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Published: Wednesday, June 27 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Sunnyvale, CA

Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about! Thanks to all the players, coaches, AD staff, and fans that made the move to the PAC 12 possible leading to this; and we're just getting started!

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Very cool. The value of my season tickets just went up. This is great news for the football program.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Big time! However, not to be outdone, expect the Y to announce a 10 year home and home agreement with the Wolverines. And to cover the 5 away games, the HD truck is ready to drive the 17 miles to Utah Valley University. All 10 games will be shown at the 5AM (ET) on Wensday as part of the ESPN agreement.

Murray, UT

If Utah keeps BYU on its schedule it will have to be a 2 for 1. Two games in SLC for every one game in Provo. Sorry BYU, you are not Michigan.


All I have to say is, GIDDY UP!! :)

Kearns, UT

The 2015 season opener in SLC will be the first time Michigan, the winningest program in college football history, will play on a Thursday night.

That my friends is big-time. One-for-one series with Michigan including a Thursday night opener in SLC.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sport fans in SLC and Utah. In the next 4 seasons RES will host: USC (twice); Oregon (twice); Stanford; Michigan; BYU, and 16 other PAC-12 rivals. (And this schedule is not complete at this time!) I'm ready for some football - big time! Go Utes!

Tempe, AZ

This is good stuff! Very exciting to host and be guests of such a prestigious program!

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

The game atmosphere in Michigan rivals anything in football...be great to go back. MI has an incredible legacy, this will be one of the funnest games of the season: west coast v east coast.

Kearns, UT

Over the last decade, Michigan has played at exactly TWO opponents stadiums in Out-Of-Conference matchups: Notre Dame and Oregon.

Add Utah to that mix!

112 Pack
Spokane, WA

This is awesome. Even though the Utes play 9 conference games, they should always try to schedule at least one non-conference heavy weight. I have to imagine a nice pay day comes with the trip to Ann Arbor too. I beleive the pay out was $750,000 or $1 mill. last time.

Provo, United States, UT

Congratulations to the Utes. This is exciting. Sad to see you bashing on the Y just because you got Michigan on the schedule. But I really am excited for you guys. Keep up the great work! Win every game! (Except when you play BYU of course) But really, congrats, it will be a good series to watch! Hope this shows you that not all BYU fans just hate on you guys. Keep up the good work!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

As of today 2014:

6 road games: Michigan, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington
4 home games: Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, USC

Now that's one tough schedule, 4 possible top 10 teams. So now we have two home open slots for a D2 programs.


E & EE

As a BYU grad and soon to be Michigan PhD student, I'm excited to see this matchup. Naturally, I'll be cheering for the Wolverines.


So proud of our football program and how far we've come. There's nothing like having big games to watch against great opponents nearly every single week.

It's a great time to be a UTE!!!

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

Chris Hill is a genius. He waits to announce the series with Michigan on the Y's media day. Where they announced nothing new. No new scheduling news. No news on possibly joining a conference. I am almost a hundred percent sure that Hill waited to anounce this on purpose. He wanted to upstage the media day in Provo. Get all the local talking heads talking about this, than the Y and their games in Nov against Idaho, and New Mexico St,etc. Oh happy day for the UTES. It will be a brutal schedule in 2014 with Michigan and then 5 road Pac 12 games. Hopefully in 2014 we dont also have Oregon and Stanford on the road that year. I doubt it will be both, but one for sure.

Provo, UT

You mean to tell me that Ducky and Sammy aren't here telling us the down side to this yet!

Bountiful, UT

Mercy - this is really great news. And, given the announcement yesterday regarding the college football playoffs, having a strength of schedule will be key in getting a slot in the top four. No doubt the Utes will have their work cut out for them that year - no doubt it will be a daunting schedule to conquer. But at least we are IN THE RUNNING! At least no one will doubt whether or not the Utes have arrived and are willing to do what it takes to show the nation what we're all about! It is really unbelievable what has transpired for this University over the last few years. Our 2014 football schedule will arguably be the strongest in all of college football that year and we will get some real 'exposure' as we compete year in year out not just in the PAC-12, but also in our non-conference games that are coming to us due to our new conference of champions affiliation. Serious kudos to Dr. Hill and Coach Whit for taking this on. Now let's just focus on winning our games and continuing to make noise nationally. Recruit, recruit, recruit!

Salt Lake City, UT

Sad to say but I do not see how the BYU game gets played unles the Pac 12 goes to 8 conference games.
Very excited about the Michigan series!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Papa Smurf UTE

In 2013 we have 4 Pac-12 road games: Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, USC.

In 2014 we have 6 road games: Michigan, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington .

That's why playing BYU on the road in 2013 or 2014 doesn't make much sense, considering that not even SEC teams play that kind of schedule.

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