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Published: Friday, June 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

I'm a Mormon and in a unique but significant group of Latter-day Saint members, who don't relate to Mitt Romney's politics, and in fact now are quite behind Barack Obama for a second term as president.

Whenever I get asked about the growing network of right-wing SuperPACs and shadowy attack groups run by Karl Rove and his friends and whether progressives really need to be concerned about it here's what I say: "just do the math."

$300 million by Karl Rove's American Crossroads committees

$400 million by the Koch Brothers

$156 million by Tea Party committees across the country

That's just three of the biggest names, and we're already looking at nearly a billion dollars worth of right-wing attack ads flowing into key races. That avalanche of right-wing money will only get worse now that health care reform has been upheld.

I really don't want any shared faith with Romney either, nor nothing to do with him.

The only "greater urgency" for Romney is to step down now.

No one can stand Romney in Florida, the largest swing state calling all the shots in this election.

Mount Laurel, NJ

For me I am really divided, as I see such hypocrisy and dysfunction in both parties. The democratic party can't balance the budget without more taxes, and has already maxed out our credit cards on the stimulus funds which were poorly spent. Republicans can't control spending, partly due to their massive hunger for a bigger and bigger defense budget (Romney supports increasing the defense budget another $2Trillion over 10 years). I do not see in Romney an urgency to help the very poor, poor, and poor middle-class which is really annoying. So there we have it, I am a mormon upset with the 2 party system, who did not see Ron Paul as a unifier capable of breaking the deadlock of congress. Ron Paul also does not have a record of getting any legislation passed and has been in office way too long. We need new blood, new ideas.

Lehi, UT

Generally, here's a SIMPLE explanation: Race and Political Party TRUMP religion, especially when it comes to Mormons. In other words, when one says and subscribes to this familiar epithet, “It would be cool to have a Mormon president, but not this Mormon,” referring specifically to Romney, then that person is almost always either black, Democrat or both. To these Mormons, the "right Mormon" for president will have to be black, Democrat or both. They overlook all other credentials like experience, qualifications, character, etc. and amplifying, contorting and distorting every imaginable justification flaw and triviality.


Let me just make sure I understand this:

Evangelicals and others are wrong when they look at Romney's religion as a reason to vote against him, but Mormon's who don't look at it as a reason to vote for him are a group worth commenting on and writing about - and for some, such as Kougar, they are a group who don't understand what they are doing because they are letting their political ideology trump their religious beliefs.

If Romney's religion should not be a reason for Republicans to vote against him, than it certainly should not be a reason for Mormons to vote for him.

Either his religion counts or it doesn't - you can't have it both ways.

Bronx, NY

So how is claiming that "these mormons" will only vote for a "black, democrats, or both" mormon president any less of an offensive stereotype then those that claim that mormons mindlessly vote republican? they are both gross stenotypes and equally as offensive. Do you remember that old saying of when you point your finger at someone else you have three pointing back at you? How about we loss the gross stereotypes and stick with the issues.

Brotherly Kindness

It's very clear to me whom I must support, and here is why:

I cannot vote for a party and a president who refuse to secure the borders, will not prosecute illegal aliens, push for homosexual marriages and special privileges for those who through their own free will and volition pursue sexual and adoptive behavior that is destructive to society.

I cannot vote for those who support the cold-blooded murder of the unborn with tax-payer dollars.

How about the political party and president that believes in compelling people against their will to fund so-called "aid" for the poor which turns them into dependents on the state with little or no accountability? That doesn't help ANYONE.

No political party or presidential candidate is perfect, but some offenses trump others.

Bronx, NY

@brotherly kindness

So then you are against anyone that does not buy into your lies (Obama has deported more people then any president and there is no proven harm from gay adoption or marriage just for starters) or those that show "kindness" towards the poor? I hope you do see the irony in your screen name?

Salt Lake City, UT

I too support Obama over Romney. Frankly, I think Obama better embodies the Christian stances of caring for the disenfranchised and poor. Romney, on the other hand, seems to want to make as much money as possible - even if that means laying off hundreds and cutting benefits of those who remain. Success in this country should not be measured by how rich one becomes.

