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Published: Sunday, June 17 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Huntsville, UT

Mitt got to choose, and marry his lifemate and now she stands by his side during his campaigns.

Yet, Mitt has promised to make it impossible for certain other Americans to choose to marry their lifemates.

Clearfield, UT

I really wonder how he justifies to himself that he is risking her life and health every day she's out on the campaign trail. She has MS, and had an attack right Super Tuesday. She should be home, in a peaceful environment, and not having to face the stress of either the campaign or (if Mitt is elected) the White House.

It is irrelevant that she may want to do the campaigning. If Mitt truly cherished her and cared about her, he would put his wishes second and work to preserve his wife's health.

Bountiful, UT

Give "it a rest" @Furry. You have been here before on this subject and you are WAY out of line.

It is none of yours or anyone else's business on how Ann Romney deals with her health issues. She is the one who best knows what her limitations are regarding management of her MS.

You don't like Mitt Romney - we get it. But contrary to what you believe or claim, when it comes to her health, Ann Romney does NOT dance to the demands of Mitt or the campaign management. Ultimately, it is her decision on how she manages her MS when it comes to her support to the campaign and no one else's; not even Mitt.

Flower Mound, TX

Furry, you have a good point in some ways, but if your family had the opportunity to leave the legacy that the Romney's family have the opportunity to leave, wouldn't you take it? I would. I believe there are some big things to come as a result of a Romney presidency, for the good of all of the peole of the USA. This is huge and will bless so many lives. This will probably fulfill many of Ann's lifelong desires to help as well as Mitt's. If they do it right, their life will be a life of service, and not just politics.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: RanchHand Huntsville, UT
"Mitt has promised to make it impossible for certain other Americans to choose to marry their lifemates."

Mitt Romney doesn't have that power. It is the State of Utah that sets the requirements for a marriage license here. Probably why it is so hard to marry one's sister, brother or cousin.

Clearfield, UT

To VST 12:03 p.m. June 18, 2012

You don't get the point. It's not Ann's actions that are suspect here -- pretty much any spouse would be willing to sacrifice himself or herself for a much-loved spouse, whether or not that sacrifice was wise. Mitt, on the other hand, shows that he cares only for his own interests and not what's best for his wife. If he truly cherished her and cared about her, she would never have been put in the position of having to decide whether to risk her health for his president-yearning. He should have never brought up running for president in the first place and, if she did, he should have said it wasn't something he wanted to do.

To Utexmom 12:03 p.m. June 18, 2012

The Romneys have shown no interest in public service in the past; I see nothing of public service in what they are doing now. A Romney presidency will not bless the common people; it will "bless" the top 1% of the counry. If was us, my husband cares enough about me that he would put me first, before anything else.

Bountiful, UT


I DO get the point. Your response is not only crass and uncaring, but that response indicates you have absolutely no idea regarding what kind of personal relationship they have with each other. For your information, within the family, only Ann and their son Tad were in favor of Mitt making the 2012 run. He went forward on Ann's advice; not because of his own interests.

You are shamelessly using Ann Romney's health issue in your vain attempt to bolster your dislike for Mitt Romney as a person.

Leave Ann Romney out of this.

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