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Published: Saturday, June 30 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

Didn't we read this same article a couple of times already? This seems like a repeat from a week or two ago.

If the Cougars are happy with their independence, then good for them. Next topic please.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

Here we go again! Another "BYU is happy with Independence and WCC affiliation" article. Must be another slow day in the sports department.


gdog and bleed, did you notice this was a BYU Sports article? I would suggest you limit your reading to articles about teams you like. Then you won't have wasted your time reading and commenting!

Just Smiling

I am trying to be fair. How does this article show that BYU is happy with independence???? Most of the sports with any ranking were in some kind of conference but not with a high national ranking. Why does it seem for years the football team will keep saying we started off slow and lost the first few games but really got it together and won our last seven. Maybe the schedule??? Also how many times will Bronco and D-News keep bringing up how great independence is and POTENTIAL media viewers are is why you should go to BYU? An old saying: "If you say it enough times, you will begin to believe it".

One Angry Salebarn Worker
Madison, SD

Cougar Athletics seemed to be way down last year. Hopefully they can tun the ship around.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Thanks for the report, Jeff. Good to see people still care to read everything BYU.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

There is a purpose for the plethora of redundant articles like this that the DNews publishes.. I have many friends that a lifelong BYu fans that are extremely disappointed with independence and fear that Y football may disappear within a fews years. Which, I believe is inevitable. Scheduling for BYu may become even MORE difficult and the current entertainment value provided by lowly WAC squads and lower tier Big SKy teams leaves many unhappy Y fans.

This blatant propaganda will continue for sure. I'm enjoying it........pretty funny actually.

South Jordan, UT

Recycling is good for paper but not for newspapers.

Riverton, UT

If they media would stop asking clown questions, then you wouldn't continue to get these redundant responses. BYU is fine. Utah is fine. Move on.


Haha. I thought the Big 12 was a certainty. Oh BYU. BYU. You are so cute.

I'll call it
Ogden, UT

I'm not very happy in November.

Schedule us some "dog fights".

Idaho Falls, ID

I agree. These articles are getting kind of old.

Not every Cougar is happy about it. Although I would admit we are better off now than we were with the MWC.

Please DN, let's just move on.

Clue Bay

BYU Sports overall are in alot better position than Utah. BYU wins about 65% of the olympic sports titles (Conference and Tournament) in every conference they have been associated with (WAC, MWC, etc.) and have picked up a couple of National Championships in Rugby, Mens volleyball and Cross Country. Utah has done well in Football recently, but that is the only consistent success they have had in years. Now college Football has a playoff system - Utahs switch to the PAC 12 is more and more irrelevant. It speaks volumes to read the article in todays paper on the State of Utah Blue Chip recruits and how many are going to BYU in all sports! Utah - you really are still a commuter school that is always trying to compare yourself to BYU!

Bloomington, IN

RE: Utah-Hawaii Alum

"...lifelong BYu fans that are extremely disappointed with independence and fear that Y football may disappear within a fews years"

Thanks for the laugh. I've never heard from anyone besides the few BYU trolls that frequent these boards that believe there is any chance BYU will drop football at any point in the future. BYU fans are grateful to have such a consistent program that regularly produces ranked teams, plays all over the country, and now has even more freedom (via independence) in scheduling great teams.

True that most BYU fans would take the BIG12 over independence (but still prefer indy to MWC). True that articles like these are getting old. But not as old as haters who have to read and comment on everything BYU. Go Cougs!

Just Smiling

Way to go Clue Bay- Spending a whole paragraph comparing Y to U sports and then stating that the U is always trying to compare themselves. Even more humorous is your use of olympic sports and statistics that are made up but fit your point. By the way 2 of the 3 teams you use are clubs, not official Y sports teams.

Just Smiling

Oh- and by the way Clue Bay... with the playoff system Utah's swith to the PAC-12 is irrelevant. Please tell me how you came to that conclusion. Pretty sure that one of the 4 teams will come from the PAC-12 after playing consistently meaningful games... for sure not an independent team that played maybe 3 valid games. Even if the y went undefeated they don't have the strength of schedule nor a conference championship possibility.

O-town, UT

When the D-News prints a bi-monthly story of the success/happiness about independence, it makes you feel like BYU and the D-News are just trying to convince themselves that they are happy.

If they are serious, BYU should try to join the Big 12. If they can't get that, possibly join the Big East. Otherwise, they better go crawling back to the MWC. Independence has no future if BYU wants to have respect on the national stage. I personally don't think they want to play for rankings or national respect. I think they are happy playing a few good games, a lot of green-light games and earn a lot of coin while having their own broadcast rights. That's fine, I guess, but I think many season ticket holders may decide to stay at home if this continues.

I'll close with Sheryl Crow, "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. If it makes you happy, then why the heck (clean version) are you so sad." Have a great Sunday everybody!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Happy with WCC affiliation?

Say it often enough and Cougar Nation might start to believe it.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Irony: People complaining that BYU articles are a waste of time by taking the time to comment on each BYU article after "wasting their time" reading them.

Good year for BYU athletics. Hoping for a great year in 2012-13

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

These 'happy' articles aren't helping us get inti the Big 12. Most of us aren't all that happy!

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