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Published: Friday, June 22 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Notre Dame is on NBC in the early afternoon on NBC every Saturday. BYU is on late games on "off days." Yeah, who will watch a team that stinks like BYU? Notre Dame is legendary and the most popular team in this country.....I have always loved watching their bouts. BYU, are you serious?.........nobody cheers for that team.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

After Prop 8 passed in California, doesn't anyone find it odd that ZERO Cali PAC 12 schools will schedule BYU ever again? According to BYU fans, Utah, OSU and Wazzu are bottom feeders.........well, that is who they are playing this year. Has USC, CAL, UW, OU, UCLA, or Stanford scheduled BYU in the future? Of course not. And so will Utah. BYU is VERY OLD news folks!

Park City, UT

"BYU recruited me for a jazz music scholly and I told them to get lost!"

Sorry, but it sounds like your "Honor Code" issue was really just a lack a maturity issue as evidenced by your mom's reaction. Nobody gets that upset simply because they're ASKED to abide by a particular school's standards.

btw, nobody at BYU is compelled to tattle on anybody, and every student who chooses to attend BYU knows exactly the standards they're expected to follow; the standards may be different, but the exact same commitment to standards is also expected of every cadet attending the Air Force Academy or any other military academy. Who you have reacted the same way if you'd been recruited to play in the AFA band?

Lincoln Park, IL


"The following is the extent of how much Notre Dame cares about Utah:"

one-and-done and good riddance

The Utah fans I saw at Notre Dame were some of the rudest, most obnoxious fans I've ever seen in Notre Dame Stadium.

Lincoln Park, IL

Utah-Hawaii Alum

The Catholic Church was just as influential in defeating Prop 8 in California as the Mormon Church, and, aren't the majority of students at Utah also Mormons? Here's little eye-opener for you - the majority of students attending California and Stanford think of Utah as a Mormon school.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

BYU is being televised for only their first 4 games on the ESPN networks and one game against ND on NBC So, if
BYU is 1-3 after the first four weeks, will ESPN call Tommy Holmoe begging for more mediocre BYU broadcasts? I think not. By the way, ESPN only pays BYU for home games, not road games.

Arlington, VA

Sorry U-H, but despite your bitterness and hatred of all things BYU, the fact that USC, CAL, UW, OU, UCLA, and Stanford have not scheduled a football game with BYU in the last couple of years proves nothing.

BYU plays UCLA, Stanford and USC in men's volleyball every year.

BYU competes against almost all of the PAC 12 schools in Indoor Track & Field.

The Cougars played baseball at Stanford this past season.

And guaranteed, BYU and California will be playing each other again in Rugby.

It's simply a matter of time before the California schools begin to appear on BYU's schedule again.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Oh really sir, then why were they not busted like the LDS Church? Hey bro, the results speak volumes sir. Hey, BYu cannot schedule a PAC Cali school.


I didn't mention what Utah and Notre Dame's relationship is, was, or cold be. I was only commenting on the information related to the article. I know what Utah's relationship with Notre Dame is; nonexistent. How does that change the BYU/ND relationship which pertains only to a six year agreement to play four football games in Indiana and two in Provo. You are off topic. My comment was on topic.

Sorry that you experienced rude Utah fans at ND Stadium. My entire family was there and I am certain they were not among the rude. They take losses like adults.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ Thesportsauthority,

Well, football and basketball is another story.........true? You people chastise Utah, Wazzu and OSU all the time. Well, that is all you have bro. No Cali PAC school will touch BYU. There are zero games scheduled in the future. And, Utah will demand a 2-1 if BYU wants to play them again. Hey cuz, reality is brutal sometimes.

Omaha, NE

"BYU recruited me for a jazz music scholly and I told them to get lost!"

Yet, you weren't recruited to BYU articles, and you can't stay away. Do us all a favor and pretend BYU articles are BYU "jazz music scholly"'s from now on.

Cedar Hills, UT

Who is excited about the BYU home schedule this year? Anyone? Exactly my point. The November schedule is pathetic - play hard guys and if you do you might get an invite to the Armed Forces Bowl to play Navy. Also - it used to be that the Y could recruit receivers like Austin Collie ...but no more. Can you imagine Collie being content running 5 yard routes for little Reily Nelson? BYU will never get a decent home game again as an independent and that is pretty sad for the fans. Come on Holmoe, wake up and smell the roses - this experiment into independence is a complete bust and so is this new run and boot offense!

Baltimore, MD


"it used to be that the Y could recruit receivers like Austin Collie ...but no more"

Obviously, you haven't followed BYU recruiting enough to know that Dylan Collie, Austin's younger brother, has already signed with BYU and will be joining the Cougars this fall.

