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Published: Thursday, June 14 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

The appetite for money exhibited by colleges and universities is insatiable. There is only one way to stop this inflationary trend: stop buying. Once demand for overpriced education services drops, the price will, too. Students and parents have to stop falling for line that they MUST have a degree from an elite university, and they should get used to the reality that the future of education is virtual campuses.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: SEY Sandy, UT
"There is only one way to stop this inflationary trend: stop buying."

Those who don't want to "buy" their education are free to step aside so those waiting in line behind them can step forward.

Sandy, UT

@ Rifleman: of course they are. And?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: SEY Sandy, UT
"@ Rifleman: of course they are. And?"

And those who don't want to make the sacrifice to get an education can work at McDonald's while those who do put forth the effort can get the well paying jobs.

This isn't "No Child Left Behind". and those who put forth the effort can also get scholarships.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Same reason why gas prices have jumped. Same reason why the price for almost everything has jumped in the past few years.

Because CEOs and those in power want more money and the public is willing to pay for it/go into debt for it.

Just under a year Utah "rewarded" all their public high education Presidents with huge pay increases. As if being paid 200k+, having a mansion provided, free health care, other perks weren't compensation enough. The public became outraged and many either rejected their increase or donated the funds (our tax and tuition money) to charities/scholarships.

This is exactly what's wrong with education and business today. Too much greed. Just because we "can" pay these president's more, doesn't mean we should. Just because the public "can" pay more in tuition/increase their debt, doesn't mean that they should.

Stop giving CEOs and University Presidents/upper management so much money. Keep the money in the hands of the students/taxpayers.

Draper, UT

I couldn't agree with you more, SEY. I have only a high school diploma, although I'm an avid autodidact and have been all my life. You cannot stop those who truly want an education and don't care about the status of of a degree or a particular college attended.

Where a four-year college degree used to open the doors to employment, many employers now all but disregard a Batchelor's degree. Further, It is more than possible to be gainfully employed without a degree. I was a successful entrepreneur, creating and running a clothing business that cleared over four figures per year.

We encouraged our children to consider college only as an option. My daughter, our eldest, now a middle manager at Dell Computers, lacks a college degree as does our son, who is the head of information services at a large corporation. Only our youngest is pursuing a college education, the first 3 years of which were conducted at community colleges. Not only does he support himself while putting himself through school, but he carries not once cent of student loan.

Higher education has become a racket. Consider all options before buying into the hype.

Sandy, UT

@ Rifleman: don't be silly. It's not a choice of the overpriced colleges and universites or hit the streets. My point is that there are lower-cost options that will provide an equivalent level of training and education. It makes no sense to keep paying through the nose when the same quality can be obtained at much lower costs. It also makes no sense in light of the startling number of students who drop out and are burdened with school loans for the next 10 years or so. The rate of deliquency on school loans is about 25%, and defaults are about 8%. All told, the level of student debt is about $1 trillion. That's why so many are calling it the next economic bubble to collapse, triggering another round of bailouts. See where it's going?

Mark l

If everyone has a college degree, why distinguishes you from the rest. It might be better to get out and work your way up the corporate ladder, and prove your worth.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

One big reason for increased tuition rates is that states have drastically reduced their funding of post-secondary education.

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