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Published: Friday, June 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The legacy of this ruling is that FINALLY Obama has to take responsibility for his actions. He can't blame Congress. He can't blame Bush. He can't blame anyone but himself. He has to stand before the people and accept responsibility for taxing them more than any other President in history. It was his doing. He got what he wanted but he didn't want what he got.

"Fiat justitia ruat caelum" (Let justice be done though the heavens fall.)

John Roberts looked past the moment and into the future. He considered what impact his decision would have on the future of America. He believed enough in the people that he risked his reputation as he reminded us that elections have consequences. No one could possibly deny that he was reminding America that if they didn't like yesterday's decision, that they could reverse everything at the polls in November.

Gamble or gambit, John Roberts reminded us that we are not Romans sitting at a circus, but that we are Americans, Americans who collectively hold the responsibility to keep government in check.

We can change Congress and the Presidency in November.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To Mike Richards: You are completely wrong on this. Taxes are lower now than they were under Reagan, or Bush Sr, or Bush Jr. And they were higher still under Eisenhower, Nixon, and Ford.That includes the new tax (penalty) in the healthcare law.

One interesting point: In the dissent, Justice Ginsburg's concurring opinion is repeatedly referred to as "the dissent". Except she wasn't dissenting. This suggests to observers that the dissent was originally the majority opinion, but that Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Kennedy went so far in their ruling, overturning the entire law, that Chief Justice Roberts couldn't go along, so he switched sides.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

If indeed, Roberts vote was a 'stitch in time that saved nine' (for another historical parallel), then well-played sir. As Chief Justice, I'm sure he is concerned with a public perception that the court is as politicized as other American institutions have become. We'll never know, but if those were indeed his calculations, then this was a genuine act of patriotism.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

@ Roland,

Obama's ACA raised the taxes on us "little" Americans more than any other president in history. If you study the tax code, you'll see that the highest rates levied by other administrations were aimed at the "rich-guy"; however, those presidents learned that those "rich-guys" had attorneys and accountants who found loop-holes in the law. Reagan closed most of those loop holes were closed in 1986, when he dropped the top rate from 50% to 28% and raised the lowest rate from 11% to 15%.

Obama added at least 10% to the tax rate to the poor. If a family makes $25,000 a year and can't afford health insurance, they will be taxed AT LEAST $2,500 BEFORE they can deduct anything. The ACA tax is on the gross income.

When people what Obama has done to the poor, they will be outraged. He has ignored that people who are poor are too poor to buy health insurance. Now, he'll send the IRS after them.

Unlike Obama, most of us know that you can't buy health insurance for $2,500. Soon, those poor people will be paying 20% or more of their gross income because of Obama's ACA.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mike Richards: A family making $25,000 a year will now be eligible for Medicaid because of the ACA. They won't have to buy insurance. Medicaid eligibility goes to 133% of the poverty rate, which for a family of four is right around 30K.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


1. There is no free lunch. There has never been a free lunch and there never will be a free lunch. Somebody has to pay for Medicaid.

2. If people are covered under Medicaid, and the Federal Government is now barred from penalizing States for the way that they handle Medicaid (part of the ruling), then what's going to happen to Medicaid?

3. The ACA fails if it simply passes on to you and me the expense of paying for the costs of those who use Medicaid.

4. Those who HAVE to pay for their own insurance or pay a tax in lieu of insurance will pay at least a $2,500 yearly tax. (For comparison purposes, I paid $10,200 per year for health insurance as a self-employed person in Utah, without pre-existing conditions and with a $3,500 match point, i.e., I had to pay $13,700 yearly year before Blue Cross paid a dime. Because there was no "pool", I paid the true cost of health care. It was not $2,500 as Obama claims.)

5. Obama told a lie. The ACA is a huge TAX that the IRS will enforce.

J Thompson

Emotions are high over this ruling. Let's look at some key points.

- Congress cannot force us to buy health insurance under the Commerce Clause.

- Congress can tax us.

- The ACA is a tax.

- The States cannot be penalized if they do not cross every 'T' and dot every 'i' as prescribed by the Federal Government.

- We citizens were told that if we disagree with Congress taxing us for health care, that we should fix that problem at the ballot box.

That was the "gambit".

That ruling is now part of the Supreme Law of the Land. President Obama must face the fact that his ACA is a tax, just as he accepts abortions being legal because of Roe v Wade. The court has ruled. It is no longer open to questioning.

If the Democrats don't want to impose this tax on us, they can overturn the bill; but, they can't reintroduce it under the Commerce Clause, because that was declared unconstitutional.

The Republicans want to overturn the entire bill and start over.

It looks to me, that unless we accept the largest tax increase in American history, that we had better start over.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Perhaps the Chief Justice just needed to hedge his bets with the nation for his previous anti-American pronouncement that corporations are people.

Bronx, NY

@mike richards
"Obama told a lie. The ACA is a huge TAX that the IRS will enforce."

By this logic Romney also lied when he was governor of Mass.

Who exactly do you think the cost for medicaid is passed onto right now?

you do realize the same things you are railing against Obama for are the same things Mitt did right?

will you be voting third party or will you just be staying home?

J Thompson

What's becomming very clear is that most people who are commenting on the Supreme Court ruling are too lazy to have first read the ruling.

Is it too much to ask that citizens take the time to know what they're talking about before they try to instruct everybody else?

I found it fascinating that Rush Limbaugh spent two days critizing John Roberts without having first read the text of the ruling. Now, I find it equally fascinating that many liberals are parroting the Administration, calling the ACA a "penalty" and not a "tax".

How shallow are we as Americans? Are we so unschooled that we can't read? Are we so ignorant of our history that we would let anyone tell us how to think, whether that person is a radio personality or the President of the United States?

John Roberts defined today as a watershed time in our history when he told us that there are consequences to elections.

If we are too lazy to listen to the Chief Justice, then we deserve Obama.

WE, THE PEOPLE, direct the government. It is our heritage. It does not belong to the President.

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