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Published: Sunday, June 17 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

I can agree that Romney would have some very good ideas on how to improve the economy.

Unfortunately, his hands are tied and he would be limited by the GOP from implementing sound fiscal policy.

Those on the right have already decided on what to do and no deviation from that plan is allowed, regardless of the wisdom and experience of Romney, or anyone else.

Springville, UT

This is silly. Which Romney? The one who says government should not intervene, or the one who says he will step in and save it? The problem is that we have no idea what Romney will do, let alone know where he stands on any issue. Merely parroting campaign propaganda really is useless.

Salt Lake City, UT

Childish comparisons of our economy with cows are silly and pointless.

The American economy is not a farm animal. It's huge, complex, and highly dynamic.

America is not a struggling corporation - it's a nation.

Moreover, Romney is pushing the exact same "pamper the rich" economic policies that created this massive recession in the first place.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

From my youth, I recall a newsreel depiction of what happens to a cow who gets the freedom of getting into the alfalfa field. The cow had gorged it’s self and lay in much pain and near death. A vet in an attempt to save the cow stabbed the cow’s side allowing a gusher of pent up pressure and overeating to erupt. I have no recollection of whether the cow lived or died.

A cow is a tool of people who use it to produce food. Like a corporation, it is not people. In order to achieve the best results from a cow it must be carefully controlled and not allowed to have unlimited freedom. Controlling the cow is the best way to benefit people and the cow it’s self.


Over my lifetime the president of the United States seems to be irrelevant. Whomever the POTUS is we are still at war. We are still ALWAYS spending more money. Wage war, sell weapons, say otherwise. America's M.O. All the while slowly eroding freedoms from the people. I wonder what the U.S. will look like after my lifetime.
I would love to see Romney win and do what the letter writer says he can. Heak, I'll even vote for it to happen.
However I suspect the new boss will be the same as the old boss. It's a sad state of affairs.

Eli Tesecular PhD
Salt Lake City, UT

By the time the election rolls around President Obama probably will have convinced the cow to believe:"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need". If by then, the cow still isn't on board, he will loan the cow $1 billion dollars to produce a milk substitute that's just as good for us as the regular stuff.

Salt Lake City, UT

Keep in mind Romney stated when the housing crisis struck he would NOT do anything to help Americans keep their homes. And, when our largest automakers were facing bankruptcy he said he would NOT help them and would let them go under. Can you imagine how much deeper our recession would have been with Romney in office?

salt lake city, utah

Seriously? Let's see Bush produced lower taxes, fewer regulations, and just how did that work out? Look up the stats for '07, and '08. Romney is proposing lower taxes, and fewer regulations..and it will be different how, particularly in an economy with low demand?

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

So setting the cow free will save the eocnomy... what happens when the cow runs into the neighbor's yard? Can the farmer still get its milk?

Romney stashes his profits in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying U.S. taxes and benefiting the U.S. economy.

The problem with letting the cow run free is that too much milk gets diverted away from the farmer and ends up only benefiting the neighbors.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mitt Romney is concerned about the happiness of the cows' FARMER, not the the happiness of the cows. The farmer thinks he can make a bigger profit if he moves his cows out of Amereica. Mitt Romney's policies encourage the farmer to do so. Mitt Romney can't produce a happy American cow when all the cows are moved to India.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Business is a tool of Society. It’s purpose for existence is to provide those things and services to the society that the people of society cannot or don’t want to do for themselves. Business did not arise spontaneously, it was created, facilitated and allowed by society.

Only be carefully controlling the actions of business can the best results be obtained for both society and business.

Business operation allows a person to utilize and profit by his particular skills and efforts. The business platform provided by the American government permits and even promotes this in order to get the best results.

Freedom for business also leads to many other ways to gain profit, such as the Bain activities that weed out the deadwood and inefficient in favor of more efficient operations. However sometimes the freedom to make profits overshadow and diminish the worth to the society.

When business does more harm than good to the society, the society must step in and exercise it’s control over business and not allow business to harm it’s self and society.

Business strategy may be great in the business world, but in the government an entire nation will be bad.

American Fork, UT

Romney should be a dairy farmer.

Kaysville, UT

Very appropriate analogy. Indeed the way both political parties perceive the people is as animals that need keeping. Some stupidly feed the animals their own milk and others want to PROVIDE them with freedom.

I expect this perception can be traced to Cain's lilt that he wasn't his brother's keeper. If Cain said it, then surely the opposite must be true: we ARE our brother's keeper. Hence the perception by pious politicians that we the people must be kept... like cows.

While appropriate, I reject the cow analogy morally. The government does not PROVIDE freedom... it can only defend it or violate it and too often it is the latter. And I reject the Cain/Abel premise. We are NOT our brothers' keepers. I don't want to be kept and I don't want to keep. I'm a man and I mean to live as one.

The article title says "Romney can fix the economy". Any politician could. Just get out of the way! So, any politician CAN fix the economy. The question is WILL he? Judging from his record (Romneycare?) and his loyalties (Hatch?), I wouldn't bet on it.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This letter has more to do with bulls than with cows.

Kamas, UT

There is a well-established political myth in our country - that one knight in shining armor mounted on his white charger can save the United States. Isn't this exactly the scenario we watched play out in 2008 with disastrous results. All the teleprompter rhetoric in the world couldn't put the economy back together again.

- Debt expanded by $5 Trillion

- Deficits exploded

- Entitlement spending went unaddressed

- A responsible federal budget has not been put forward for over three years

- Healthcare costs have not only been escalating, but the proposal to fix it will likely be ruled unconstitutional

- Uncertainty in every sector of our society is rampant

- The more BHO speaks the less people are inclined to listen

Now we are to believe the white knight is going to be Mitt Romney?

Would that it were that simple.

What is needed is a leader who can consolidate the disparate factions of society and the political class to address the glaring issues of debt, deficits and gridlock. It's more than making the milk cow happy.

I would love to believe the "uniter not divider" MIGHT be Mitt Romney.

History teaches us there is no white knight for the milk cow.

Sandy, UT

This analogy was poor. A president can make all the promises in the world but it is congress who has to embrace the policies of a president and I do not see that happening in this political climate.

The Dude Abides
Salt Lake City, UT

Except it is Congress, not the President, that sets the budget and controls the economy. Nor can the President pass laws.

Sandy, UT

But Blaine, he killed the cow in Massachusetts. He ran a slaughterhouse at Bain. I think if elected he will lead 99% of us to slaughter with his friends catching our blood, sweat and tears(profit). I wonder why you didn't use a teacher, policeman, or firefighter in your analogy?

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

In fact, in a demand-side recession of this magnitude, what's needed is more stimulus; more money in the economy, more consumers consuming; hamburgers, among other products. But perhaps we can find a more useful cow analogy. .. .
Romney, well, Paul Ryan, thinks the best way to make the cow healthy is to cut its feed, and then let it gorge itself unhealthily, a la Ultra Bob above.
Also, let's not forget that when Obama got the cow, it was close to dead. He's nursed it back to a very tenuous health. So why should we return it to the previous owners, the very people who abused it so seriously?

Phoenix, AZ

Romney's history and present actions don't indicate he is a patriot or statesman loyal to serving the nation and all its citizens; he appears to be self centered and dedicated to his ego and personal wealth and his rich friends. He is not his father's son in service to America.

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