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Published: Friday, June 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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@Tolstoy - it took about 15 seconds to find, among many, many references, Arthur C. Brooks, a professor at Syracuse University, who published "Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism."

Go ahead and look it up anywhere, and let me know if you're incapable of finding more, because there are plenty.

Charlotte, NC

Given the arrogance and incompetence of this president, I am amazed that he has any support. I agree with Bill Clinton, Obama is an amateur. We need someone who has a demonstrated history of accomplishment and success. Not someone who has done little else but feed at the public trough his entire life.

Clearfield, UT

I am LDS and voting Romney. That said I do have concerns. We don't need massive increases in defense spending. That is coming from someone who has served in the military. There is to much waste in the military. The difference between myself and many right wing conservatives is I don't hate Obama. He could have done a better job, especially with the budget. I hope Romney has the fortitude to cut wasteful spending and enact meaningful immigration reform. This country deperately needs politicians with character and leadership, not political ideologues that sign stupid pledges and refuse to work with the other party. Political parties are part of the problem. I have never seen our country so polarized. Bi-partisanship has become political suicide for republican politicians. Can't we just get past that and put America first.

Florissant, MO

I understand and respect that there are Mormons who would prefer Obama, I am a Mormon and I would prefer to get Harry Reid out of office. I do have to say, neither Romney or Reid follow closely all my values, but Romney does more so.

Pocatello, ID

I've never voted for a president because of religion before, and I won't now. But to vote for Obama to return to complete the destruction of this formerly great nation would be like backing the Titanic up and ramming the ice berg again. How can you stand by and watch him institute socialism, support the over throw of the Constitution, force executive privleges on us, maintain czars who suck millions of dollars from the American people and live in complete dishonesty? How can you support someone who allows governmental workers to ignore the fact that they own billions in back taxes and do not enforce the existing laws? How do you excuse his repeated lies? How do you vote for someone who completely blames everyone else for his lack of ability and knowledge. He is living proof that the only good Democrat was Harry Truman who had the good sense to realize that, "The buck stops here"?

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

To Flashback,

Democrats care more about the poor and downtrodden? Hardly. Let's compare how much Romney gave to charities vs. Obama/Biden. Not even a contest. Millions vs. thousands. Conservatives give far more to help take care of the poor and downtrodden than liberals. It's just that Conservatives believe that you don't need to government to do it.

Google - Is Mitt Romney Really More Charitable Than Barack Obama? Time Swampland article

I read the Fox News piece and they only took the info that would make Mitt look more charitable. Please become more informed.

David Len Allen

I supported the party that clothed the naked, fed the hungry... and there were no poor among them. Then the bastion of the party went one step too far to extend "marriage" to any combination of human beings who desired to live communally. Now I'm in a quandary. The Good Ole Party's main flag-bearer rings ingenuous to me and I'm having difficulties overcoming the legendary diametrical shifts in policy and opinion towards key issues. Pray for us all that we may have understanding and clarity of thought when the time come to actually cast a ballot.


@David Len Allen - are you saying you've supported the party that has created a growing permanent dependency class? I'm not aware that either party has eliminated the poor among us. And, which party has extended marriage to commune members? I wasn't aware of that. Also, if DISingenuous means not genuine, does that mean you are in support of the GOP's flag-bearer, since you think he's ingenuous? If you think Romney is a legendary diametrical shifter, what in the world do you think of Obama's monumental shifting on everything from raising the debt ceiling to whether health care fees are a tax or a penalty?

Sounds like we all need to be praying for you to have some clarity of thought, or even a minimum of rational thought, before you cast a ballot.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Based soley on the records of the candidates. Mitt Romney is the only one that has accomplished and created net jobs in his lifetime.

If obama couldn't create a net increase of jobs, with borrowing and spending 5 Trillion dollars, how does he think he'll do it this go around? obama didn't care about immigration reform, his "laser" focus on the economy did nothing, his buddies have grown richer, the poor have become poorer, the nation is nearing a fiscal cliff.

Both parties need to do their job and balance the budget, pay down the debt and give up on the petty pet projects.

It's time for both parties to put America as the priority, and not agendas from their wealthy donors.

That's the problem with our system. Wealthy donors control our mindless leaders. And We The People are gutless to replace them, and most Americans are now dependent on these "leaders" to give us our bread each day. If you don't vote for them then they'll take away your hand out.

