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Published: Tuesday, June 26 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Calgary, 00

To attribute the staggering USA debt to illegal immigrants is niave and untrue. And who would do all the roofing, the orchard picking, the paving, the toilet cleaning if we did not have these undocumented workers? While they may be there illegally, they are still paying consumer taxes and adding value to an economy.

When we crossed the border from Arizona into California last year, we encountered three military stops. Was it because we were white that they did not check our papers? After a careful look at our faces, we were waved through. The return trip we were asked if we were American. When we said no, we're Canadian, they looked carefully at our faces and then waved us forward.

And lastly I would like to ask what does an undocumented immigrant take away from your life? How does their being here diminish what you have? How will you sustain and grow your work force if you do not open your doors more widely?

Salt Lake City, UT

Dave D
Pocatello, ID
It saddens me to see such a lack of empathy from people who, I assume, believe that "all are alike unto God" (2 Nephi 26:33) and that civilizations deteriorate when society is divided by social classes and "chances for learning" (3 Nephi 6:12). Throughout the history of the Church, when a law has been unjust, we've broken it. To assume that we should receive better opportunities than our brothers and sisters around the world because of the geographical area in which we were born is arrogant and, in my mind, not indicative of the core teachings of Christ.

To you and others of the same mindset--then why have any immigration laws at all?

And--"Throughout the history of the Church, when a law has been unjust, we've broken it." Really? With impunity? And without suffering the consequences? Wow. Isn't hyperbole the best thing ever?

Farmington, UT

mecr: we turn away several Cuban boats/rafts before they reach our shore.


UVU is an open-admission university, meaning no student is denied admission.

Huntsville, AL

Dave D.: I doubt anyone here is without empathy or sympathy for the plight of others. My goodness, we throw BILLIONS away dumping it down an endless hole of Third World support. What others are trying to say is that we cannot keep supporting illegals. If we were in the middle of a 1920's Depression, and 2 or 3 panhandlers came to your home for food, I bet you would gladly provide. However, if 500 came to your home in a week you would simply be overwhelmed. Would one take food from the mouths of their own children to feed the panhandlers? Yet, illegals are similar in that they keep pulling taxpayer money for support. They are a full out strain on the economy. Obama and others would have us buy into the "One World" and "No Borders" mentality. This will further bankrupt a nation that is already Trillions in the hole. It is not sustainable to continue doing this.

Rexburg, ID

@ Brave Sir Robin,

I have known several individuals as they have gone through the process to immigrate legally. They must wade through endless bureaucratic laws a shell out thousands of dollars. For example, I have a friend who came her legally from South America with her husband, a US Citizren. After thousands of dollars, dozens of trips to the consulate, and nearly a year of waiting, she was finally awarded a work permit that will allow her the simple priviledge of driving and finding a job. However, when she came to the US, immigration officials mistakenly neglected to stamp her visa correctly. Now she is being punished for a US agency's mistake with more waiting before she can take advantage of a privilege witth which she has technically already been given. I might add that she and her husband both come from well-off families. The majority from her country are far, far poorer and would never have made it this far.

The process is draconian, and punishes those who are honest and rewards those who cheat.
We need immigration reform now.

Burlington, CT

This is a fascinating article about a Latino high school graduate. Unfortunately, it was given an inaccurate title. Should have been "Undocumented Hispanic immigrant faces barriers to higher education". The current title suggests that the barriers he faces are based on his heritage, when in fact the barriers are self- and family-imposed. In this economy, it is difficult for young college students to earn enough to pay for tuition. His undocumented status makes it illegal for him to get a job to pay for tuition. That is not based on racism; it is a consequence of illegal status. I wish him much luck in pursuing legal status.

Kearns, UT

Utah has leaders that don't care about the plight of the citizens children nor illegal immigrant children. It all has to do with cheap labor and lowering wages. Utah already has the lowest wages in the country. We also are one of the highest taxed. The laws in Utah have to do with businesses who want monetary value now, at the expense of citizens and cheap labor. The truth it starting to show. When you take the jobs from citizens, they can't pay entitlements. The citizens have to pay the entitlements to take care of illegal immigrants because they are being paid slave wages and no benefits. What goes around comes around. Watch out Utah. We are third world and we won't have the money to buy anything from those who turn a blind eye to Exploitation Of Humans.

Salt Lake City, UT

I find it difficult to understand some of the comments, although in the minority, still would support illegals or undocumented persons to break the law of the land. They seem to allow their compassionate sides to rationalize breaking of these laws. Is there some reason they think that illegals are above the laws? Do they actually support closing our eyes to these laws of the land and not enforce them? Do they not understand that the citizen taxpayer is paying for all the costs that the illegals are forcing upon us?

Salt Lake City, Utah

For those of you who really do desire to be "Compassionate" to the plight of these poor illegal aliens you can if you choose do this. Under Utah law HB 469 2011 legislative session established a bill that will allow you to sponsor an illegal alien to be in Utah. You may also sponsor their family. All you have to do is be responsible for the person. There. This problem has been solved for over a year. There Must be some compassionate people in Utah.
The young illegal alien can also take personal responsibility when they turn 18 years old and begin the process of applying for a student visa. They have 160 days to do this with no penalties. Would it not be wonderful to visit the rest of the family back in their home county while waiting in line for legalization.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry, but persons who do not respect the rule of law are not entitled to steal its fruits. It doesn't work that way. Respect for the rule of law is not a cultural value where many of these people come from. The United States must not tolerate the importation of inferior cultural values -- such as disrespect for the rule of law -- into this country.

Centennial, CO

The kid's in a tough spot--and it's his parents' fault. Ironic that people hoping to give their kids a better life by breaking a few "minor" rules have actually hosed them.

But the idea that his problems (and those of the other kids in his spot) would all be solved by a college degree is ridiculous--and a sales pitch promoted by those who make money by getting people into college, those who make money by hiring college graduates, and those college graduates who were told that their degree was the only thing that got them in the door.

If the parents are here illegally and somehow the dad has a business anyway...then clearly the kid could start his own business by expanding some aspect of what his father is already doing. Read a few business books at the library for free, spend some time thinking of what to do and how to do it, read the state rules about starting a new business online for free, and he may be all set.

Then in a few years, he has a successful business and may never need a college degree.

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