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Published: Monday, June 25 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Tempe, AZ

My 2 Dads,

"please don't pretend to be a BYU fan when your grammer, spelling and general incoherence clearly mark you as otherwise."

Don't play the part of GRAMMAR Police if you can't spell GRAMMAR.

"check out how many bowl games Utah actually played in from 1965 to 1991"

Check out how many bowl games BYU LOST over that same period.

Hint: Their record was 5-10-1, which was good for a .312 winning percentage. A lot of those losses were beatdowns and none of the wins was by more than 6 points.

Ute fans talk about the 2011 Utah-BYU score for a couple of reasons:

1) It's the only commonaity that we have now that the competition for a conference championship is no longer in play

2) You gave up and ran for the exits in that game (Who quit first? The "fans" or the players?)

3) It's quite fun to tease you

Las Vegas, NV

Nice series, Mr. Call. I honestly hope this series continues and builds into something special. Outside of the Fiesta and Sugar Bowls, our road trip to South Bend was our favorite. Even though the Utes were flat and lost that game agains Notre Dame, personally I rank it ahead of road trips I have taken to Michigan, USC, UCLA, and almost every other old MWC team. Now for my favorite quotes: "BYU is facing the prospect of not playing its arch-rival, Utah, on a regular basis. Perhaps playing Notre Dame could help compensate for that potential void." This puts the Utes in some pretty nationally relevent company! Thank you. Then, quoting devout Fighting Irish fan, Jim Augustine, explaining the unique Notre Dame experience: "...If you go to the tailgate, opposing fans will be invited to tailgates as they walk by. 'Come on over and have a beer. Have a bratwurst.' That's neat." Hopefully when this happens the judgmental Coug frown and scorn is reserved only for the Salt Lake bibbers!

Gilbert, AZ

@ Naval Vet:

It is true, the Cougs have a 4 and 2 contract with the Irish, but when was the last time ND was in RES? It seems the best that your mighty BCS team could negotiate was one road game with no considerations at all for a return trip. 2 for 1 (for 4 for 6) seems to be just a bit more credible. BTW...I'm still waiting for the big announcement that Michigan is coming?

Ann Arbor, MI

?BYU put in their bench players when the score was 30 something to 10."

You're being emotional again.

Heaps didn't leave the game less than 5 minutes left. Apo and Hoffman stayed in the game until the last minute.

West Jordan, UT

@TheSportsAuthority - True, BYU has been to more bowl games than Utah, but their bowl record is hardly anything to brag about! 12 wins, 17 losses, and 1 tie. So, that's a winning percentage of: .40.

Now, let's contrast that with Utah's bowl record which is 13 wins and 4 losses. That makes their winning percentage: .765. That's the highest winning percentage of bowl games among any team that's appeared in 10 or more bowl games.

So, if you want to tout number of appearances - great! You win hands down. In fact, BYU has lost as many bowl games as Utah has played in. But, we've also won more bowl games than you have too... Shall we talk about perfect seasons? Oh yeah, we win 2-1 there too...


Provo, UT

@Naval Vet "Ga. Tech and Alabama fans don't flock to Utah periodicals to tell us how relevant they are. They don't need to."

Lol, that's a HILARIOUS statement, considering the fact that U fans obviously feel the need to flock to BYU articles and try to convince Coug fans that U are somehow relevant.

Let's see: 12 of the now 25 comments on this board are from U fans...that's good for 48 percent!

I'm really glad you've "left us in the dust" and that BYU is no longer relevant to U. U are doing a really good job showing that.

As I've said before, relevance = ESPN and a national brand.

Irrelevance = KJZZ and trailer park football facilities.

Good ol' Utah...once a little brother, always a little brother.

Go Cougars!

Springville, UT

ankle biter powers activate!

I wonder if there will be a 5 part series on the Utes new rival, the Colorado Buffs, and the new coveted Golden Buffalo Chip Award?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"It seems the best that your mighty BCS team could negotiate was one road game with no considerations at all for a return trip. 2 for 1...seems to be just a bit more credible."

