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Published: Friday, June 22 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Glendora, CA

Although it may be true, Notre Dame has a great "tradition", that, is not the issue. It has FAN BASE, which equates to BIG CASH. Ergo, the annual NBC contract, for weekly coverage, win or lose. (And boy, have they had some loser seasons lately.)
BYU hasn't come close to drawing such millions of viewers, (at least, not yet.)
Dream on BYU fans. Be grateful ESPN has been so kind.

Omaha, NE

If BYU can schedule whomever they want why are they playing Weber State, Idaho State etc. I think the article is a wannabe article and not good journalism. BYU wishes they were Notre Dame and hopes they can ride their coattails but ESPN2 on Friday night is not NBC on Saturday afternoon and BYU was not at the table with the other commissioners. Get in a conference and win the right on the field

Maricopa, Az

Punk, only media types have suggested in any way that BYU is the "Notre Dame of the West". "dream on"? An 8 year ESPN contract is awesome and a fact.

Lincoln City, OR

I'm a BYU alumni, but a couple observations... ND is liked and respected by all Conference Commissioners and most all ADs that I read about... It's not just the amount of fans and viewership, it's also their relationship with all the significant Schools in College Football and I salute that... Unfortunately, BYU doesn't enjoy this kind of reputation... From most of what I read (after sifting though the biases) I have the opinion that BYU is generally not liked, regarded as "high maintenance" and in general, more of a "pain" to deal with than they are worth... Members of the MWC generally don't like us because of these reasons, the Big 12 doesn't like us because of our "hard to get" persona that we showed them when they first attempted to recruit us last Fall, and the Big East doesn't care too much for us because we made demands for televion rights that have never been granted to any school in any conference... This all tells me that Holmoe isn't nearly as connected as he says he is and Samuelson is in over his head when it comes to conference positioning.


1. ESPN is not just kind. It is a business with an understanding of what the market needs. And it has determined that BYU works. Granted it works on Thursdays and Fridays but it works.

2. Personally, I probably would prefer the safety of a Conference but for the time being ND Junior is not so bad (except in November) because the truth is that BYU can pull off the Indy schedule.

3. There is safety in a conference but if you succeed in the Indy world it will be huge - just look at next seasons schedule. If BYU wins it will be epic.

4. Yes Utah will enjoy a steady diet of the same PAC teams and that is great for them. But truth is BYU is going to enjoy a steady diet of a rotation of good teams. Both have upgraded.

5. If BYU remains Indy like ND they will enjoy a long relationship.

6. As much as I hate to admit - both BYU and Utah have the same chance of getting in the playoff and it will probably not happen for a long long time.

7. BYU needs better bowls game tie ins.

Ogden, UT

You think ESPN has partnered with BYU out of kindness? It's no dream that ESPN recognizes BYU as a money maker. No other university has had the ability/fortitude to put together an independent tv contract with a national network, and then forge their own future as an independent, with the exception of ND, and BYU. Certainly ND's contract is larger, as is their fan base, but that doesn't diminish what BYU has managed to do on their own - no small feat.

Salt Lake City, UT

"One of Jack Swarbrick's main talking points during the playoff meetings has been making sure the strength of schedule is a focal point in deciding which teams might be included in the playoffs. That would probably work in favor of a team like BYU, which can schedule whoever they want."

Being ABLE to schedule, independently of a conference, does not mean you will get a strong 'Strength of Schedule'. Ergo 2011 and 2012 BYU - San Jose State, Idaho, New Mexico State, etc. for late season games.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Thanks, morpunkt, for reminding us that we are NOT Ntre Dame. But I guarentee, ESPN is NOT "being kind." No more than the PAC was being kind in inviting U to the Big Boy table.

So it pains me to admit this, but I could now advocate a two for one with Utah. If U grew a spine and told the PAC, "we will play our rival, BYU, in November," at least until November scheduling improves, I guess a two for one wouldn't be too bad.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is just another "Daily BYU hype article" if the cougars were really important to college football they would have been invited to the meetings or a major conference. Truth is, despite what the local media wants to believe they are not in the big picture.

Las Vegas, NV

Relax people about BYU's scheduling of New Mexico St., idaho, and San Jose St. The WAC will be finished in football after this year anyways. BYU will play better competition than that next year and beyond and how do I know this? ESPN contract. Teams will want to play BYU because that game will be televised and that is a win-win situation for both teams. I do agree that if ND jumps ship to a different conference BYU will too.

Juice Box
Eureka, UT

I think Y Grad is showing what poyman is writing about... high maintenance.

The rivalry will be over because of the Stubbornness in Provo about the 2-1 at BYU.

Utah does not need BYU anymore. BYU needs to realize this.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Jeff Call writes a lot of words basically dancing around the truth... and that truth is that as the playoff discussions proceed, BYU has no advocate at the table.

Every conference and Notre Dame is representing its own interest. No one is advocating for BYU... no one.

To suggest that what is good for Notre Dame is good for BYU is absurd.

With one phone call Notre Dame can schedule a game with any team in the country... BYU cannot.

With one phone call Notre Dame can join any conference in the country... BYU cannot.

