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Published: Monday, June 11 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

AWESOME. Glad I stayed-up late so the first comment on this article could be from a BYU fans instead of all the usual-suspect Cougar-hating trolls (you guys know who you are - you wear your DN reps like crowns).

This report is a breath of fresh air to most BYU fans who for years have lamented we had OL who could bench-press a Mack truck but couldn't pull, slide or run effectively. As always, the proof will be when the rubber hits the road August 30th against WSU, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

And I LOVE how Doman tells it like it is and is so relaxed & open with the media. I think Brandon's growth as OC in year two will be significant.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

This all seems vaguely familiar... I think I've heard it before. Great offensive line, Doman is a whiz, things will be better, and we have 29 seniors from a team that was embarrassed by TCU, Utah, Mississippi... Our salvation is that we have Riley. Even though he can't throw, he fields punts and we just like having him around. I'm glad I'm not attending any games this year. This 25 year season ticket holder is taking the year off. I saw enough against Utah and TCU last year to waste time and money on the Cougars this year. I know the school and media love Doman, but I’m not convinced until I see all the hype show results on the field. I smell a losing season ahead.

Gilbert, AZ

Waaa waaa waaa. Wayne is taking his ball and going home. The 25-year season ticket holder points to one bad year in 2011 and decides it was just too much to handle. A real fan will take the good with the bad and not crawl under a rock when the going gets rough. The Heaps era took its toll on and off the field, but the real fans will be back to support their team and their school. We love BYU, we love BYU football come what may. Fair weather fans,...get a spine.

salt lake , UT

great, so the team is ready to go. how about you doman? how is your conditioning coming along? lets hope better than last year

A.F., UT

I like what I am hearing about the offensive line needing to be able to move around better. If you are too big as Doman put it, that may not be the best approach to the type of offense that they are going to be running.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Pretty much every year are offensive line has been awesome. We have higher expectations than anyone else and the NFL players we put in the NFL proofs it.
Omer is probably the #1 strength coach in NCAA.


It amazes and astounds me just how many "great coaches" read Harmons observations and reporting of those hired to win football games. From their comments it is hard to comprehend why they haven't been coerced into coaching college football and ridding the world of human beings trying their best to improve on a pretty good season. How quickly we forget just how many turnovers occurred against Utah and TCU making it impossible to gauge the team's ability. And how ineffective the marvel from the northwest either overshot, under threw of dropped the pigskin. Sure you can attribute those miscues to coaching albeit unfairly.

South Jordan, UT

Finally I'm not the only one who thinks our lineman are too fat!

Heber City, UT

Dear trustybob, little letters like you did with Doman. I guess your Bryan Johnson will do absolutely fantastic his first year, even though he never made it in the NFL, as Doman did. There is always that learning curve and Doman has been through that, but you want us to throw him under the truck. Will you be honest when Johnson struggles his first year also. I doubt it. You will come on here and say it was his first year and he is learning. True negative comments from a Utah fan.

Wayne Rout I feel sorry for you. You show no loyalty to BYU with your comments. I seriously doubt you flew up to Utah each week and attended every home game for 25 years. That is pure braggadoccio on your point trying to make everyone think you have been a loyal fan all these years, but one year and you abandon ship. Keep your money and donate it to a charity. But, please, whatever you do, do not under any circumstance turn on BYUTV or ESPN. Just go play a round of golf and do not try to find out how BYU did.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Glad to hear that the 340 lb linemen will be losing 20-30 lbs. Fat guys are good pass blockers but all that weight can slow them down a bit on the run plays. With a solid running back group this year, the offense should be improved, especially in the first few games.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Nice to hear more Lean and Quick players. What about our Center guy, the middle guy? I sure hope they can hike easily this time around.

It is nice to hear some report but why don't we wait till fall workout reports. OKAY mr Harmon!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Because I am slowly starving to death out here! Give me anything BYU football, but please don't let me open up my computer to nothing new. It can lead to reading articles on the Utah page...

