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Published: Friday, June 22 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

"I know, Notre Dame, Notre Dame is a friend of mine, BYU you are no Notre Dame."

Sandy, UT

@Utah-Hawaii Alum

Utah is in the Pac because Baylor was kicked out of the Original Southwest 6 proposition, Comm. Scott's "Dream Scenario".

Those Liberal-Lefty Schools would never allow Baylor, BYU or even a Notre Dame to join their group.

Not only are Utah's Academics inferior to BYU's (BYU ranks #71 vs Utah #124 among the Nations Universities) but the Athletic Achievements of BYU vs Utah are not even comparable..Don't Even Go There, with a straight face.

U think your gymanstics program and a few good seasons in football got U into the Pac?

No, they (The Pac) were left with nothing else, because they prematurely invited Colorado, in order to eliminate Baylor, not knowing it would prevent the other Southwest 5 from joining the Pac.

Scott gambled and lost.

Colorado was left hanging when Scott and the Presidents rejected the Religiously affiliated
Baylor Bears.

The same reason Glenn Tuckett stated in the mid-80's that...

"BYU will be admitted to the Pac 10 today, if left up to the AD's, but the Presidents will "Never" allow, not just BYU per se, but any Faith Based School to join theirleague.

Sandy, UT


"We know, we know, Utah is in the Pac 12 (they wear the Logo on their helmets)....

Utah...U are Not...

USC, Oregon, Stanford, Washington, ASU or even Cal

More like....Wazzu or Oregon State

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ Bluto,

Baylor is liberal? BWAHAHAHAHA! Yeah bro, they sure are. The entire world worships BYU.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

BYU has never spoken to the Big 12 EVER, which is a fact. All th wishfule BYU homers tell me when they did.........on the "record."

No Conference Will Take Us

Sandy, UT

"We know, we know, Utah is in the Pac 12 (they wear the Logo on their helmets)....

Utah...U are Not...

USC, Oregon, Stanford, Washington, ASU or even Cal

More like....Wazzu or Oregon State


So you are predicting two more losses for the cougars this season? Look at our schedule because we play Wazzu & Oregon St. So comparing them to Utah makes three losses so far in 2012.

I just don't understand why my fellow BYU fans are so obsessed with what Utah does. If anyone cared about our mighty WAC legacy we would have joined a power conference decades ago.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

The bottom line is BYU has never been offered an invite from a top BCS conference.........and it will never, EVER, happen.

Wally West

re: Bluto 3:52 p.m. June 23, 2012

"BYU is not giving up their new gains. They didn't spend 50-100 million on their Broadcast facility and BYU-TV to give away all control of their own product.."

Nothing screams inferiority and insecurity like the overwhelming need to draw attention to/shamelessly promote yourself.

"It's about exposure for BYU, not money. Money is not now, nor has it ever been a problem, for BYU.
400k living Alumni and 14 million LDS see to that."

Not all LDS members are Y fans. Look in your own ward. Further, its been my understanding that tithes do *NOT* subsidize athletics in Provo.

re: Bluto 4:22 p.m. June 23, 2012

"More like....Wazzu or Oregon State"

Wash St has been to the Rose Bowl & Ore St has been to a BCS game (lit ND up like a Xmas tree as I recall). So, your attempt @ putdown is actually a compliment.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This story is alot of peculative, wishful thinking.

Most knowledgable commentators on the meeting suggested that ND was representing itself, Navy by the Big East, but Army and BYU were unrepresented.

To suggest otherwise, is to ask your readers to look at BYU's problem of getting a seat at the table with the major BCS conferences with blue colored glasses.

Based on this meeting one can say with certainty, BYU is no Notre Dame and likely never will be.

South Jordan, UT

The article was not written by a national writer. It was written by a BYU fan for BYU fans. Wake me once the national article comes out stating the same.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I'm not sure Notre Dame has any intention of helping out BYU. I think they are concerned with their own self-interest. Right now BYU wants a deal where they get the advantages of being in a major conference along with the advantages of being independent. I don't think anyone is interested in helping them have it both ways either.

Agua Dulce, TX

BYU isn't interested in competition anymore. They will never get a chance to participate in the playoff. They are more interested in selling Utah County canning advertisements on their dreck of a TV station, and trying to get BYU (with the worst announcers this side of Provo High) to prop up the "interest".

Lincoln City, OR

@Bluto... You sound like you may have been BYU's Representative in these conference negotiations... Heck, you might have even been one of the worthless lawyers that cost us membership in an elite conference... I hate to break it to you guy, but BYU's poop stinks just like everyone elses... When you come from a smaller, less decorated, conference and want an invite to an elite conference you are going to have to give some... You certainly don't apply for membership acting like you are on the same footing as UT, USC, ND or even Stanford... That's precisely the attitude that has BYU on the outside looking in.

TCU and UWV gave a ton to be invited into the Big 12... Utah had to sacrifice financially the first year or two... The reason that they did this was because they saw that the Big 12 was going to be a smarter and more lucrative move down the road...

When you throw out the old "Exposure" talking point you expose yourself. BYU also wants a reputation for world class quality... Playing Idaho, NMS and Idah State in November while other programs play for Conference Championships is a joke.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Notre Dame is "brothers in independence" with BYU as much as...

Fresno State and Nevada were "brothers in WAC" when BYU tried to join the WAC at the expense of the MWC.


If Utah can't compete in the PAC-12 then how do you think a team that gets pounded 54-10 at home will do?

Lincoln City, OR

One last thing Bluto... I don't know what song sheet you are reading from on the whole Championship thing, but BYU does not have the same shot at a national championship under that program as a champion of an elite conference... If we were to go undefeated in 2014 year (with a schedule that includes November games with Idaho or Idaho State, or Weber State or New Mexico State) and there were 5 or 6 other teams in the 4 + 2 elite conferences (the +2 being the ACC and the BE) that only had 1 or maybe even as many as 2 loses, BYU still wouldn't get into the NC Playoffs... The only way BYU makes it is if the Conference Champs have crappy records and BYU is playing decent teams in November with limited Thursday and Friday night play.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I wouldn't call byu and Notre Dame brothers. They aren't even of the same species.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Juice Box
Eureka, UT

"Utah does not need BYU anymore. BYU needs to realize this."

And yet here you are. Again.

Idaho Falls, ID

I appreciate that we can can agree to disagree. I DO think that if Utah were willing to tell the PAC that they were going to play their real rival in November, it would be worth a two for one. However, the odds of Utah telling the PAC anything more than "yes sir", "no sir", and "how high?" are pretty slim.

But, honestly? If we could get a game in November with a high profile team, we would. Later on I'm sure we will. In the mean time?

West Jordan, Utah

Is there meat here. The content covers the gamet, but seems to me to be all over the place as well.

College football could have a complete makeover today or 5 years down the road. There are constantly these unknowns. BYU definitely fits that bill. Notre Dame is the big piece and distates what many schools do (BCS affiliates or not.

Independence was the right move for BYU. It just has all the unknowns and and schedule sore spots that are part of the package. That package does include ESPN and BYU TV. Which means independent control and national exposure. Is that exposure the kind that really compliments BYU though? Playing patsies for half your schedule is sketchy for me.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"Utah does not need BYU anymore"

Juice Box - thanks for your honesty as a ute by admitting the truth, i.e., pre-pac 12 affiliation, utah NEEDED BYU.

@morepunkt, etal, and you ute gloaters - utah wouldn't be where they are today without BYU. Come to terms with it and give credit where credit is due. Now go win a few conference championships, and then we will talk some more.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Ernie is right - they are a totally different species. And a ute is a species all of its own, too.

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