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Published: Monday, July 2 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

A couple responses to earlier comments:

Marvin Williams only took 9 shots a game last year (in 30+ minutes). He is not a selfish player. How many touches do you think he had with guys like Joe Johnson and Josh Smith on the team? Atlanta's offense was built around isolation plays so they are not a great assist team.

Big Al is not selfish either. Perimeter players pass the ball inside the paint where the shooting percentage is around 60%. Post players pass to the perimeter where the shooting percentage is around 40%. Last year, the Jazz went game after game unable to hit from the outside. They were taking plenty of shots so Al was giving the ball up but it will never show up in his stats if the shots aren't going in.

A simple look at last years stats shows the following APGs for key Jazz players:
- Hayward: 3.1
- Millsap: 2.3
- Jefferson: 2.2
- Favors: 0.7

Why does Jefferson get a bad rap while Hayward and Millsap (in similar minutes) get off scot-free? And you really think Favors will be an assist upgrade? Seriously?

Salt Lake City, UT

Great move.

Farmington, UT

I'll stick up for Jefferson. In fact, I think he may have improved his game more than any other Jazz player last season. Jefferson evolved his game tremendously, and was playing the game of "inside/outside" with guys to counter the double/triple teams. He is a solid passer. On his bad teams in Boston and Minnesota, he was shooting over the double/triple teams.

Jefferson also had one of the best FG% on the Jazz. Jefferson was our most reliable option within 16 feet of the basket. Who else on last year's roster do you want to shoot the 15-foot jumper?

Say what you want about Jefferson's defense....there is room for improvement, but he is improving his defense. Opposing bigs are starting to shoot over him, which is what you want, as opposed to finding Jefferson out of position.

I'd hate to see Jefferson leave already. He's a locker room guy. He and Millsap are the team leaders. Jefferson is a huge part of the continuity from last year to this upcoming season.

Eagle Mountain, UT

So far, I like what the Jazz are doing. Did you look at the 3 point percentage that Marvin williams shot last year. And Mo is a better 3 shooter than Devan Harris is.
The Jazz are over-loaded on big men now, especially if Evans signs. If they trade Jefferson, they will be too thin at Center, unless they get a good defensive center back. My bet is that they will quietly shop Millsap for a good 3 point shooting 2 or 3. If they don't find that this summer, look for them to make a trade before the deadline this winter.
O'Connor is brilliant. With all the cap money they will have next year, they can evaluate the needs of the team while likely having a very good year, then move to improve next summer.

Sturgis, MS

I'm glad Harris is gone. Didn't want Williams but on paper he makes sense. I agree with the "not done yet" folks. Jefferson is still one of if not the best low post scorer in the game. Bell could be an asset for this team. Question is can Corbin Coach and Manage a team that has 12 people that can play. Pop showed what playing 10 or more people can accomplish then he choked against the Thunder when he quit playing them. Trading Millsap would top the Mo Williams mistake.

Orem, UT

I'm sure this wasn't KOC's first choice for a Harris trade (I kind of would have liked to see Harris for Gortat, to get some REAL length), it's certainly better than sitting on 4 PGs for too long.

Tokyo, Japan


its not really a mystery if you really watched the games...and this is a very tough misconception by people...a 20-10 player can be a player who isnt that good...he gets 20-10 because he gets most of the opportunities to score...the rebounds...he rarely gets to 15 rebs...comparing him to a then Utah Boozer...Boozer was eating up the boards...much better than Al...on D...Al is very lead footed...everytime a player penetrates...he would just watch them go by...without an attempt to block or at least try to get back on D...yes you may say he might be called for a foul...but if he rotated properly...he could have defended the shot at least...any one can score in this league...that's why they are pros...what im trying to say is...give Favors the minutes...like he did last year..he could get 20-10 heck 20-13 easily

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

Thank you to those that know how to spell Millsap. Now that the grammar police have been contacted. This might be the right place for Marvin Williams. I think he could have a breakout year. I think AL has been good for the Jazz but might be a very good trade chip. One way or the other I think Favors will start. Kanter sophomore season should be a bright one..

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