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Published: Monday, June 25 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Frisco, TX

"With 9-league games, plus one BigTen, that leaves us with only 2 potential O.O.C. games per year to schedule; most likely paired as 1-Home, and 1-Away. And with a minimum of 10 BCS schools scheduled each year going forward"

The possible Big10 alliance is not finalized and if it does happen, it won't happen until 2017. And in case you haven't heard, the BCS is dead after 2013. You make it sound like the Utes have such a tough schedule. What was the combined record of Colorado, Washington St, Oregon St, UCLA, Arizona and ASU last year?

I'll be anxious to hear about your "Rose Bowl dreams" next year when U play USC, Oregon, and Standford in the same year. Middle of the PAC is best case scenario. Keeping Colorado company is more likely.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Navel vet, ND has already played in Provo, against a western mid-major program.

Just because Utah is now a pac-12 team does not mean they are major conference caliber. They were much better when in the MWC as your basic mid-major program than they are now in the mighty pac.

pocatello, ID

I wonder what the all time record is between Notre Dame and San Jose St?

It must be better than BYU obviously.

Kearns, UT


"What was the combined record of Colorado, Washington St, Oregon St, UCLA, Arizona and ASU last year?"

Final 2011 SOS were Utah #49, BYU #90. Fact.


Yesterday Cougs4Life was mocking a Utah fan, asking "when that home and home with Michigan was happening?"

Official answer is 2014 @ Michigan a.nd Utah @ Utah

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"BTW...I'm still waiting for the big announcement that Michigan is coming?" -- Cougs4Life, 10:25 a.m. June 26, 2012

"Utah Utes football: Utes, Michigan agree to home-and-home series beginning in 2014" -- Deseret News article by Dirk Facer, 10:28 a.m. June 27, 2012

Haha! Talk about timing. Looks like a lot can happen in a mere 24-hrs, dontcha think "Cougs4Life"? Just so you know, this announcement surprises NO ONE on the Red side. Now what about those purported "talks" brought up last year about the Indy-WACers lining up some games vs. Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin? Anything there on that front?


Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Call us when Michigan actually signs a long term deal with Utah - word on the street is the PAC 12 - Big Ten exchange is all but dead."

Why? Do the Indy-WACers have a long term deal with Michigan? No? I thought not. So why should be held to that standard? Call US when the "perfection" questers signs a Home-&-Home with the winningest team in FBS history like the Utes just did.


"By the time Michigan played BYU in the Holiday Bowl, most of those injured players were healed and back in the starting line up."

I wouldn't know anything about that, but I DO know that your QB wasn't. In the '84 Holiday Bowl, the Wolverines were down to playing their FOURTH string signal caller. So in other words, you BARELY beat a 6-5 team, down to playing their 4th-string QB. And we're supposed to be impressed? Just because the Wolverines was you "signature win" of 1984 doesn't mean we should be in awe. They were a 6-5 team. Weak SOS!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"It's hillarious how little respect you gave Michigan when BYU was beating the Wolverines to win the 1984 National Championship, but now that Michigan has mentioned Utah for a possible home-and-home, suddenly the Wolverines are the best team in college football history."

When the Y was beating Michigan, they WERE a weak, injury-riddled 6-5 team. So no, not impressive. On the other hand, scheduling Michigan to open the season is an entirely different animal. For starters, neither the 2014 nor the 2015 Wolverines are 6-5, so you can't definitively label them as mediocre, whereas we CAN say as much regarding the '84 edition. Secondly, Michigan just came off a season where they finished 2nd in the BigTen Legends division, a conference-best 11-2 final record, a Sugar Bowl victory over 11-3 Va. Tech, and #12 final ranking. And now, Phil Steele is projecting the '12 Wolverines to start the season ranked in the Top-10. And while neither the '14 nor '15 Wolverines are a Top-10 nor an 11-2 team YET, they ARE a program that is trending upward. So suffer.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"The possible Big10 alliance is not finalized and if it does happen, it won't happen until 2017. And in case you haven't heard, the BCS is dead after 2013. You make it sound like the Utes have such a tough schedule."

Uh oh. With this morning's announcement that the Utes have finalized a Home-&-Home agreement with Michigan, your point is now that you have no point. And we DO have a difficult schedule. Phil Steele ranked our last season's Final SOS at #48. Yours was #102. In other words, our SOS was TWICE as difficult as yours. In 2014 and 2015, Utah will be playing Michigan, USC, Oregon, AND Stanford. And that's in addition to UCLA, ASU, Arizona, and Colorado, plus 2 other Pac-12 North teams. This suggests that our already much more difficult schedule will be getting....much MUCH more difficult.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Whoa Nellie:

"...ND has already played in Provo, against a western mid-major program."

Yeah, but not a Home-&-Home series. Your 2 games in Provo were 2-for-1s. I distinctly specified "Notre Dame doesn't do Home-&-Home arrangements with western mid-majors."

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT


Well... Michigan is here, and we have a home and home with them. Not a 2 for 1, or 4 for 6, but a 1-1, home and home. Thanks for playing, and come again.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Papa Smurf UTE:

Well....I guess Cougs4Life went on a business trip to Tulsa. That place has become quite the "getaway" for our frantic and emotional little brothers.

Bloomington, IN

When an article about BYU playing another independent school elicits 32 of 52 comments from Ute fans, it's easy to see who the more relevant program is. Granted, 11 of those comments were from Naval Vet, who is just a hater, but still. Keep the posts coming little brothers on the hill.


ygrad ydad

This is nice series, is this new grammer that we should all be learning?

coug in texas

This Ute fan is pretty pumped that we get to play USC, Stanford, Oregon, I can't emagine the players we will get to watch. The University of Utah will be playing against some of the best football in the country, the y will be playing for the Idaho State Championship and a #25 ranking-WOW you y fans have just got to be ticked but then again most of you are tickled by the fact you will win 10 games and be ranked 25th by atleast one poll.

Absolutely pathetic using the words all you cougs like to belt out. Man do we Utes have a lot to look forward too, Those Idaho schools San Jose, and NMSU are waiting for you in October and November and go Weber State, Nice Schedule!!!

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