And to suggest that a 4 for 2 scheduling arrangement with Notre Dame suggests an alignment of interests between BYU and Notre Dame is ridiculous.

BYU is not Notre Dame... At the playoff negotiating table Notre Dame is representing its own interests... BYU is not even an afterthought.

Idaho Falls, ID

You and I are usually on the same page on most BYU topics, but on this one we disagree. BYU doesn't need Utah on their schedule any more than Utah needs BYU on theirs. At the current time slot BYU can get any number of quality teams to play in Sept. to replace Utah. Although I understand the need for a quality opponent in Nov., a 2 for 1 with Utah is just not worth it. Especially when 2 for 1 opportunities with much bigger name schools are out their. Besides, if ther is no room in Utah's (and PAC-12's) schedule in Sept., there certainly won't be in November.

Idaho Falls, ID

Although I don't think it is in BYU's interest to Join the Big East, I do think they blew it with the Big 12. I do think there is some truth to Poyman's post in that BYU may be perceived as being too high maintenance. That may be in part due to the No-Sunday rule, but I'm sure BYU's reluctance to compromise on their broadcasting rights sticks in the craw of most BCS ADs.

Although I'm in the join-a-conference camp, what BYU really needs is some more really big names, like Texas, USC, Oklahoma, and maybe some SCC schools to leave their conference for the more lucrative (by self broadcasting) independent road. That may be the future 10 years from now, but right now it looks like Conference alignment is where it is at.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


I'm not buying it. BYU's schedule is still not impressive. You bash Utah for being a Pac-12 "bottomfeeder" and then turn around and pound your chest about having Utah, Wazzu and Oregon St. on the schedule. Can't have it both ways. Same goes for Georgia Tech. BYU fans downplayed GT after the Sun Bowl. Are they a quality opponent or not?

The jury is still out on Boise St. They have been a solid team for the past decade but they lost a lot last year. I wouldn't be surprised to see them take a little step back. Notre Dame seems to be working itself out of the dark ages and USU is improving but still can't get over the hump. That leave four, borderline, unwatchable games. Three being late in the season when things are supposed to be most exciting.

Another point you fail to mention is that the only somewhat interesting game BYU has at home is USU. You may be happy with how independence is working out, but there has to be a ton of frustrated season ticket holders and boosters.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"Athletic director Tom Holmoe told the media in April that he is constantly monitoring the situation. He added that the school has a contingency plan for every scenario and will continue to adjust those plans as necessary."

And by "constantly monitoring the situation", Holmoe means he's still waiting for the Big 12 to call. And we all already know what his contingency plan was.

The WAC!

Of course the WAC will be dead after the 2012 season. What will his 2nd contingency plan be?

C-USA? Plus 2 FCS teams instead of 1?

"One of Jack Swarbrick's main talking points during the playoff meetings has been making sure the strength of schedule is a focal point in deciding which teams might be included in the playoffs. That would probably work in favor of a team like BYU, which can schedule whoever they want."

But they they "want" to schedule weak-WAC and FCS teams. Incorporating SOS into the selection process HURTS the Indy-WACers.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Y Grad / Y Dad:

"...I could now advocate a two for one with Utah. If U grew a spine and told the PAC, 'we will play our rival, BYU, in November...'"

I think Dr. Hill and Mr. Scott might find that to be a reasonable accomodation. Now all you need to do is pick up the phone and call Holmoe, and pitch that idea to him. Because I think we both know Holmoe has been all out of ideas these past 2 yrs, and it isn't as though he'd be on the other line with the Big 12 [*snicker*]!

Ann Arbor, MI

As a long time fan of ND who's attended ND home games for the past 15 years - I feel fairly connected to what the fans/media/coaches have to say about bYu.

The answer is.....nothing.

bYu is throwing around the word "brothers" like some family blood connection. The truth is, bYu isn't even on the ND radar.

Notre Dame has been doing the independent gig forever...the last thing the need is some intern newbee acting as if they're some long time soul mates...after 12 months of independence.

Trust me, ND has never uttered the word bYu in any meetings....they simply don't exist.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"BYU's second season schedule in independence is exponentially better than any other conference season it's had and should continue to improve as things evolve."

Not according to Phil Steele. Phil ranked your preseason SOS for 2012 at #81. Here is how he ranked your Final SOS over the past 5 seasons:

2007 (MWC): #61
2008 (MWC): #86
2009 (MWC): #75
2010 (MWC): #55
2011 (WAC): #102

So it looks as though your BEST strength of schedule existed during your final season in the MWC. And by a LOT! In fact, your 2012 season is projected to be only marginally more competitive than only ONE of those MWC seasons.

But congratulations on beefing it up over last seasons. #102? How 1984.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU Joe, that is a well reasoned post. You say "BYU is going to enjoy a steady diet of a rotation of good teams". The truth is that means "in September".

BYU needs to nail down Notre Dame as their annual November game. It doesn't have to be the last game of the year, just sometime in November, not October. That would go a long way towards getting fans to accept this independent route.

A couple of marquee teams in September, one in October, and Notre Dame in November would make a nice season. Fans, coaches, and players said they miss having something to play for in November. Notre Dame could give them that spark.

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