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Published: Thursday, June 14 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT

No rings makes a man bitter.

West Jordan, Utah

Nothing's changed, Malone is still delusional.

Afterglow Fanissimo
Salt Lake City, Utah

This reminds me of the Mailman always delivering an annual post-playoff threat of maybe going to play somewhere with better fishing. Absolute genius.

South Jordan, UT

Karl Malone says he'd rather start a team with Scottie Pippen than Michael Jordan.

This is why Karl was never championship material.

Salt Lake, Ut

This story just caused me to realize something. I have the ability to utterly forget that a person exists. I can honestly say I have not thought of Karl Malone in years.

Meadow Lark Mark

I'll agree that perhaps Karl Malone says a lot of things. Years ago at an Arby's in Idaho Falls when Karl was there signing autographs my children got an autograph only because Karl stayed long after his alloted time commitment to make sure that everyone in line got an autograph. I appreciated this and it was a kind gesture for Karl to do that. My children thought it was wonderful.

Los Olivos, CA

I thought his logic was reasonable. Besides, Pippen is probably a more likeable guy. Malone did not say Pippen is a better player. He just said he would rather have him as a team-mate. ......However, Malone does say some strange things.....often. But the Meadow Lark response trumps everything, in my mind.

sandy, ut

Fredex- I am sure he doesn't even know you exist, so it doesn't matter to him that you haven't thought of him. He was stating opinion on the matter, so people who are saying he is dumb for this opinion is rediculous. He has an opinion, and you can't really debate an opinion. Plus, I doubt he cares what you think about him.


The state of Utah was very lucky to have Karl Malone in a JAZZ uniform. The reason we didn't win a title is because Chicago had better players top to bottom. Not championship material,
you kidding me,we had Karl,John,and past his prime Horny,PERIOD. I like the fact that he's honest in his opinion and doesn't just blow smoke. He's not perfect, but that's OK because I don't think anyone on here is either. I'd take a Karl Malone on my team anytime!

Oakley, ID

I would take scottie pippen any day, too!

Roosevelt, UT

Forgiveness Karl, looks like you still need to learn it.

Jordan beat you and you need to get past it and move on.

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