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Published: Monday, June 18 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

USC and Stanford will continue to play Notre Dame.

Colorado will continue to play Colorado State.

But unfortunately Doug, it looks like Whittingham is looking for excuses to kill the rivalry because he's too afraid to play the Cougars anymore.

Salt Lake City, UT


You have to understand Whittingham's dilemma.

It's gonna be tough enough finishing with a losing record in the PAC 12 every year, without having to explain to nervous alumni why he can't even beat an irrelevant, mediocre, independent, former rival.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Hmmm,who should we play ... BYU or the Michigan Wolverines?

Bye Bye Cougars...

It looks like Doug still isn't over that the Utes got the PAC invite. Utah's moving on.

Las Vegas, NV

This was the caption under the picture for this article....."A small pack of BYU fans watch as the Cougars take on their rival Utah Utes. The rivalry will change with the teams in different conferences." Just wondering what conference it is that the writer thinks BYU is in? Last time I checked, Provo football is not a member of any conference (possibly the WAC?), and do not have ANY invitations.


Oh yea BYU is a real threat to the Utes... Utah has beat byu the last 7 out of 10 years
And absolutely demolished them in happy valley last year..but yea...lol

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Lots of talk about what Utah should do to save the rivalry... Heck Doug you even admit that Utah doesn't need the rivalry (not in Football at least) and that one can easily argue that it is not even in Utah's best interest to play the game.

How about some talk about BYU putting some skin into the game... Why expect the Ute to "suffer" for the good of the fans, how about BYU getting off their high horse and admitting that they are not going to call the shots.

At the very least BYU has to be willing to play in SLC twice in a row, that doesn't mean not playing in Provo it just means to make Utah's schedule work the Cougars will have to play in SLC in 2012 (as scheduled) and in 2013 as well, the series can go back to Provo in 2014.

If BYU is not even willing to go that far I don't see how the local media can limit themselves to only insisting that the Utes sacrifice to keep the series going.

Independence Is Bliss
San Jose, CA

@I still can't say it -

. . . or you could just drop Eastern Illinois State from your schedule. Nice spin..

"Utah's moving on". Ha ha! Actions speak louder than words, little bro. And from the utes actions that I've seen, your statement clearly is not true.

Las Vegas, NV

The way college football is going is exactly why college basketball is better. In college football, maybe 30-40 teams have a chance of a national championship. In college basketball, every team has a shot. Even lowly SUU down in Cedar City has a shot if they just win there conference and get into the Big Dance, probably won't happen but hey, look at Butler and VCU. In college football (even with the new playoff platform) is decided by computers and committees to get in. In college basketball, yes, there are committees who decide at-large teams for the tournament, but there are a lot of spots open with at-large teams. Winning a conference in basketball no matter what conference your in gets you a chance to win a national title. College football doesn't provide that and to be fair they probably can't but that is why college basketball is better. I guess the only rivalry we'll see with BYU-Utah will be basketball since there is plenty of room in the non-conference schedule for that. BYU lately has been dominating the basketball rivalry.

west valley, Utah

Wow, how many times we going to beat this dead horse? Utah left BYU in the dust when they entered the Pac 12...BYU is a has been. You said it yourself in the article there is no reason why Utah should wast the time or effort, cant wait to see Michigan, Ohio st, Penn St, and the rest of the B1G up at RES!

Maricopa, Az

I Still Can't Say It.....Good riddance to ya. If the game was in October or November I would have some concern. BYU wants for nothing in September. The September schedule is packed with quality opponents. Good Bye and Good Luck....

Salt Lake City, UT

It's time to let it go.

Bluffdale, UT

"It looks like Doug still isn't over that the Utes got the PAC invite. Utah's moving on'

Can't say it- That is not a very informed comment. Doug has a son who played at Utah. In fact, he may still be on the team. Nobody would be more excited about the PAC invite than Doug. This was a great article. Whitt is afraid, plain and simple. He even called BYU a "great" program..

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

There is a giant part of me that wants to continue the rivalry, because Utah, due to the recent successes in terms of recruiting, will pound BYU EVERY year in the future. BYU stands no chance whatsoever against a very deep, talented, well coached Utah team, only getting better I should add. Hooray!!!! However, I'm VERY concerned that there may be more chop-blocking and lethal cheap shots that could occur by BYU players. Uale's hit on Devonte last year really got my attention, sadly. There were others in that game as well. The Utes cannot afford the possible devastating injuries, due to vehement hate and the obvious disparity in the teams that exists currently. Utah needs to be concerned with PAC games, not a "NOW" meaningless rivalry game that has lost it's luster. I agree with KWhit 100%.

The Utes will devastate BYU again this year.......then......bye bye BYU! ENJOY!!!!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Honestly, how is BYU going to beat Utah again? The players, coaches at Utah are far superior. Plus, the depth on the Utah team in the foreseeable future is 100 times better than a struggling mid-major BYU team. Goodbye BYU!

West Columbia, TX

A series that needs to end. Sometimes one team wins, sometimes the other, it does not matter. The fans understood not. For the better, end it. Now that the WAC/MWC no longer exists, tragicly a lot of very good games vanished.

Springville, UT

"Our program is bigger than the rivalry."

Yeah right. Keep wishing.

Not according to the "fans". By a margin of 2 to 1 on these comment boards it's clear that most Ute fans want to keep the rivalry.

Their version of relevancy demands to keep the rivalry game or else mediocrity in their conference has no true meaning.

Salt Lake City, UT

The ONLY reason the Utes would want to kill the rivalry is because they're too scared to play the Cougars anymore... no game is bigger or more talked about in Utah, than the BYU-Utah game; even today, 9 months after the last meeting, Utah fans cite the score of last year's game 100-1 over any other game from last season.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Sorry but some things are more important than tradition. This rivalry has simply gotten out of hand. You can hear the nastiness all the way to the Pacific.I think it would be best to let things cool off for awhile. Then the teams can play again when it can be about football and not a substitute for a cultural war.

Utah, UT

The Utes and Cougars need to go their ways... bottom line. And it is about the bottom line. For the Utes, it's building a national program and research programs, top-notch facilities, and attracting more out of state students. For the "Y" it's about the missionary program. Those are two very different mindsets in themselves - so why bother with this? Just to simply keep the rivalry?

It's already been cheapened by playing it in September - not the same! The Utes and Colorado need to be the new rivalry, it just has to go this way. Maybe the Y can play around with Utah State now...

The Utes already benefited with their home games last year and so did the city - bringing in tons more money from tourists attending the game. And with bigger non-conference games coming in, that will increase even more.


End the rivalry now! It was a great run, but I'm personally sick of it. The bitterness and hatred are too intense. It will only get worse once Utah pounds them again this year.

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