"BYU will never get a decent home game again as an independent"

Texas (Sep), Georgia Tech (Oct), and Boise State (Oct) coming to LES in 2013 (and all scheduled AFTER BYU announced its independence) disproves another one of your hair-brained predictions.

Also, BYU will be playing Notre Dame on November 16th, 2013. More wishful thinking from the kids on the hill disproven.

Baltimore, MD

U-H Alum

"You people chastise Utah, Wazzu and OSU all the time."

I haven't seen any BYU fans chastising Wazzu or OSU - simply stating that neither one of them was very good in 2011, WSU(4-8) and OSU(3-9) isn't CHASTISEMENT, it's simply stating the truth. I doubt you'd find very many Wazzu or Beavers fans who would disagree.

The same goes for Utah in 2011 - one big win over BYU does not a season make. If Utah fans were at all honest with themselves they'd admit that losing to Colorado and Arizona State was an embarrassment, and Utah's losses to Washington and California weren't much better. Did you even pay attention to how awful ASU was during the last two-thirds of the season? Six losses in the Sun Devils' final 8 games, but they did manage to stomp Utah in RES and they destroyed Colorado 48-14.

Palo Alto, CA

Utah-Hawaii Alum

Before spouting off about Thursday, Friday and Saturday night games, you might want to do a little more research so you won't look quite so foolish next time:

"Real teams play on Saturday, some local Cougar-haters insisted in online comments."

"I would actually make the opposite case," said Ilan Ben-Hanan, ESPN’s vice president, programming and acquisitions. "When we talk to our conference partners, we always make a specific point about the power of playing those Thursday- and Friday-night games."

"Thursdays have become the college equivalent of the ESPN’s "Monday Night Football."

"We try to treat our Thursday-night football schedule the way we treat our Monday-night football schedule in the NFL," said Ben-Hanan. "We try to put premier games there — top matchups."

"And ESPN has made its Friday-night schedule a priority, attempting to build it into a second Thursday."

ESPN’s new deal with the Pac-12 "complements what we’re doing with BYU."

Real fans understand the power of playing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night games.

Sandy, UT

@Utah-Hawaii Alum

Your continual arguments only demonstrate that BYU looms very very large in your life.
Generations of dominance by BYU in all sports, is absolutely taking it's toll on U.

National Awards, Exposure, Championships, All-Americans, Hall of Famers, etc. by BYU, must must be very painful for you to endure.

Long before Utah backed it's way into the Pac 10, BYU was already playing home and homes against USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon St., Arizona, ASU, Washington and Washington St.

Sorry silly Utes, BYU has already been there and done all that, long before Utah was even on their map.

Know this, that your ranting, multiple times, on every BYU article, simply demonstrates that U are not yet secure in your Own skin, regarding BYU.

We understand.

You simply cannot compare BYU's Brand and Marketability in Football to Utah's.

Recent analysis, taking into consideration 7 factors, Top 25 finishes, Academics, National Brand, Attendance, Stadium size etc....ranks BYU 35th in D-1 value and Utah 59th.

BYU will have 8-10 games on a Major Network again this year...And Utah again, Will Not!

Recruits are taking notice, and Utah is nervous.


skywalker said:

"Real fans understand the power of playing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night games."

Only if they are watching.
Yes real fans watch their teams. But BYUs ratings last year proves they are a time slot filler at best. People are not interested in WAC teams other than WAC fans.

Arlington, VA


You obviously don't have a clue what BYU's ratings were last season, because they were more than FOUR times the rating for Utah's game - that is, when you could actually find a Utah game being televised.

One thing is certain; our little brothers from the hill will be tuned in to every BYU game to satisfy their big brother obsession.

Cedar Hills, UT


"Recent analysis, taking into consideration 7 factors, Top 25 finishes, Academics, National Brand, Attendance, Stadium size etc....ranks BYU 35th in D-1 value and Utah 59th."

You said there was a criteria of 7? I only see 5. What publication is this? Please advise.

Also, you just compared them. You said byU is 35th and on a spiral downward and Utah is 59th and on the rise with a higher over-all BCS ranking since 1999 than our true little band of brothers from Provo.

Here's to all the exposure in the world for byU with no possibility to ever play for a NC again.

Here's to Utah having the possibility to play for a PAC 12 Title and possible NC every year.

I know, reality hurts.

Idaho Falls, ID

U-H Alum
So let me get this straight. You post innumerable posts dishing hate on BYU any way you can while thumping your own chest about your golfing prowess and high ACT and GPA. So let me ask you this: If you are so wonderful, why are you SO insecure, "bro?"

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