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Published: Tuesday, June 12 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Mchenry, IL

Tuition for one is $10,000 and the other is $2,000 with most of the tuition for the lesser paid with student having employment with the school.

The thing is the family size of Catholics has gone down. And you cant count on one or more of the kids moving on to holy orders. All your kids might need college paid for by you. Also in Chicago sat generation grads are moving to the suburbs. Less daughters of alumnae going to the same school. Suburbs have better public schools than the city.

Kjirstin Youngberg
Mapleton, UT

We put our son in Catholic School his first year, and it was very beneficial for him.

Studies have shown girls do much better in female-only schools from puberty onward, so it's a shame those are the failing schools. I know in my own case that was certainly true, as I was always more concerned about what the guy next to me would think of my dress or hairstyle or perfume (remember Loves and Charlie?) than what was on the chalkboard. I'll never forget the day I was called on to answer a question I knew, but feigned stupidity when I saw one of the boys subtle reactions, which I read as meaning I was a smarty-pants. Boys don't like smart girls. I had hoped Catholic schools for girls would continue, as at least we could count on a few girls becoming all they could be academically. Sigh.

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