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Published: Monday, July 2 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"Demand 2 for 1's"

Another reason I love being in a BCS conference, with BCS quality athletes, BCS quality coaches, 2 BCS bowls, 2 BCS wins, 2 undefeated season.

Frankly, within a few years byu and utah state will be fighting weber for the leftovers.

There is one program in the state that has PROVEN it can and is among the nation's elite programs.

How many programs in the entire country have 2 BCS wins?

Maybe 20? I honestly don't know, but I'd love for a byu fan to compile the list and let me know what kind of company Utah is among.

The future of football in Utah,


Iowa City, IA

2 fo 1 is great. Two in Provo, one in SLC. Hey maybe ND will agree for two for ones with USC, somebody should ask them.

There is no REAL reason for utah to pursue 2 for 1, none, except arrogance.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear former rivals:

Thanks for the many fun years. Thanks for supporting us while we went on several runs to BCS games. Thanks for supporting us while we had several undefeated seasons. Thanks for allowing us a good "gimme" game early on last year(see 54-10).

You are no longer needed. If we do ever want another "gimme" game, we'll let you know. If we do, 2 for 1 is the best we can offer, as you are not an "AQ" school. Regardless of the changing landscape of college football, no matter how things shake out, there will be two constants:

1. Utah will be IN

2. byu will be OUT.

Thanks again. We wish you the best in your rivalry games with utah state and weber in the years to come.


Your older brother Ute Nation

White Salmon, WA

Scheduling Utah does nothing to help BYU unless it is in November. It is no loss to the Y to have better programs like Nebraska, West Virginia, Boise State, and Notre Dame play BYU early in the year. Unless BYU gets Utah to commit to a November game, I would drop them unless they would do a 2 for 1 with BYU having every 3rd year in slc. The fact is that Utah needs cupcakes early so they don't want BYU. BYU needs SOS late which Utah can't provide. Rivalry dead. A school of BYU's stature, fan base, facilities, track record, and prestige would never stoop so low as to consider a 2 for 1 in Utah's favor. Funny thing is that the bcs era has been the most successful time in Utah football history. Little quoted fact. Average bcs ranking in the bcs era since 2007... BYU 23, Utah 24. (see cbssports.com).

Iowa City, IA

The fact that Peru has a chance to care is amazing! Come on Rock you're a media guy. No reason to bash that kind of reach.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

big 12 call yet?

And they won't.

Salt Lake City, UT

For a team of such interest to ute loser trolls, I hope someone important cares.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"There is no REAL reason for utah to pursue 2 for 1, none, except arrogance."

We demand 2 for 1 because WE CAN.

The difference between Ute arrogance and byu arrogance is that Ute arrogance comes from 2 BCS bowls, 2 undefeated season, a BCS conference invite, 2 BCS wins, and a 54-10 beatdown over our former rivals.

byu arrogance comes from preseason national championship contender status(dubbed solely by other byu fans)


Iowa City, IA

RE: you're welcome for the give me game. Glad you finally recognize for what it was. I hope you sent a postcard to Heaps.

Several undefeated seasons? Really, cuz I missed those "several" seasons. I saw a couple and 04 was, well speaking of give me's, did you send Crowton a card too?

Houston, TX

Chris B, "We demand 2 for 1 because WE CAN.", if your team is so good, the sentense should read "We are offered 2 for 1 because WE CAN."

South Jordan, UT

I for one want this rivalry to continue. We can't talk football smack if there is nothing to talk about.

Chris B: You sometimes are funny but are getting obnoxious even to us die hard Utah fans. You had nothing to do with the success of Utah. Nor did I. All we do is spend our hard earned money on tickets, travel with the team and buy shirts and hats and all sorts of stuff. (at least I do) Think of something new to say instead of recycling the same post over and over. Everyone knows Utah has been better as of late. No need to say it again. If you do, bring another angle.

Go Utes!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

2 for 1 if the game is played in November, if you could, but you CAN'T. Mamma won't let you come out and play.

2 for 1 in September, won't happen, don't even go there. 1 for 1 would be hard enough. Utah needs cupcakes in September, and obviously BYU isn't one, last year notwithstanding, or Utah would already have extended the schedule.

And BYU can get good teams in September. Utah is a good team, really. But not 2 for 1 good.

But, Chris, for someone who finished lower third in the PAC and got beat by the worst road team in America, at home, your behavior is embarrassing. No wonder Utah fans claim you are really a deranged BYU fan trying to make Utah look stupid. You do it well.

Washington, DC

Cougar fans - look at the arrogance of these UU posters. Now consider that your tax money is going to support their arrogance. That's right - over $5 million per year in taxpayer funds subsidize the UU athletic department. When are BYU fans that are paying the UU athletics tax going to stand up, and demand a refund?


Chris Hill is acting extremely arrogantly for my liking. There is no reason we can't scedule BYU at Provo in 2013. No good reason at all. As the schedule stands, in 2013 we play 4 conference road games. Playing at BYU gives us 5 road games in total. We play 5 conference home games plus Utah St. Schedule in a FCS team to make it 7 at home and 5 on the road. The next season BYU comes to us and we go to Michigan. No conflict there. This rivalry must continue. We all love the game, we all love the banter. I fear it will die until Mr. Chris Hill retires from his post as AD. Check your ego at the door Chris.

West Jordan, UT

If the only way for the rivalry to continue is if Utah demands 2-for-1's then it is DEAD! BYU fans would NEVER support that unless it was two games in Provo for every one in SLC. And if by some miracle BYU did agree to do a 2-for-1 series with Utah Cougar fans like myself would boycott the games. And for the record, I would prefer to play Utah State on a 1-for-1 basis going forward. They have made big improvements to their program so that it is competitive again and they deserve to be treated as true in-state rivals.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Hey Chrissy - did you lose your job? Come Chris how old are u and grow up. You got what you want with tun!

Sorry, no discussion from u team up north how the format talk going on. Have fun getting clobbered year after year like we have seen with Zona school who left the wac.

West Jordan, UT

"Another reason I love being in a BCS conference"

Enjoy it while it lasts because the BCS is a dead man walking. You got two more seasons to gloat about it and then its gone! And the first season wasn't anything to write home about either.

Danbury, CT

My, my, Chris B. Does your mom know you're spending all this time blogging??

Salt Lake City, UT

Those utes, the ones like Chris B, they're so wise, so undeniable, so full of swag. Chris knows how to boast about the last seven years better than anyone. The u has such a strong tradition. They've had more pro players, more hall of famers-college and pro, more all americans, more heisman winners, more doak walker winners, more davey obrien winners, more national champions, more league champions, more academic all americans. How can anyone argue with his sound understanding and intellect. The u is so much better than the Y in every way. They are so supreme. They should never have to play in cougar stadium again, forget 2-1's! They are the chuch norris of college football in utah. They should get a win every year just for allowing the Y to play them the last 100 years. The only reason the SEC didn't invite them to their conference is because they were too intimidated. They knew utah would destroy them all. They did the pac 10 a favor, out of kindness of their hearts. The PAC chose Texas first as a smoke screen. That utah, they're domination defined.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Laughing at all the Y fans calling Utah arrogant for demanding a 2 for 1. That's exactly what BYU has been doing to Utah State for years. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...


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