Wayne, this season is absolutley going to kill you. The kid you say can't throw is going to lead the cougars to 10+ wins and another top 25 ranking, and you won't have anything good to say. At all. But it won't stop you from talking.

Okay, that was just prognosticating on my part, but hey, like the trolls say, I can crown them national champs at this point, in my head. The real stuff can't start soon enough.

And linemen that can scramble with a quarterback that scrambles? Why didn't I think of that?

Go Cougs, and go RILEY!

Glenwood, UT

I love the haters! From Utah and BYU. May the rivalry never end! I expect big things this season. Cant wait!

Frisco, TX

Riley proves that leadership matters - in sports just like it does in business. I'm sure that Heaps has the physical abilities, talent and mechanics that Nelson does not; but Nelson's leadership was the difference last year and it will be an even bigger difference this year. I expect Nelson's passing skills / mechanics to improve this year, but he will never be a John Elway. But his will to win is contagious and gets every other player to play at a higher level. This season will surprise a lot of fans with another 10+ win season and a Top 25 ranking - led by a QB who lacks many skills, but does not lack heart!

west jordan, utah

Same old same old. Heard it all before, every year in camp we have to hear how this is the deepest they have ever been at every position,running back,receiver,quaterbacks,best defense on and on.Now its the best shape they have ever been in.Whats next? This was the best sleepover ever on the football field,this was the best waterpark vist ever.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I don't normally reply twice, but this is an exception...

I did not say I attend every game, just that I have season tickets. I don't hide my name, if you want 4 good seats for this fall, I'm in the phone book. I attended two games last year, Utah and TCU. I saw a team that was not prepared, seems to have no strategy, and at least for the Utah game, they just plain gave up. Each year we hear about how stong this team is going to be, but the NFL draft seems to always show that it is just a dream. We can't win with walk-ons. If you want to believe these stories about how great this group will be then be my guest. I hope I am wrong. I do know that a team must have leadership and that players have to be managed. You can't turn the team over to 4 or 5 "leaders" to run the show. The coaches have to lead and they can't allow the players to pick which quarterback they will block for and which they will not.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"Brandon Doman believes BYU football is winning the offseason..." -- Dick "Homer" Harmon

And thus continues the downward slippery slope to irrelevance. Just 4-yrs ago, the "perfection questers" would have ALREADY WON the preseason national championship. And now...all they're doing is "winning the offseason". In a few short years, they'll just be "showing up to play", then further downgraded to "just happy to be here", before finally hitting rock bottom with "secret negotiations with the Big Sky about membership" since you'll no longer have the WAC to look to this time around. The WAC is dead.


We heard these same things last year. How the team was so far ahead of schedule and how Jake Heaps was such a sound quarterback. Then we struggle and instead of the coaches looking within they point out individual players. I hope Doman can bounce back from a horrible year( the numbers got better as teams got weaker).
As far as a new training program goes, about time! It doesn't take much common sense to know OL and WR need different workouts, but until last year they did the same thing. Ernest Bass Ohmer is the best strength coach in the NCAA is laughable, he's leaps and bounds one of the worst. His old school philosophy and training has resulted in multiple rotator cuff tears and every athlete gets bulkier and slower. Look at Matt Reynolds, he leaves the program, loses weight and cut 2 tenths off his forty from the combine to pro day. Why?? Because he wasn't following BYU's training schedule.
I hope BYU does great this year, realistically I see 8-9 wins. Leadership in word is great, but you have to be able to back it up with play.

Provo, UT

@Naval Vet "And thus continues the downward slippery slope to irrelevance."

Huh, I thought irrelevance was having to get a TV contract with KJZZ just to show your games because your own conference refuses to, and having your football facilities being run out of a trailer park.

My mistake.

Go Cougars!

Iowa City, IA

I'd love to see the lineman slim down! It's great to have also a leader in the offseason. It's clear the team rallies around Nelson. I will be watching to see how that translates into success in the fall.

I'm putting a lot of trust into Alisa, Quezada, Apo, HOFFMAN, and Falsev to move this team up and down the field. When I think of the linebackers, it's hard not to start laughing, they are awesome.

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