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Published: Friday, June 15 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

Baby steps to November. Baby steps to November.

Maricopa, AZ

I think endoferror has the big picture.
The autocratic move of President Obama is frightening in that it leaves us not knowing what he might do next that would further bypass the constitution. Obama care follows the same pattern when you see that it would require all citizens to purchase it or be subject to severe fines.
I want a kinder more merciful immigration law as much as any one I know. But not at the expense of trampling the constitution.
Because it only gets easier and easier, and people will cry out less and less and we become convinced that there is nothing we can do about it.
This presidential election is truly becoming a vote for America and the constitution. A vote for Christian lifestyles and a vote for an economy that is based on less government, less debt and less bailouts.

Allen, TX

"In the past two weeks, undocumented students have staged protests at Obama campaign offices in Charlotte, N.C., Denver and Oakland, Calif."

Pandering? NO! I guess he will support any minority that yells loud enough.

If everyone knew they were undocumented, why didn't ICE swoop in and raid these protests?

Where are MY rights? As a 50-year old, tax-paying, law abiding white male citizen, I have become so marginalized as to be irrelevant, and it sickens me. How can I pursue happiness when I have to support illegal aliens, illegal activities, insurance fraud, tax fraud and every other drain on society that is a direct result of the illegal immigration morass?

Oh yeah..... election year....

So you al don't think I'm some bigoted jerk - I love the Mexican people, speak fluent Spanish and travel to Mexico for work every month. I encourage legal immigration, but deplore law-breaking leeching.

Salt Lake City, UT

Conservatives didn't seem to have much of a problem when it was VP frontrunner Marco Rubio proposing basically this.

Provo, UT

It's just an executive order that can, and probably will, be rescinded when the next president comes around. Could this then actually end up being harmful for the people who come out to the government as being illegal? Who's to say this won't come back to haunt them in the future?

I like the idea of the law, but Congress needs to get its act together and actually do something. Illegals brought here as children and who've been exemplary citizens shouldn't be punished for something that was beyond their control. Ten years they've been debating this and nothing. What a shame.

Mcallen, TX

I made a mistake. During the 2008 campaign Obama said he was going to lower the unemployment rate.

I thought it was for the people of our country.

We've been betrayed by our leaders with a leaking border, and soon we'll all have a level playing field where everyone will have an equal shot for poverty. It's happening folks.

I don't know why people crave this, but Obama may win re-election, and we'll become another Cuba.

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT

Sounds like a generous thing to do, but he went about it in the wrong way. My hope is that Romney will be president and iron out the kinks of this issue. Just one more thing Romney would have to change and get done correctly because Obama has taken shortcut after shortcut in doing the right thing to get votes. Hopefully Romney will take the few good ideas obama has used and put them into practical long term use, rather than do more short term political stints.

Springville, Utah

Agreed, Fitness Freak, I am Hispanic and a legal immigrant, and I do not support any form of amnesty for illegal aliens. I have one simple question for all those who support Obama's decision: how in the world do you expect future immigrants to come legally when our own government shows this blatant disregard for our immigration laws under the excuse of 'compassion'? Children should not be punished for their parent's crimes, but they should not be rewarded either.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I hadn't heard Rubio proposing this.

Blacks should be up in arms - just goes to show how much BO and the dems take the black vote for granted. Unemployment among black teens is over 50%, and now BO is giving illegal teens work permits. When will blacks wake up and recognize the dems for what they are - overseers?

the truth
Holladay, UT

RE: atl134

Rubio proposed this?

Did he propose doing an end round the constitution like Obama?

or using constitutional means to deal with it?

That is the issue here.

Doing things the constitutional way or becoming a dictator and just doing whatever Obama wants to do.

It you allow the constitution to be trodden over then you are giving the next president the same power, and that president may be a from different political party. In other words are willing to give Romney the same power? Because he will inherit it.

my two cents worth
Ridgefield, WA

Why does this issue of Illegal Immigration seem to morph to hate talk about Latinos in general?

Oh that's right, Latinos (Mexicans in particular), blacks, Muslims, Arabs, etc. are all in the category of "OTHER" and we don't want to be liking them because they are different than US, now do we?

Of course, that is the ridiculous (and sometimes malicious) way of looking at God's children.

Can we just get along? What's wrong with helping out those who need it? What's wrong with helping those who are here illegally where they had no choice in being here in the first place. Is that what good Christians like us stand for?

Ridgefield, WA

Looks like we are splitting again down into two factions: The ME group and the WE group.

The ME group hates that any of their taxes go to help people. Of course they are the first to want something for themselves--like Medicare, free roads, free fire and police coverage, freedom to hate, etc. The radicals in the ME group want to throw out the government--as if that will open up the free things.

The WE group cares about his/her community, the people around him/her and realizes that it takes some sharing of his money to pay for amenities. The WE group wants to find solutions to help the whole.

What group do you belong in when you get mad at helping young Mexicans get an education?

William Gronberg
Payson, UT

Monday thru Friday-no BO. Interesting.

Your employer's own stated policy includes the following.

"Treat other readers (substitute the word persons for readers) as you would if you were speaking to them from a microphone, looking them in the eyes, then passing the microphone cordially to the next contributor."

William Gronberg
Payson, UT

BO could also represent "Borin Orrin" or Butch Otter (the Idaho governor). Neither passes the respect test.

Nibley, Ut

my two cents worth and 1.cee,
I think illegal immigration morphs in a heated debate because a lot of legal immigrants i talk to and also some on this thread express frustration with giving a free pass to illegal immigrants when they had to go through the rigors of legally becoming a citizen. And frankly, I tend to agree with them. Its interesting how Obama preaches fairness, but this is not fair to those waiting outside the US to become a citizen.

Cedar Hills, UT

Yes yes yes our great and predictable campaigner n chief announces this immigration change (bypassing congress of course) just before the election. This character never changes and will do ANYTHING to steal votes. Yes it's all about the election with Barack - never about governing. What a disgrace to America this man is.

Cedar Hills, UT

1. This is nothing more or less than desperation by Obama. Trying to shore up his liberal base. Amnesty isn't going to wash with independent voters.
2. Obama seems to forget he is required to work WITH congress and get their approval. Obama sees the constitution and congress as road blocks to his agenda.
3. It is interesting to note that every time Obama's poll numbers start to lag he creates some controversy or he tries to give away the store to buy votes. The man is a boat with no rudder - an empty suit with no spine. Everything - and I mean everything - is politically motivated to buy votes. The man is as shallow as a mud puddle.

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