Footbal Program.

These young athletes who choose to serve missions can succeed if they have enough patience with themselves as Tanner seems to have. He knows the risks and rewards and realizes it's a 5-7 year journey.

There are disadvantages to the Missionary Program on a team to be sure, but Bronco has turned it to his advatage. He's created a nice "Farm-System" for himself.

While others play Checkers....Bronco is playing Chess!

Between Bingham and Timpview High, Snow College and the Missionary Program, he has players lined up as far as the eye can see. ie Hall and Olsen among many others.

Their QB situatuion looks great for many years to come.

Frisco, TX

Assuming Taysom Hill is the starter after this season, this sets Tanner up for three years as the starter after his mission.

Three years with Taysom and three years with Tanner is a pretty bright future. This should add two more RMs to the list of successful QBs. BYU will regain it's reputation as QBU.

Although Billy Green, Ammon Olsen, Munns, and Kuresa could have something more to say about the starting rotation. The QB future looks bright.

Springville, UT


Congratulations on a great decision to serve a mission. The two years will fly by and the amount of personal growth will more than compensate the temporary leave of absence you will experience in sports.

Here's wishing the greatest blessings for you and your family for your service. It will make a positive difference in your life on and off the 'field'.

Salt Lake City, Utah

It's great to see young men like Tanner who have already developed such a clear vision of setting priorities at such a young age. Good luck on your mission Tanner. We'll look forward to seeing you on the field when you return.

Allen, TX

Here is the key - and kudos to the parents and Church leaders who taught this young man what is important:

"Fortunately, I decided when I was young that I was going to serve a mission, so before I had all of these opportunities to play in college I already had the goal of going on a mission. It's not something I really thought about not doing," said Mangum.

"It's going to be hard, but I know that I'll be blessed for it and I know it's the right thing to do, so it's not a decision I've ever really struggled with."

The same can be said for all tough decisions our kids make. It is our job to discuss the tough situations with them (not ignore them and hope), and prepare them so that when they face them, the decision is already made.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

Tanner must come from a great home with great parents.

West Jordan, UT


Why do you care? Seems like a personal issue to me that only Max Hall and maybe his family need to know.

Idaho Falls, ID

Wait - what? I thought returned missinaries gave BYU an unfair advantage. Are you telling me that Norm Chow, et al are wrong? Perish the thought!

Woods Cross, UT

This is an aspect of the culture here in Utah that should generate respect and encouragement for the young men & women who have various forms of talent (not just in athletics) who choose to follow a higher personal pathway.

It was noticeable that some folks commenting on Harvey Langi's recent similar decision clearly don't get it... but fortunately many do.

Clearly the odds for success in life AND on the gridiron are in this young man's favor.

To Tanner, a toast ---- L'Chaim!!

Charlotte, NC

So being happy and positive means you aren't competitive? WHAT?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Sounds pretty much awesome.

Born in Provo
Logan, UT

Way to go Tanner; you will never regret your decision!

Iowa City, IA

The benefits certainly aren't in athleticism, Cougar fans don't care. With such a short list of successful QB's, serving a mission is a negative for football, but that's not what life is all about. Tradition, Spirit, Honor.

Have a great mission Tanner

Salt Lake City, UT

This Ute wishes Tanner the best.

JP Skillet
Murray, UT

Tanner is a wonderful young man and he will make the world a better place. I just wish he realized that he could be a better missionary by staying and playing football and taking BYU to the NC. But I respect his choice and wish him well.

BYU Deek
Spanish Fork, UT

I have to say, certain people I follow on Twitter stated months ago that Tanner received his mission call to Chile, and would be leaving this month. Either they were wrong, which isn't likely, or Tanner postponed it. . . Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the article he stated that he is grey shirting to get a feel for college, instead of having to dive completely in as an RM. He may have asked for a deferment, which, I understand the church reviews on an individual basis. I don't know if he'll have to resubmit papers, or if his calling to Chile is still his, either way, I wish him the best.

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