Life is much better when you're not dependent on others. It's time for us to be FREE!

Heber City, UT

Knowing that it won't matter in Utah since, "The Obama campaign does have one full-time staffer on the ground in Utah, where Romney’s win is a foregone conclusion." (from the linked-to RCP story)

There are two good resons for Utah LDS independents to not vote for Mitt.

The first is that his playing politics by gaming ethics (flat-out lying as much as they all do) falls far short of the standard I would wnat someone of my faith to emplify. Google "Mitt the Mendacious" for a partial list. The article claims the U.S. has never seen a presiidential candidate, in modern history, who lies as frequently, as flagrantly and as brazenly..." That may be true of both candidates, but it shouldn't be true of an LDS leader.

The second is that he and his LDS supporters have obviously lost site of their pre-Benson/Skousen committment to socio-ecomomic equality. Fellow saints, please Google "Proclaimation on the Economy" for an eye-opener.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Romney's religion does count.

And I hate Romney!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

the truth
Holladay, UT
Any LDS who suppport Obama is voting liberal or progressive political ideology over all else.

I can not find one single scripture, not one prophet, not a single word from God or Jesus, that supports or advocates government compelled charity (Is that even real charity?, abortion. acceptance of homosexuality, or living off the labors of others or on the government dole.


Having ALL things in common is Re-Distribution of Wealth.
Government Social Programs are NOT Charity – Charity is the Pure Love of Christ.
The LDS church is legally neutral with regards to abortion, but counsels it’s MEMBERS that it maybe be allowed within given circumstances.
Jesus said live everyone, treat them kindly too….
And far as living off the labors of others or on the government dole, those are some pretty strong words coming for someone who is retired and living on Social Security and Medicare…

Layton, UT

People vote for whom people vote for... But I think Romney's a great candidate who's unlikely to go on a huge spending spree, as Obama has during one of the worst economic downturns of our country's history. He may not have made the conditions he inherited, but his agenda to spend huge amounts of government money on social programs we can't afford is entirely his fault. He needs to be replaced, and Romney's a great alternative.

American Fork, UT

And this constitutes a headline why? Voting for someone just because they share your faith is about as dumb as voting for them because you have the same name.

I don't necessarily love Obama, but I certainly don't like Romney. I don't want to return to Bush era policies, trickle down on your head nonsense, and lax environmental regulation.

American Fork, UT

As far as Romney giving more to charity, has anyone done the math and subtracted his 10% tithing? Personally I don't consider tithing to be charity, very little of it is actually used to help the poor and needy, something like 3%, I can't remember the exact numbers. Most of it is used to build churches, temples, missionary works....... etc, all great things, but not what I would consider charity.

Fast offerings are obviously different... but yeah.

Layton, UT

And how do these Mormons justify the killing of unborn children within the Democratic Party, hiding behind the lie that it is all about "choice" when it is all about "power" there is nothing more powerful than having the power to choose life or death for another person, and yes these children are humans.

Orem, Utah

@Bro. Chuck

So if you don't like all the PAC money raised by Karl Rove and others, what are your feeling on the following: George Soros who wrote a book condemning Capitalism has donated over 2 million to the Obama Campaign, Obama fast-tracked a loan of over $500 million to green energy Company Solyndra which went bankrupt less than a year later, and Media Matters who is classified as a 5013c tax exempt non-profit is able to have regular communication with the White House on policy matters which violates their non profit status. I also forgot to mention that the masterminds behind "Obamacare" were the Obama supported SEIU which also were the masterminds behind the anti-capitalist OWS movement. All of these issues are well documented. However you won't hear a lot about these disturbing issues on MSNBC.

Sacramento, CA

Read some of what's written in the Church Newsroom on different subjects--some of you would find enlightening the Church positions, or lack thereof, on different things. I would not be surprised if a major reason has to do with our belief in individual free will. So before deciding the government should decide whether or not certain things now legal should not be (and remember, a choice means one may choose not to as well as to do something) that it is wholly in keeping with our beliefs to not interfere with those who are not of our faith to choose what we would not necessarily choose for ourselves if we are practicing our faith. That includes a lot we have no right to legislate against. And Jesus did tell us the poor would be with us. He did not, however, ask before he healed or fed anyone whether or not they lived up to a certain standard of behavior. So can we? If your religion informs your politics, get it straight.

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