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Published: Wednesday, June 27 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

If BYU REALLY wanted to keep playing Utah every year they would agree to a 2-for-1 deal. I think BYU and USU playing during the final week is a pretty good idea though. BYU would raise interest in their November schedule and USU would get an exciting finally against the team they love to hate the most.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"If the Utah-BYU rivalry dies, or is even curtailed, don't blame the Cougars." -- Brad Rock

Oh no? Well then whose fault IS it that the cougars are so WAC-ish and mid-majorey? If I'm not mistaken, bolting the MWC for a WAC-ish irrelevancy WAS the cougars fault. And so was the reason they were never good enough to qualify for a BCS bowl. All they did was "Quest" for it, but that's not really getting it done.

If the cougars start to play USU in late November, what will become of that riveting rivalry with New Mexico State that Indy-WACey fans worldwide tune in to on ESPN late at night to watch after the rest of their neighborhoods have already gone to bed?

Come on Holmoe. You know this rivalry means a lot more to you than it does to us. Step up, and beg Dr. Hill for a deal to play 2 games at RES for every game at LES. It's what's needed to maintain this rivalry.

Murray, utah

I think BYU should only consider playing the utes in LES in the future. If that's not good with the utes...bye bye. There's no benefit to playing in that puny stadium up north. Besides, BYU has plenty of opportunities already to play lower echelon Pathetic 12 teams.

Layton, UT

Naval Vet, I've read some of your posts on other articles and frankly, they don't make any sense. What do you mean "WAC-ish"? Are you referring to the WAC teams BYU scheduled during their first two years? I'd say BYU did a fantastic job putting their schedule together during their first two years as Indys. And how does BYU's move to independence decrease their ability to play the rivalry game? Did you not even bother to read the article? It is Utah's limitations placed on them by the PAC that is preventing the rivlary game. What this comes down to is Utah wants to keep scheduling cupcake teams to open each year (Northern Colorado). Utah is afraid to play too many tough teams. Coach Whit even admitted that they are trying to "balance" their schedule. In other words, they are afraid to keep playing BYU. Well, I hope the Northern Colorado's help with Utah's strength of schedule because suddenly, that is even more important with the new playoff system. YOu don't see USC playing afraid by trying to schedule 1AA teams.

Provo, , UT

We don't need the rivalry. Neither team does! But BYU wants the rivalry and is willing to be humble. Utah is suddenly to good though for us. And then they call BYU fans proud. Yes, they beat us 54-10. Great they were better last year. But this rivalry game is a good thing that should continue! BYU is willing. Utah should step up to the plate. BYU doesnt need a rivalry with USU. We are in a better position and are a better all around team yet we are willing to play them. BYU is a class act. I'm disappointed the way Utah is handling this. I am NOT saying Utah sucks and bashing them. I hope they do well! Really! They could just handle this situation better is all I'm saying. Both teams have a history of being good. Let the game continue. We're willing.

Layton, UT

Why should BYU agree to a 2 for 1? They don't "need" the rivalry just like Utah doesn't "need" it either. They simply want to continue the rivalry because it is a Utah tradition. Besides, playing 2 for 1 would be a waste of money. After all, RES isn't much bigger than a high school stadium. More revenue is generated in a 65,000 seat stadium than playing in a stadium half that size. Maybe that is why you want a 2 for 1. That way, you can generate the same amount of ticket sales that BYU would earn for that one game. Hmmm.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Benderman

You know that Utah just barely finalized a home-home series with Michigan right? Balancing the schedule refers to far more than just the strength of opponents. It also includes keeping at least six (but probably more) home games and it includes games that will positively impact recruiting. Playing BYU every year plus a BIG team leaves only one game for Utah to "tune-up" AND to play in recruiting hot beds. There simply are not enough spots for Utah to keep BYU on the schedule annually and to accomplish all of its OCC goals.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Also Benderman,

Your hyperbole regarding the size of Utah's stadium strikes credibility from your claim.