Saint George, UT

@Brotherly Kindness

"...I cannot vote for those who support the cold-blooded murder of the unborn with tax-payer dollars...".

From 2001 until 2006, your chosen party had control of the White House, the Senate, the House and the SCOTUS (only two justices during that period were nominated by Democrats).

In five years of complete control of every branch of the government of the United States of America, your chosen party did not repeal Roe v Wade, did nothing to develop a new law/amendment to supersede the Hyde Amendment or do anything in any way shape or form, to ban abortion.

Mcallen, TX

Obama cares for people, and Romney only wants money.

Such informed deep thinking.

Next, healthcare will be free, and good for all Americans.

Thank you Obama for taking care of us all.

the truth
Holladay, UT

Any LDS who suppport Obama is voting liberal or progressive political ideology over all else.

I can not find one single scripture, not one prophet, not a single word from God or Jesus, that supports or advocates government compelled charity (Is that even real charity?, abortion. acceptance of homosexuality, or living off the labors of others or on the government dole.


All you have demonstrated is that the Republican party is also infected with progressivism.

But they are step in the right direction.

RE: George

There is harm to society in general and culture we live in. And there are studies that that it in fact may be harmful to children. How can you be LDS and support the left's radical definition of family and the LDS Church's Proclaimation on Family.

Whom will you serve?

RE: Brother Chuck Schroeder

Funny how you neglect to mention the top 14 leftest or liberal organizations that all have over a BILLION dollars

Over 14 billion vs 856 million (and I believe that number is inflated), your conspiracy theories just don't fly.

Kaysville, UT

Another Republican, same views, same ideas, same direction... Mormon, Jew, Catholic, Baptist? Who cares.

We can not afford to return to the GW Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney era.

Vote for Romney?? Are you crazy??

Mcallen, TX


* Almost six trillion added to the debt, then an increase of unemployment
* support for gay marriage and abortion
* no to Canadian pipeline
* billions given to Muslim Brotherhood, Mexico, Finland, and Brazil to build their economies.
* over a thousand million taken for vacations with out paying taxes on it.

And some supports this kind of leadership? Unbelievable.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

I support Romney. But I have no problem with a member of the church who supports Obama (and I suspect I know a few who do).

In the last primary, I supported McCain over Romney. It had nothing to do with religion. I just thought he was the more experienced candidate. Also, I have voted most of my life for candidates not of my religion.

Do I find the idea of an LDS president compelling? To a degree, yes. But I have concerns as well. I do not look forward to hearing folks say "Romney did this or that because he is a Mormon".

Ultimately, religion should not be the deciding factor for any of us. If we want to consider it as a "bonus", fine. But the key to our vote should be whether we feel the candidate in question best represents our ideas of good government.

If that is Romney, great. If that is Obama, fine. Don't sweat it either way.

Bronx, NY

@the truth

Setting aside the fact that there is no credible studies to support your claim about harm lets discuss your apparent willingness to flash church counsel (proclamation to the family) when it suits your needs and ignore it when it does not (church's counsel against openly questioning others faith).

Kearns, UT

Everyone has their agency to make choices, even dumb ones. Voting for a second Obama term is a dumb choice. No religion necessary.

Mcallen, TX

There were pro-Hitler Mormons in the 1930's.

There are different levels of Mormons, and like being an American,--you can't classify them as all being the same.

Kearns, UT

Democrats care more about the poor and downtrodden? Hardly. Let's compare how much Romney gave to charities vs. Obama/Biden. Not even a contest. Millions vs. thousands. Conservatives give far more to help take care of the poor and downtrodden than liberals. It's just that Conservatives believe that you don't need to government to do it.

Bronx, NY

conservatives give far more to their churches to try to hedge their chances of getting the camel through the head of the needle.

salt lake, UT


"Look it up anywhere." really? please provide one reliable source.

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