Notre Dame doesn't do Home-&-Home arrangements with western mid-majors. When Utah played at ND, we were a MWC team. Now we're a Pac-12 school. Unfortunately for you however, you're still a mid-major. Actually, you're WORSE than a mid-major. You're a WAC-ish mid-major. So sad.

While you may feel having a 2-for-1 arrangement with Notre Dame is better than a one-off, I just don't see it that way. Either way, you're -1 in the return trip. The only reason a 2-for-1 trumps a one-off is in the case where ND brings in a sell-out crowd. Except Utah sells out their stadium anyway. Even for last year's FCS opponent. Just because you've been having difficulty selling out LES doesn't mean Utah needs Notre Dame to fill ours.

Gilbert, AZ

C'mon Navel Vet...are you really trying to argue that it is better to have a one and done? Particularly when there hasn't been a national brand football team that has visited RES unless it has to? (I know...Oregon visited in 2003...when they were a middle of the PAC team.)

BTW, it really doesn't take much to "sell out" your 40k seat stadium, especially when you give all the students tickets for free...

So I guess that you are now a BCS team that ND has been knocking down Dr. Hill's door for a 1 and 1 arrangement? I'll wait for that annoucement along with the Michigan announcement that was a done deal two weeks ago! ND can truly play anyone it wants...and they don't want U!

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I'm tired of hearing about 54-10. Both of John White's touchdowns at the end happened when the defense QUIT. Yes, even BYU quits sometimes.

Do we even need to talk about the ugly gift of a touchdown Heaps gave Utah 15 seconds into the game? Or the Riley Nelson giveaway and runback for a touchdown? There are 28 of your "legitimate" points Utah fans.

Strange things happen in football games sometimes. The fact is, with only 2 minutes left in the game the score is still 10-14 and it was still a ball game. Utah would probably still have won but I'm tired of Utah acting like they were actually 44 points better.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

@Naval Vet:

"Blind hog" seemed like a more appropriate metaphor at the time, but now that I've had a chance to think about it, "Red Squirrel" may have been more appropriate. You can go with either one you like better.

Kearns, UT

@Cougar Claws

"Utah would probably still have won but I'm tired of Utah acting like they were actually 44 points better."

You're right. If Utah wouldn't have gone their usual conservative self with a lead, and converted two trips inside the BYU 10-yard line near the end of the 3rd quarter into TD's instead of FG's, Utah would have put up 70 points.

Your QB's dropping the ball, or throwing to the wrong team, or your center getting beat by 150 LB. Trevor Riley, or your RB's getting the ball stripped out of their hands, or your defense getting carved up on simple toss plays, those all say exactly what you're trying not to say. Utah was that much better than BYU on that particular day.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...are you really trying to argue that it is better to have a one and done?"

No. I don't think it's "better". I just don't think it's worse either. I think it's a push. You're just trying to put words in my mouth. Unfortunately for you, I was pretty clear when I stated "Either way, you're -1 in the return trip."

Fail on your part.

"...it really doesn't take much to 'sell out' your 40k seat stadium, especially when you give all the students tickets for free..."

The tickets aren't free. They're subsidized by a portion of the students' fees. And the students are only allotted 5,000 tickets per game at RES. A large portion of the students at the game are part of the MUSS...which has an annual fee paid for BY the MUSS members [i.e. out-of-pocket; not subsidized].

I love your tears though. They're oh so delicious.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"I guess that you are now a BCS team that ND has been knocking down Dr. Hill's door for a 1 and 1 arrangement?"

I think you're mistaking Notre Dame for Michigan...the winningest team in FBS history. Unfortunately for Notre Dame, Utah has very few openings left on our schedule. With 9-league games, plus one BigTen, that leaves us with only 2 potential O.O.C. games per year to schedule; most likely paired as 1-Home, and 1-Away. And with a minimum of 10 BCS schools scheduled each year going forward, AND with either USU or the Indy-WACers taking one of those 2 O.O.C. games, AND with Utah looking to complete their O.O.C. slate by the end of September, it's going to be tough to make that happen.

