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Washington, Wash. St., Utah, Arizona, Oregon St. have also shown interest

Published: Thursday, June 21 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

He had better come not only with a lot of strong skills but also stubborn confidence. Doman and co. have taken a lot of talent and flushed it down the drain. How many HS superstars have we seen now that have come and left early at BYU??

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

No point bringing him in if he can't field punts. Talent at quarterback means nothing, it is how much the head coach likes you. The best thing for this guy would be to go directly to Kansas to shortcut the whole process.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

If this kid is smart, he should have a long talk with Jake Heaps about Coach Doman's coaching abilities. It may be the most important talk he'll have at this point in his life.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It would be great to see another non-LDS QB commit to BYU. There are not many schools in the country and there is certainly no other school in the state that compares to BYU in developing QB talent. Not sure where he would fit in with the Cougars so deep at QB for the next few years but you never know where the next great one will come from.

east coast
Grow up. Heaps flushed himself down the toilet at BYU with his me first attitude and his over-inflated ego. He had his chance on the field and came up wanting...numerous times. He was neither well-liked nor respected as a leader by his team mates. Hopefully he learned some things at BYU that will help him at Kansas. I wish him the best.

"How many HS superstars have we seen leave BYU early". Probably less than the average D1 program. What statistics do you have to offer that would support your opinion?

Sandy, UT

Well, all I can say is if Cougar nation would learn not to grant Godship and overhype this kid, he might just be something extraordinary.

I hope that smell in the air isn't another Jake Hypes. Even as a U fan. The Cougies need somebody with a accuracy, leadership, no-prettyboy-ness, and sheer confidence, will power, and determination.

Jake Hypes was none of the above.

Park City, UT

The hill trolls are just jealous that BYU doesn't have to settle for DII QBs like they do up on the hill.

Idaho Falls, ID

Actually I think GoGetter is spot-on. I also agree with TJ. As a BYU fan, I know Heaps was over hyped. He was a great practice football player, but not so much on the field of battle. He had a sense of entitlement which admittedly Bronco hates. Apparently he has great skills, but I never really saw it. But I did see that he definitely lacked in the leadership dept. Nelson may not be all that great in skills, bet he'll win more games for you than Heaps would. Let's hope that this kid is the real deal.

@ Wayne Rout
"Talent at quarterback means nothing, . . ."

I would add,

unless you have toughness and leadership to complement that talent.

Frisco, TX

"How many HS superstars have we seen now that have come and left early at BYU??"

Instead of posing a question, can you do us the favor of providing an answer. If I wanted to take a quiz, I'd go back to high school. And when you post how many superstars have come and left early, can you also post the number for the other Utah schools. Maybe you could even include the number for the Utah basketball team.

Cougs Guy
Sandy, UT


You know, I don't think most Utes are jealous right now... they beat us 54-10 with their "D2 QB's" compared to our top 10 QB recruit in the country. It's a team game. Give credit where credit is due.

Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

As a true-blue fan, I'm only mildly interested in this kid at this point, after watching his highlight video. He's telegraphing most of his throws and you gotta give major props to his O-line, as he hardly ever seemed to face much pressure (in the videos).

As for Heaps, those who think he didn't have a fair shake at BYU are totally off-kilter. BYU designed its playbook for him and he just didn't deliver. What's more, he had no fire. BYU totally changed their playbook when they changed qbs, so it's disingenuous to say Doman didn't plan for him.

As far as fellow Y-fans dissing the Ute qbs, give it a rest. Last year they had a bad qb situation and they still did well. They also did really well with BJ, who wasn't a particularly great qb, so I think they're able to handle themselves ok. This year, they've got a couple of great prospects and the local recruit (Chase Hansen) BYU totally missed out on by offering him at LB. We'd be lucky to have him.

Saint George, UT

Another quarterback? I'm scratching my head on this one. It seems BYU these days thinks of quarterbacks, quarterbacks. What happened to the importance of having a strong balanced team?

Hopefully this young man and his family will look carefully at the rest of the roster at each school. Where can this young man play on a TEAM that will support and protect him? Who has receivers and running backs to balance the offense?

BYU might want to ask these questions of their program. To me they seem kinda too focused on QBs.

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with staypuffinpc, Utah has done well considering they've suffered terribly at qb. Jake was arrogant and entitled. I hope he's mature enough to realize that. I know a few players on the team, and they won't talk bad about Jake. But they talk a lot about how good of a leader Riley is. That's never really mentioned with Jake. I don't know that it's his fault either. He was young and no doubt had all these expectations of himself that didn't happen. I hope he does and think he will succeed at Kansas. I also don't think Jake struggling was much of Doman's fault. Doman isn't the guy overthrowing 90% of his receivers, but the coach did need a few games to get into a rhythm with play calling, which is the only part where Doman could have hung Jake up. I also hope Jake realizes that he does far better in a spread then in a pro style...comparing 2010 to 2011. As for Billy, it sounds like he wants to stay close to home, but that's just gathered from his words in the article.

Salt Lake City, UT

The coaches told him he could PLAY for the Y for 4 - 5 years. I take that to mean red shirt then play 4 or step right in after Riley and save the red shirt if needed?
My point is, what does that say about Tanner Mangum when he returns off his mission or the other 4 or 5 qb's on the roster?
1 of 2 things may be taking place, Gurney may be trying to over hype a recruit (I know that is shocking) or Doman is making promises he shouldn't be.

Highland, UT


They should be getting a top qb prospect every single year in every single recruiting class. That is how you assure yourself of having a quality qb all of the time. That basicly gives a team 4-5 qb's on its roster, pretty simple math to figure out.

But more puzzling is why wouldn't you want them to focus on getting top qb's? It is the most important position on a football team.

BYU signs multiple kids at every other position every single year. They sign multiple dlinemen, multiple linebackers, multiple defensive backs. multiple wr's, multiple rb's, multiple offensive linemen, multiple TE's, every single year. They usually sign 1 qb. How is that out of balance or bad?

Provo, UT

utebuster, get real. The first three posts that you suppose came from the hill are from BYU fans. I almost typed "avid" BYU fans, but I always try to be truthful. I think our friend from El Paso would throw a tantrum even if a future BYU QB wins a Heisman and Dave O'Brien award. I don't need to repeat what has been said about Doman not overthrowing receivers and making poor decisions, but I'm sure future big-name recruits will be instructed not to hold press conferences before they suit up.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

It wouldn't be a bad thing for him to come to BYU. Hopefully if he does, he sees it as a privilege. BYU needs another QB on the roster with Lark and Nelson leaving next year, even if it is just as a backup. The new "quarterback U's" (USC, Oklahoma, etc) have many QBs on the roster. If BYU wants to go back to being "QB U" they would be smart to do the same.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ Cougar Claws,

BYU hasn't produced a legit NFL QB since Steve Young. That was 30 years ago.

Springville, UT

"BYU hasn't produced a legit NFL QB since Steve Young."

says the emotional, frantic, jealous and bitter has been golfer.

Legit? Having trouble with reality I see.

QB envy has ALWAYS been a Ute fan characteristic.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Utah-Hawaii Alum

Utah has NEVER produced a legit NFL QB. What is your point?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Utah Hawaii

Since then, the university produced a Heisman and a national champion. That's what universities aspire to. There are "legit NFL quarterbacks" whose universities did well, and some did not. I am interested in what my quarterback did for my university. I really did not follow the NFL careers of Steve Young or Jim McMahon.

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