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Published: Saturday, June 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

These dirtly little games play out more frequently each election. Nonetheless, election signs themselves are a blight on the land, and I don't think they make any difference to the outcome.

Smithfield, UT

Clark, I'm sorry to hear of the childish antics of some. If indeed, these signs were stolen by Hatch-supporters, then SHAME ON THEM! Are they so narrow-minded that they feel they have the right to squelch the free expression of another's right to free speech? Are they so fearful of losing next Tuesday's election, that they find it necessary to stoop to actions that censor the free expression of the opinion of another?

I am ashamed that some Utahns believe they live in Communist Russia or Nazi Germany. You may think you are clever, and even funny. You are not! You need to ponder on the up-coming 4th of July holiday who sacrificed what, so that you have the freedoms you take so for granted. Your actions are despicable and you belong behind bars. You are an embarrassment to your families and to all freedom-loving Americans. SHAME ON YOU!

Salt Lake City, UT

I guess we don't know for sure whether those who defaced or stole the signs are directly connected to the Hatch campaign. But regardless, these acts are not just childish pranks -- they undermine free speech and the right of the people to vote for their leaders. These acts should be condemned. If they are connected to the Hatch campaign, that's even worse.

Apricot Tree
Brigham City, UT

Regardless, good point. Resorting to sign stealing is childish. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Apricot Tree
Brigham City, UT

I thought it would be appropriate to post this here of all places. I just got off the phone with a friend in Mantua who said two large Orrin Hatch signs were stolen. Hmmm - guess it goes both ways.

Vaughn J
Kearns, UT

Earlier this year I had the same problem where Hatch signs have been torn down and or removed. SO the problem is not related simply to Hatch Supporters.

As far as the Retire Hatch signs, why don't you support a candidate rather than the politics of a Washington based PAC that is trying to influence Utah Politics. Freedom Works does not reflect the views of the majority of Utahn's. Use your own money or a candidates rather than a third party.

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