BYU plays USU only when the Aggies agree to 2-for-1 deals. Utah is in a better position so why is it unreasonable for Utah to asky BYU for a 2-for-1? I agree that neither team "needs" to rivalry but I believe it is more important to BYU due to the challenges of filling a 12-game schedule.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah gains nothing from playing at BYU in 2013 and 2014. Our SOS will be just fine without it. In fact our road schedule for the next two years is on par or better than the SEC:

2013 4 road games: Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, USC
That is 3 possible top 10 teams on the road.

2014 6 road games: Michigan, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington
2014 home games: Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, USC
That is 4 possible top 10 teams, 1 on the road.

I guess the Utah-BYU rivalry is dead unless BYU does a 2-for-1, maybe?? Otherwise BYU's 2-for-1 against Utah State will be its new rivalry.


I think BYU needs to shift its focus to San Jose St.

The Spartans own them with a 9-6 record!

Kearns, UT

Memo to Holmoe and Bronco....

The rivalry ball has been in big brothers court since the day Utah joined the Pac-12. Everyone knows BYU needs the rivalry to continue. 1)It's their annual bowl game. 2)At the rate they are losing in-state commits to Utah, it's the only chance they have to get a leg up on Utah. 3)The only thing that matter to BYU now is finding a way to beat Utah. The rest of their schedule are simply exhibition games.

This is like someone calling their boss and quiting, minutes before they are offically to be fired!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Just like their basketball program, the football team is afraid that playing in-state teams will negatively affect their in-state recruiting.
The u little brother complex lives on in many of these posts.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

i'll take the Notre Dame rivalry anyday. i prefer as a Utah alumnus and BYU fan to cut Utah off all together. utah can have their pac 10 plus 2.

Mcallen, TX

Let the series die. The Cougs will play Notre Dame, Texas, and Boise State, while the utes will be challenged by Northern Colorado, and Montana State.

Time to move forward.

Taylorsville, UT

@Two For Flinching

BYU does not need to schedule Utah to fill a 12 team schedule. Utah can only play in the beginning of the season, when everyone else can. BYU could easily find someone of similar caliber to fill the slot. BYU wants to keep it alive and Utah cares more about keeping it's schedule clean than keeping a 100+ year tradition alive.

Sad to see this go away. I don't think it will continue, though.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is more than disingenuous for Holmoe or any journalist to say it is all on the Utes. The Ute's have atlest 10 BCS schools built into their schedule going forward (9 conference and 1 big ten). BYU is playing 6 BCS teams with another 5-6 scheduled wins. The scales are not equal. Why should Utah bare the far greater burden?
Bottom line, I say play the game. I do not believe the risk to Utah is as high as Chris Hill makes out, the last time BYU had a sizable victory was 1996. The Utes are blowing the y out of the water about every other year. There is a separation and I do not see why we would not play BYU only to substitute them with some other wac team.

Salt Lake City, UT


Utah just scheduled Michigan with a home and home. Im sure they are just terrified of competition. Byu are the ones that are scared, if they werent they would schedule 2 for 1's with Utah. Have fun in Las Cruces this year pal.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

BYU is interested in maintaining the rivalry purely to benefit the state. Utah sees this only as a liability as a loss to the Cougars would put them in a tougher spot going into conf play. BYU is just as capable as Utah to schedule quality teams. And really, neither team benefits much from maintaining the rivalry, outside of keeping some sort of relevant tie between the schools where such a grand history exists.

St George, Utah

I would be fine with doing a 2for1 with the Utes, as long as the Rivalry game is moved back to November. I would say that is a fair compromise for both programs. Let's be honest, BYU needs strength in the November line-up, BYU was the only quality team with a winning record that Utah beat last regular season. Honestly, it will be a 2-5 more years before Utah is even competitive in the PAC-12 south. Winning the rivalry may be the only thing going for the U in the next few years. If BYU continues to win 10+ games per season while being on National TV for 8-10 games, why would in state recruits pick the U? The U needs to consistently demonstrate it is the premier program in the state if it wants to keep its recruiting foothold. Going 4-5 in the PAC is not doing you any favors. Bottom line, continuing the rivalry is better for EVERYONE

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I LOVE the comments about BCS...I guess those commenting didn't read the news today that it's all done now.

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