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Published: Monday, June 25 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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It will be your bowl game. "notre dame of the west", hugh?? Where were you at the table with the 11 conference comissioners and notre dame discussing the bcs. Oh, that is right, you were at home as a non-invite. Ya'll made the bed and if this is the highlight of the season I am would be depressed as a coug fan. There should be a reward at the end of a season and the kids have been robbed of this by the big heads thinking the program is bigger then it is. Independance has started the demise of my beloved cougs.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Makes me want to go to South Bend just so I can say I did that.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

mightymite - just can't stay away, can you.

BYU beating utah early in the season this year will be a nice little win. Have a nice time as a bottom dweller in the so called conference of champions.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Mightymite, please don't pretend to be a BYU fan when your grammer, spelling and general incoherence clearly mark you as otherwise.

I really was expecting the first Ute dig to be in reference to the "they don't quit" quote.

This is nice series, with plenty of material designed to incite the rabid ankle-biters. Can't wait for the season to start. And we get real news.

Alexandria, VA

No, no no no no - DNews, you're not helping with these articles. Stop giving fodder to the BYU haters.

Tell you what, why don't we as BYU fans just look at this game as the real national championship? Since we're looking at it as a second bowl game, might as well pretend it's part of the playoffs.

Kearns, UT


If Utah is a bottom dweller, what would you call a team they beat by 44 points?

@Y Grad

BYU didn't quit last year. Outside of Nelson, they continued playing most of the their starters while Utah was throwing in the 3rd string.

And they still lost by 44.

Ann Arbor, MI

Outside of USC, Michigan and Stanford I agree most smaller programs view the ND game as their "bowl game". It's always cute to watch the slack jawed fans from Tulsa, Western Michigan and now bYu walk around the ND campus like it's Disney Land.

ND is great at making the less fortunate feel special....at least for a few hours.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

Oh how the once mighty have fallen. There was a time when playing BYU was considered Utah's "Bowl Game"....but Utah has progressed and moved on. BYU, on the otherhand, with their march toward mediocrity now considers Notre Dame their Bowl Game....at least its a step up from the Kraft Fight Hunger and New Mexico Bowls that BYU has managed to contract into.

Arlington, VA


"If Utah is a bottom dweller, what would you call a team they beat by 44 points?"

BYU is a perennial Top 25 program that understands the difference between a one-game meltdown against a Top 40 team and a season-long meltdown against a host of mediocre and bad teams.

Utah fans are totally obsessed with the BYU; it's the ONLY game you've talked about for the past year. In truth, BYU has been Utah's bowl game for the past five decades - check out how many bowl games Utah actually played in from 1965 to 1991.

Hightstown, NJ

I can only assume that the Ute fans here are just overwhelming the Georgia Tech articles and blogs with bluster about their thrilling win last December. Not to mention the program-defining win over the Crimson Tide. The Utes handed Bama their last bowl loss! They manhandled a team that has since won two BCS championships. This is surely where Ute fans are focusing their trash talk because "Utah has progressed and moved on." Right?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Mr. Augustine thinks BYU "... will never give up...".


I suppose he didn't see BYU tuck tail against Utah in 2010.

South Jordan, UT

Does this mean this is BYU's big bowl game every 2 out 3 years? It is bigger than the Poinsettia Bowl or whatever this years bowl game for BYU.

Whatever it takes to feel better.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"If Utah is a bottom dweller, what would you call a team they beat by 44 points?"


An anomaly - even a blind hog finds an acorn from time to time.

Frisco, TX

@williary - check your facts. BYU put in their bench players when the score was 30 something to 10. Utah's starters were still in the game. Ute fans seem to cherish this win more than their BCS win against Alabama. I give U credit for what U did to shutdown Heaps and help us realize he was not the QB of the future. But your win was not nearly as impressive as the 70 points the Y put up on U several years ago.

Utes fans are desperate to hear about their Utes, and since the media is not writing anything, they make up their own stories and attach them to BYU articles. But let's stick to the article, and this one is about Notre Dame and BYU. You'll have to turn elsewhere to read about Utah vs Northern Colorado.

If BYU and Notre Dame manage to enter this game with 1 or less loss, the whole world will be watching. The media will love this rivalry. It has the potential to be one of the most watched regular season games each year.

Eagle Mountain, UT

There is one group that has BYU right at the top of their list of obsessions. Just look at every BYU football article and they are right there in the comment section. U are under BYU's power...lol
There is nothing like the Notre Dame campus on the week of a home game. Although I don't think this will end up as a great rivalry, I am looking forward to seeing every game between these two teams.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Ga. Tech and Alabama fans don't flock to Utah periodicals to tell us how relevant they are. They don't need to. They don't play their Football seasons in the WAC, so we already know and respect them. We can't say the same for our little brothers in Provo.

Tom in CA:

"An anomaly - even a blind hog finds an acorn from time to time."

I didn't know hogs were acorn hunters. Seems like a squirrel thing to me. Did you just not know how to spell "squirrel" so you went with something a little easier? Anyway, I was just curious if blind hogs/squirrels find the acorn 70% of the time? Because it seems to me that when you win 7 out of 10, it isn't anomalous. On the other hand, when you win 3 out of 10, with 2 of those wins coming as a result of the games' final play [the other done in the final minute following a long pass play on a 4th & 18 conversion], THAT appears to be more of an anomaly.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"Dan Murphy, a staff writer for Blue & Gold Illustrated, a publication devoted to covering Notre Dame athletics, said the school's administration likes the idea of playing BYU on a regular basis."

And why wouldn't they? They know they can get a 2-for-1 from the Indy-WACers, whereas they cannot with USC, Michigan, Michigan St, Boston College, or Navy. Gotta get that 7th or 8th Home game.

Kearns, UT

@Tom in CA

7 of 10 is as far from an anomoly as you can get my friend.

It's called a trend. A rapidly declining trend for BYU football in comparison to Utah football.

bountiful, ut

I was there for that 70-31 shallacking... And I'm pretty sure we didn't go about town bragging about the total melt down of Utah's defense that day for the next year..... Yah, 39 points isn't as much a thrashing as 44 is, but when has U ever scored that many points against your favorite brothers? And speaking of 'big heads blah blah blah'. That perfectly describes the BCS brotherhood who in their big headed posh land of unreality believe that what they are part of is bigger than it is... It matters in only one sport and I hope that the AG's suit to break it up is successful.. For then what do you have? A very bleak shot at the prestigious Rose Bowl? Whoopie!

Kearns, UT


"@williary - check your facts. BYU put in their bench players when the score was 30 something to 10. Utah's starters were still in the game."

Your fact checking is as terrible as Duckhunter.

Lets look at the facts you claim:

Score 33-10 Utah, 2 mins into the 4th quarter. Heaps completes passes to Hoffman, Apo, Jacobsen and Di Luigi during a drive ending in a failed 4th down attempt.

Score 40-10 Utah, 9:00 left. Heaps completes pass to Apo, and an incomplete to Hoffman, before throwing another INT.

Of course in between these drives, and directly after, John White attempting to run out the clock breaks runs of 62 and 35 yards for TD's. You're correct, techinically Utah starters were in the game, trying to run out the clock.

Score 47-10 Utah, 8:00 left. Heaps throws incompletions to Apo and Hoffman on a drive resulting in another failed 4th down attempt.

At this time, Utah runs their 4th offensive play of the quarter with Griff Robles and Harvey Langi in the game.

BYU starts the next drive with 4:54 left, with Nelson comleting a pass to....Cody Hoffman.

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