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Published: Sunday, July 1 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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JP Skillet
Murray, UT

USU is a fine place to go to school and will become, under Gary's guidance, a nice place to play football...but it is NOT becoming the #1 choice for in-state recruits. Catchy title, but far from the truth.

Bristow, United States

Did you read the article? It wasn't claiming that USU is the most sought after overall in-state, it was saying that some recruits have USU as their personal #1... very different... like the linebacker who chose USU over BYU.


The title said "a" number one choice not "the" number one choice. The point is there are kids who are making it a first choice. It'll be interesting to see how many of these kids get chances to start as underclassmen. I would imagine that's one of the draws as opposed to waiting for more experienced guys with the same talent level to move on.

Who knows, maybe the Ute/Aggie will become the most compelling in the state.

Joey K
Sandy, UT

One part of the article said that BYU was "close to offering" the kid from Gunnison. How many of these aggie commits actually had offers from BYU or Utah? I think that is a more interesting statistic. As soon as recruits start selecting USU over BYU or Utah when an offer has been extended, I will start to pay attention.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

While USU may not be the 1st choice for every single in state kid, I personally know a half dozen kids over the last couple of years that have had offers from Utah and/or BYU as well as some with an out of state offer or 2, and they chose Utah State.
The article said BECOMING not IS.
Chill out Cougars and Utes... but maybe all the snide comments and your reactions mean you see the reality of this article and you are nervous?

Well this is the year... we all play each other, so we will see!

I have stood by the Aggies through the good and bad, and in recent years we had a lot of bad, but good times are a comin baby!

Great job Coach Anderson and staff. To all you in state kids, thanks for being Aggies!

In Utah, UT

Nice article, but USU was 7-6 last year, not 8-4.

Anderesen is a good coach, I hope the entrance to the MWC can help keep him around.

Kearns, UT

The Aggies are certainly trending upward thanks to Anderson. But it's a big stretch to claim they are anyones surfire #1 choice right now. Just remember, all offers are not equal. Most of the kids that end up at USU who had opportunities with Utah/BYU, probably had either a conditional offer from those schools, or even a preferred walk-on spot. Compare that with a legitimate offer from USU, and they are making the right choice going up to Logan.

Sandy, UT

BYU will always be #1 for the Top LDS Athlete.

However, USU is going to make some waves, they may even put together some very good years.

The program most threatened by an upcoming State, is Utah.

Once Utah settles into the Pacs perpetual lower tier/bottomfeeder role, then it's out of sight and out of mind. USU will become the fallback for in-state recruits.

Meanwhile, the Aggies will be the next Boise State. They should beign to dominate the MWC.
Then comes ESPN, then comes Cinderella moments, and there goes Utah, off the radar for in-state recruits..

South Jordan, UT

The pecking order stil has USU below two other schools and sometimes below Snow College. Very few kids wake up saying, "I want to be an Aggie." it happens because two other schools did not offer and no other choices came forward. I do believe USU is beating out teams like Wyoming, CSU and Idaho. I also believe they are now competing for recruits more than ever with BYU but that is usually a whim. If Gary wins 7 or 8 this year, he will leave town for greener pastures. The Aggie program will go down quickly again and the fans will go away again. Read history.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Ah, come on guys, don't try to read more into a headline or story than was intended. With Utah supposedly chasing cream of the crop PAC recruits, and BYU recruiting the top talent all over the world that is willing to abide by the honor code, is it any surprise that more in-state, and better in-state recruits are committing to the Aggies?

For the past two years the Aggies have given BYU more than all we can handle, and if they can learn to finish the game, Utah had better not look past them either.

Cougs, play nice! We have more in common than just the same classy shade of blue.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Like Bluto says, Utah is clearly distant third and the bottom feeder in the State. They have no future and should probably just drop sports all together.
Or they could keep beating both byu and USU on a consistent basis and sending more players to the NFL than both schools combined.

i luv UTES
Sandy, UT

Apparently some BYU "fans" care more about bashing the U than they claim... good job Bluto. Way to go against what BYU teaches about causing contention.

Utah St. is a fine program, but Gary needs to learn how to finish games. They should have had at least an extra two wins on their schedule.If a player wants playing time, it may be a good time to consider Utah St. because of the direction their program is heading in.

Lindon, UT

BYU and Utah will always get who they want over USU. This article was terrible.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I think one of the biggest reasons that recruiting / early commitments for USU is looking so good this year is that USU had 3 players drafted this year. Combine that with a winning season, a bowl berth and a head coach that appears to be completely committed to being there when the current recruits graduate, a good conference(finally) and the campus, which I think is the most beautiful out of the 3 schools mentioned, and you begin to see that USU could actually be a football force in the West. A few more years will prove this but they are well on their way.
Both the Y and the U are expanding their recruiting footprint and picking up more good out of state recruits. There are plenty of good in-state recruits choosing all three schools. Good luck to all three.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@ VAggie
Just so you are clear BYU never offered the Harris kid, he might have gotten a letter but that does not mean that the Y offered him. So he never chose USU over BYU. Either did any of the others kids listed (except Coach Anderson own Kid, which is funny) that committed to USU.

I love what USU doing and Coach Anderson is a stud! I am a big Aggie fan for both Basketball and Football.

Alexandria, VA

Wait until they are in the middle of their missions - then they'll become a BYU football player.



Who knows, maybe the Ute/Aggie will become the most compelling in the state.

It already Is.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

A few years ago, I looked at the rosters of all seven Utah college football teams (including Snow). I was surprised to find that USU was the only one where Utah did not supply the largest group of players. California was first for USU and Utah a distant 2nd. Everybody else that year, BYU, Utah, WSU, SUU, DSC, and Snow had more players from Utah than any other state. Nothing like getting a taste of success at USU, for local players to start looking at that program in higher numbers. Gary Anderson has also tried to recruit local players, instead of USU's historical recruiting grounds of California. California has 14 times the population of Utah, but only 7 FBS schools (compared to 3 in Utah), thanks to the CalNow initiative years ago. California, with limited opportunities at both the FBS and FCS has driven programs in nearby states including Utah and Oregon. USU probably could not have survived as an FBS school without a large influx from California. USU had a connection to California since the days they were in the Big West and benefited from several Cal schools dropping football.

Lindon, UT

USU will forever be the unwanted step-brother to BYU and the UofU

Syracuse, UT

Utes, Cougars, and Aggies, don't read too much into this story. It said "becoming" not "is". We all know that Anderson is doing a great job in Logan and has that program on the rise. Thus by logic, if a program is rising, than more in-state kids will start to look at it. Rising program=more kids. Cougars are recruiting nationwide as well as the Utes, thus leaving more in-state kids with fewer options. Thereby a rising USU program looks better and better. Lets not make this a bigger deal than this is and stop the hate-spewing. Go Cougs!!!!

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