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Published: Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kearns, UT

A step in the right direction. Lots of details to still work out, but at least the wheels are in motion.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

A great step in the right direction. I think the number of teams should be eight though.

Salt Lake City, Utah


I agree with Two For, 8 would be better, but at least it's a start.

Now to form a selection committee that will actually pick the best four teams, regardless of conference or independent status.

If three of the four teams happen to be from the SEC or the Big 12, or two of the teams happen to be independents or teams from "non-power" conferences, so be it.

The more whining we get from "power-conferences" being left on the outside looking in, the quicker we'll get to an 8-team playoff.

Ann Arbor, MI

"A great step in the right direction. I think the number of teams should be eight though"

2 for flinching.

I agree. But no more.

The key is to keep out the ponzi SOS scheme. Teams that built their legancy on not playing anyone and crying about not being included with a 11-12 win season.

This should only be for those who have proved it during the regular season.

Salt Lake City, Utah

With five power conferences, only four playoff spots, and the SEC often claiming two of the four spots, an 8-team playoff is just a matter of time.

Omaha, NE

8 conferences. 8 champions in the playoffs. That makes the most sense. If these people get to vote, no team not winning their championship should be invited. Don't care how good an Alabama or Stanford is, they shouldn't be invited to the top if they didn't end up at the top.

Even if the playoffs don't expand for another 10 years, this is a dream come true for college football fans.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

I think that one of the 4 slots should go every year to one of the Independent conferecne teams.

Gilbert, AZ

The key, dear hedgy, is selecting the BEST FOUR teams, regardless of conference or independent status. There is no championship for having the best SOS, even if you try to balance out your six conference foes with losing records, by playing a gimme against Northern Colorado.

Mesa, AZ

If they use SOS instead of conference champions, then there will only be a few perennial contenders. With SOS, it sounds like it will always be an SEC championship.

For it to be a national championship, it needs to provide access to all FBS level teams via the regular season conference champions, and not dependent on each AD's scheduling ability.

U 90
Corona, CA

Phantom and Striker both make excellent points, however the picture Phantom paints is more likely to happen.... at some point in the future an 8 team playoff with the conf. champion from 5 leagues getting automatic bids and the remaining 3 slots are at large selections. This would give both BYU and Utah a shot (albeit slight) at an NC. BYU would have to have a strong SOS and go undefeated while Utah would have to win the PAC12 championship game. Like I said a slight chance but at least there is still hope for both schools... what more could you ask for?

newhall, CA

This playoff system of only four teams is a joke. Frankly it's not enough and one must ask, where are these 4 teams going to come from? I believe a playoff system should be between conference winners and second place. What's wrong with a smaller playoff system that we have for basketball? It could work. Get rid of the bowl games. The numbers show that no one cares about the 'no-nothing-means-nothing' bowl games. And why is it that only the presidents of these colleges got to vote? Still, I am not convinced that the NCAA, as corrupt as they are, should even be involved in athletics anymore until they give a piece of the pie to the student athletes. Why is it that coaches et al financially benefit from star athletes with multi-million dollar contracts and radio and TV shows, while the athlete receives only a scholarship? Once done, there is not guarantee that that athlete will rake in millions, but the coaches and the NCAA? Of course they will and do. In my opinion, the NCAA treats these athletes as a type of indentures servants or slavery.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

BYU should win the title at least 20 times. They are the best program in the country by far.

Glenwood, UT

Boy, Im sure Utah is glad they joined the BCS (the same BCS that cheated them out of championship chances, yes im a BYU fan.) for a rosebowl bid. Sellouts. Now that a playoff is here, good luck getting past USC and Oregon in the next 5 years.

Salt Lake City, UT

Copying some stats from an earlier post today. What if the BCS always had the 4 team playoff. Looking at the 14 final BCS polls...

TCU would be the only "BCS Buster", finishing 4th (2009) and 3rd (2011).

Never seeing a BCS Bowl would be:
Utah - best finish was 6th (twice).
Boise State - best finish was 6th.
Notre Dame - best finish was 6th.
BYU - best finish was 14th.

8 out of 14 times a conference would have sent two teams to the playoff.
The Big 12 would have sent two teams 3 times. The mighty SEC "only" 2 times.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ RevK

Utah has zero regrets abut joining the PAC-12. And you're kidding yourself if you think BYU (or any other MWC team) wouldn't jump at the chance just like the Utes did.

Orem, Utah

Has everyone forgotten that the "big four" conferences have made pacts to play each other in non-conference match-ups? They did this knowing this 4-team playoff was coming.

This will ensure that they're the only conferences getting teams into the final four 90% of the time because of SOS. SOS is valid if calculated correctly. (Stay tuned!) It'll definitely be used.

The Big East, ACC, and mid-majors are out of luck. They're SOS scores won't match up with the big four because the big four teams will seldom play them.

Notre Dame routinely has a tough schedule each year, so they won't have any SOS problems. Everyone else will.

BYU will have to change its tune about a "balanced" schedule. Such won't provide a high enough SOS to get selected. If they want to be the ND of the West, they'll have to schedule tough the way ND does.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

This will all boil down to who's on the selection committee. Same ones who are currently controlling the BCS and their bowls.

Beverly Hills, CA

Once again BYU fan jumps in with delusions of grandeur. The 4 team playoff all but ensures the only independent in the 4 team playoff will be Notre Dame. Notice ND's people were involved in this while non BYU people were.

Sandy, UT

At last, there is a hole in the dyke.

Layton, UT

This is great news for BYU and Utah State fans but neutral news for Utah fans. BYU and Utah State now have equal access since AQ status conferences no longer exist. In fact, you could argue that playing in some conferences can actually hurt your chances. What happens when Utah goes undefeated but lays an egg in the conference championship game? Since the other team would become the conference champion even with a weaker record, Utah would lose out despite only being a one loss team. A one loss Indy team on the other hand does not have a championship game to potentially disqualify them. They are simply rated on strength of schedule, wins/losses, and head to head match ups. Notre Dame knows what they're doing and they see some increased benefit to this. And BYU now has the exact same access as Notre Dame depending on their record and strength of schedule. There are suddenly some huge advantages to being Indy if a school is able to make it work.

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