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Published: Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

Utah-- You chose to give Hatch what should obviously be his last term because of his age (though that's not a given). I hope you hold his feet to the fire, because if he doesn't plan to run again, he no longer is obligated to stay true to the "conservative" values he swung back to after having abandoned them up until he saw Bennett get ousted. He ran on conservatism...PLEASE...make sure he GOVERNS with conservatism.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Now there's a surprise. When the Governor came out in support of Hatch on June 6th he'd seen the results of private polls predicting the winner. With his warchest practically untouched during the primary race Hatch will be unstopable in the general election.

Perhaps if Obama were to come to Utah and campaign for Howell ....

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Best news of the day.

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

As for me and my house, we all voted Hatch! Congrats!

Brigham City, UT

Let's see. How much did the good Senator spend while campaigning in a primary election for a position that pays less than $200,000.00 a year? Wow, he must really care.

One American: You're funny.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Congrats to Dan Lil for trying to hold OH's feet to the fire.

Eric Greene
Holladay, UT

Utah, you are now responsible for whatever fiscal destruction this man may put upon us all.

TARP? Bailouts? Debt increases? Votes for unbalanced budgets? Yep, you got it all.

I'm pleased that Liljenquist got 30% of the vote; shows that 30% of the people are focusing on principle. And what is that principle? Fiscal restraint in federal matters.

Utah still has a long way to go to be more politically awake than it is… sigh...

Deena King
Salt Lake City, UT

The bad news--all this proves is that Utahn's can indeed be bought--by insurance companies, healthcare companies, lawyers, hospitals, and lobbyists (Hatch's true "bosses", i.e. his campaign contributors). Sad, isn't it?

But, there is some good news here--some very good news. I congratulate the 69,000 people who took the time to learn the truth about voting records and issues. These great, great people voted for the true best candidate in this race--Dan Liljenquist. My hats off to every single one of them!

And…the fight goes one in Texas, Indiana, and other states that succeeded in ousting their RINOs. These great men and women will take their seats in a Senate where every vote counts and these votes can overrule and silence Hatch. Thank goodness!

Finally--congratulations Dan! You fought a good, valiant fight. We look forward to seeing you succeed in the future.

Afterglow Fanissimo
Salt Lake City, Utah

This isn't just a win for Orrin, it's a win for the entire state of Utah.

Joey D

I see why Orrin wants to be in DC, who wouldn't. As much as I wanted Dan I'll whole heartedly support Orrin!

Clearfield, UT

It's now time to start working on what a lot of people in this forum want to do -- retire Hatch.

Durham, NC

Yes, I am sure Hatch will try to live up to the standards of those who tried to oust him.... and not to the standards of those who supported him, and understood they were sending someone back that had a history of actually doing stuff rather than just saying "No" to everything.

It is good to see there is a little balance in Utah politics and the Tea Partiers aren't able to run everyone out of town. Hopefully the Tea Party will realize that you just can't be against everything and wrap yourself in a flag, you actually have to be able to get something done.


Congratulations to Senator Hatch!
If I still lived in Utah, you would not have received my vote. This morning I did a quick check of 11 different issues of the Freedom Index which rates congress on their votes in regards to the Constitution. Sen. Hatch ranges from 30% to 100%.

To me, this means that Sen. Hatch is playing politics rather than voting according to principle.

May I be so bold as to suggest to Sen. Hatch that he review the Constitution once again? May I suggest that he use the course designed by his dearly departed friend, W. Cleon Skousen, entitled
"The Making of America"?

Actually, this would be a good suggestion for all Americans. Just what are the basic principles on which the Constitution rests?

Our nation has seriously departed from the Constitution and the death of our Republic is looming just over the horizon. We must stop thinking in terms of Republicans vs Democrats, liberals vs conservatives, etc. and must begin to measure all issues in terms of the Constitution and its founding principles.

Limited government as outlined in the Constitution has gone by the wayside. We must apply them again. Sen. Hatch, please find them again.

Vale, OR

So the Sen. Hatch raised over $10 M? Gee, I wonder what the payback will be for this?
You don't actually believe there won't be do you?
We don't have too long to find out, I am sure.
I am sorry so many are unaware of what actual conservatism is.
Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Salt Lake City, UT

Every politician that held office during 9/11 and just drank the kool-aid they were given should be voted out of office. Clearly they did not exhibit the courage required for the position that the people elected them.

I went to vote last night. Voter registration records listed me as democrat so I was not allowed to vote. I have always considered myself a republican so don't know how I got the label of democrat. I wonder how many other voters encountered a similar error, and prevented from voting?

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT


We're quiet because of our shock with the rest of you. Hatch has served Utah well, but his time should be over. He's in it for him now...not Utah. It's sad only 30% of the State can see that. I'm guessing most who voted for him did so because they A) truly believe he is best for the job or B) did not realize it's 2012 and they've been voting for this guy the duration of their lifetime.


When will "Zion" vote for the Constitution? Reliably Utah elects the wrong man.


How will Utah hold Sen. Hatch's feet to the fire when he votes against the principles of the Constitution again?

Surely the 73,668 voters who voted against him will phone, write and email him and ask him the same questions that Ezra Taft Benson and Cleon Skousen used to ask him: "Why did you vote that way?"

And what about the 146,394 who voted for Sen. Hatch? When they observe him voting against limited government and spending money foolishly, will they too phone, write and email him? Or will they now just assume that Sen. Hatch will do the right thing?

In reviewing the Freedom Index where Sen. Hatch scored only 30% I find that he voted for spending hundred of billion of dollars on such things as funding nuclear reactors in China (via US Import-Export Bank), Foreign Aid, social welfare and pork barrel highway projects, etc. Spending for unconstitutional functions of the federal government. How will we ever curtail run away spending if we do not support the limited government principle?

Will we help Sen. Hatch to "support and defend the Constitution" by raising our voices loud and long?

Time will tell.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm with UtahBlueDevil. I certainly lean to the conservative side, but we have to remember that we as a nation deal with a wide variety of views; knowing how to work with those who don't share your views will likely get some of your objectives accomplished rather than none of them at all. I'm not a particular fan of Orrin Hatch, neither am I of Mitt Romney. But Mitt as well showed he could get some things done in a state that was wildly liberal. That kind of pragmatism will likely serve him well as President.

Kaysville, UT

I am glad the 2010 group that ousted Senator Bennett without hesitation in the caucuses and convention did not win their game on this round. I am glad that Senator Hatch can now continue his campaign for our Utah U.S. Senator so we have someone in Washington, D.C. that will be able to work with people for the common good of our country. We need people with principles that will work with others to influence our cause. He has shown over 36-years that he can work with all people and groups and still represent our great State of Utah for the good of our country and state.

Thank goodness that the November election will have someone that will be there that has experience, expertise and the knowledge and proven-capability to work for us and hopefully win in November.

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