Go ahead and check FBschedules dot com for the latest updates on the Utah-Mich. game. Or you could Google "Michigan, Utah close to scheduling Home-and-Home Football Series" by Kevin Kelley (Tue, Jun. 12, 2012). How are YOUR future Home-and-Home games with the BigTen going? Weren't you guys bragging about OSU? PSU? Wisc?

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU is a perennial Top 25 program"

I don't think you know what perennial means... BYU and Utah are both perennial top 60 teams. Considering there are approximately 60 BCS teams it would suggest both are worthy of being in BCS conferences.

Richard Smoker
Provo, UT

Good story. I think this game can turn into quite a rivalry: both religious schools and both independent. Even with Notre Dame being down lately, it's a big task to win in South Bend--just ask the Utes how their last trip went.

The problem with the independent schedule is that they will have to schedule many other regular games. Notre Dame has the history: USC, Michigan, Michigan State, Navy, etc. Now that the U of U is gone, it leaves Notre Dame and USU as the only regular games. It will be tough to find new teams because they are scared to play in Provo. If they can't get big teams to do a home and home, they will have to try and join up with the Big 12 or Big East. A big statement year this year would help, and I think this band of brothers is fully invested and up for the task!

Salt Lake City, Utah

What a surprise!

Another blog reeking of jealousy from the kids on the hill.

While BYU is playing the most storied program in all of college sports on national television, jealous Utah fans will be hunting through the cable guide hoping to find the PAC 12 regional channel where their game with the Beavers is being shown to local audiences, by subscription only.

Despite all of the "big boy" conference chest beating we've seen for the last two years, our little brothers are still sooooo insecure in their own skin that they troll every BYU article screaming for attention from their big brother.

Call us when Michigan actually signs a long term deal with Utah - word on the street is the PAC 12 - Big Ten exchange is all but dead.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

I dont Blame Utah fans for bragging about last year's win, if byu would have beat them that way I would be bragging too. I think that once the rivalry will come to an end (which sucks) I will probably root for UTAH to Win the PAC12. no matter what anyone wants to think, its better for both teams when they are both good. GO COUGS

Salt Lake City, Utah

Navel Vet

The MUSS is allocated 6,000 tickets, 1,000 of which are standing room only. The tickets are sold to students for $30 each and to non-student guests for $180 each.

BYU STUDENT ALL-SPORT PASS – with football tickets
• Student Reserved - $170
• Guest Reserved - $230
• Student Rotated - $125
• Guest Rotated - $170

Compared to what BYU charges, Utah is practically giving away tickets, even to the MUSS.



"I don't think you know what perennial means..."

A perennial Top 25 team, would be a team that finishes regularly in the Top 25 for an extended period of time - like at least every other year for at least a couple of decades.

BYU - 18 Top 25 finishes in the last 35 years (51%)
Utah - 7 Top 25 finishes in the last 48 years (14%)

Could it possibily be any clearer which team is an authentic perennial Top 25 team and which team is only a pretender?

by the way, BYU finished in the Top 25 in both the AP and Coaches 17 of 18 times
Utah has only finished in the Top 25 in both polls FIVE times

Gilbert, AZ

navel vet

"Michigan...the winningest team in FBS history"

It's hillarious how little respect you gave Michigan when BYU was beating the Wolverines to win the 1984 National Championship, but now that Michigan has mentioned Utah for a possible home-and-home, suddenly the Wolverines are the best team in college football history.

Gotta love the inconsistency.

I know, I know, Michigan was only 6-5.

But if take off those crimson shades long enough to dig just a little deeper, instead of your usual myopic obsession with SOS, you'll find that the Wolverines were a national championship contender themselves early in the season, before a rash of injuries took their toll. By the time Michigan played BYU in the Holiday Bowl, most of those injured players were healed and back in the starting line up.

Let's also not forget that if Michigan had beaten Ohio State in their final regular season game, the Wolverines would have been playing in the Rose Bowl instead of in the Holiday Bowl.

We'll never hear the end of it the first time the Utes come within a game of playing in the Rose Bowl.

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