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Published: Friday, June 29 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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North Las Vegas, NV

Hey Vai. Do you think you could do an article and say some positive things about Bronco? That would be refreshing.


Hey Catram, why? Just read the other 50 articles on BYU written in the DN sports section. It's all sachrine sweet and sugar coated for BYU consumption. At least Vai doesn't cow tow to BYU or Bronco - he's his own man. I'm a BYU fan but that's the problem with Cougar fans - you only want the positive. So ultra sensitive. Boo hoo... Vai said something mean about Bronco... I'm gonna tell Pres. Monson and Samuelson. Give me a break. You people would get eaten alive in Philly.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

I don't need to hear about Bronco but I would love to read what Vai thinks about Mark Atuaia getting hired by BYU. Not to mention all of the polynesian recruits that are committing to BYU this year.

Seems like things are back on track.


Thanks Vai for another interesting article. I'm a fledgling writer here in Casper Wyoming and hope to someday achieve the feeling of ease and interest that you seem to do so effortlessly. My interest in sports is very low, but I know that reading your articles will be uplifting.

Salt Lake City, UT


Keep the stories rolling baby! I love the spotlight on some of these amazing people out there in the world going for it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hey Catram,
Are we reading the same article? I read it again to see where Bronco was mentioned. Nada. Why are you trying to make something out of nothing? Vai's columns are great and this one was outstanding. Thanks Vai and ignore guys like Catram.

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