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Published: Friday, June 8 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

So BYU wins the Deseret Duel by dominance in the Olympic sports. That's not going to set well with the Ute fans.

All I've heard since the Utes went to the 'Conference of Champions' was that it was all about the Olympic sports and that the Utes 'fit' right in.

I'm ready to hear the excuses.

Mesa, AZ


Payson, UT

Sam, your true cougarness always shines through.

It would be great if the Utah-Byu rivalry game could continue. I enjoy the ocassional blowout, but all the close games are what makes the rivalry. Hope the cougs can improve their showing this year.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

The DNews has to keep writing these lame, hypothetical articles about BYU's greatly diminished relevance in college football and basketball. It's nauseating. Utah is moving on and BYU can't get an invite to ANY decent conference.......end of story.

Highland, UT

It's hard to make excuses when all of their sports but one finished with losing records in the pac12 but I'd like to hear what they come up with as well. My guess is we'll either not hear from any of them on here or else they'll all just post "54-10" a bunch of times.

Orem, UT

As another BYU fan astutely commented:

"Despite the arrogant squawking from the hill, BYU once again proves that the Utes are all squawk, but no walk, when it comes to overall athletic program dominance."

Final Head-to-Head and NATIONAL Results
Overall BYU 8 Utah 3

W Soccer BYU 5 Utah 0
W Volleyball BYU 3 Utah 0
Football Utah 54 BYU 10 (BYU #25/#26 Utah UNRANKED)
M Basketball BYU 61 Utah 42 (BYU NCAA tournament)
W Basketball BYU 63 Utah 58 (BYU NCAA tournament)
M Swimming BYU 161 Utah 139
W Swimming BYU 162 Utah 138
W Gymnastics Utah 197.55 BYU 194.45 (Utah #5)
M Tennis BYU 5 Utah 2
W Tennis Utah 5 BYU 2
Baseball BYU 9 Utah 8
Baseball BYU 9 Utah 6
Baseball Utah 6 BYU 4

Of course, some delusional Utah fans will continue to spout their false propaganda about BYU's "diminished relevance in college football and basketball", but the truth is, conference affiliation doesn't mean diddly if U finish at the BOTTOM of the conference with a LOSING conference record in EVERY men's sport.


Congrats to BYU on winning the most coveted, most prestigious, most anticipated trophy in all of sports. With it's long history and tradition, this award is what our great rivalry has really always been about. We humbly cede bragging rights to you, though it seems your most ardent fans have already taken them. Hats off to you sirs.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA


yaaaaaaawn... BYU Top 25; Utah Unranked

Salt Lake City, UT

This is bad, man, real bad. How many recruits are we going to lose to BYU because they have this odd made up trophy thing. Oh wait. None.

yaaaaaaaaawn... BYU ranked 32 in the BCS poll. Cougars have a long ways to go to break into the party that Utah and TCU did twice.

Iowa City, IA

BYU got rid of their football meltdown, sent him to Kansas. Two years with Heaps, two losses to Utah. It will be a sad year for Utah next year, they won't be able to win anything against the Cougs....oops, except gymnastics.


I won't mince words. This is unacceptable for Ytah to take this kind if beating across all sports. The outcome in football is great, even with that "Top 25" finish by the Cougars. The other results show just how intently Mr. Hill has ignored all other sports in favor of football. Especially our once proud basketball program. Shame.

Alpine, UT

It would be interesting to see what the results would have been if this had been around for 10 or 20 or 30 years. I'm pretty sure it would still come out with BYU winning 80%+ over any time frame you want to look at. It's been great being a Cougar for a very long time and the future is only going to be even better.

Centerville, UT

As a Utah Grad - I proudly carry my Cougar Club membership card with me wherever I go and I thoroughly enjoy the wholesome game day atmosphere I experience as a season ticket holder. I'm proud of what BYU accomplishes across the board with their Football, Basketball and Baseball teams, as well as their Olympic sports Cheer and Dance teams (Cougarettes - I'm mean like how many times have they been National Champions?). I also appreciate their dominance in their club teams. Ruby is awesome (National Champion) and let's not forget BYU's Lacrosse Club who is a perennial national power in the MCLA league. I think it's time for BYU Lacrosse to go NCAA. Also - Is it true that the Utah Lacrosse club has NEVER beaten BYU in Lacrosse - ever? I'm proud that my kids have chosen to attend BYU over other schools in the state. When you look at the big picture BYU really is in a league of their own - and I for one like the big picture view.

Frisco, TX

@Utah-Hawaii Alum "The DNews has to keep writing these lame, hypothetical articles about BYU's greatly diminished relevance in college football and basketball."

Basketball? Really? This comment adds perspective to all your other comments.

BYU has a commanding lead in all other sports over Utah, except Football and Gymnastics over the last decade - including basketball.

And in football it's not as big of difference as Utes would like to make it out to be. Since 2000 you've won 7 of 12, but the last 6 matchups are tied at 3 wins a piece. If it wasn't for the Crowton era, BYU would have dominated at football also.

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

Further proof that the Utes continue on a path of mediocrity and 'mid-majorey' performance.

Good grief, the Utes were only average in the WAC and MWC overall with an occasional breakout. (except gymnastics) What's changed?

I would say "get used to it Utes" but I would just be wasting words... they already have.


East Salt Lake City, Utah

Good for BYU, at least it gives sammyg and Ducky some smack material until mid-September when one goes into the "fetal" position and the other to Tulsa for a week.

Personally, my only concern is losing in basketball. Except for gymnastics I don't recall ever watching/following any other Utah program. Losing is never good, but priority is football and then basketball.

As far as football the biggest game of this season is:

Take 2: Pac-12 games we can't wait for (ESPN)

Kevin Gemmell: I too enjoy a good measuring-stick game -- and I don't think there is a bigger one early in the season than USC's trip to Utah on Oct. 4...

USC has the stronger offense -- even Utah fans won't dispute what the Trojans bring to the table with Matt Barkley and Co.-- but Utah's defensive line is as good as it gets. And one cannot throw the ball if one's face is buried in the turf.

This projects to be a brutal, physical game with the winner taking decisive command of the Pac-12 South.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ CougfaninTX,

Let's put this into perspective sir. I was on the UH golf team, WAC days, when BYU won their bogus NC in football. Actually, UH should have beaten the Cougs that year, Wyoming as well at LES. BYU was a private school with UNLIMITED amounts of money, competing against obscure state-owned schools in "once," sparsely populated regions. Of course BYU had every advantage.......and we ALL knew it. Why do you think that nobody likes BYU sir? They act terribly. boastful, condescending and arrogant. Well, years ago, they could claim that. Now, because they are so despised by EVERY fan-base that they have ever competed against, these state-owned schools like Utah that have made some serious noise, while BYU hasn't, and have passed them by in the 21st century....... Let me tell you something sir......"America's team," every week, is their(BYU's) opponent. BYU is a done deal my friend. And, It is about darn time. BYU is last century's bizarre aberration. You need to "realize" that in your obvious life of "folly."

CO Ute

Congratulations to BYU and isn't it exciting to read the same posts from the same posters over and over again? Will be interesting to see how this phony competions works as the U is able to increase the athletic budget over the next few years. Regardless, I would trade a football win for losses in swimming, tennis, and soccer every year.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


And in football it's not as big of difference as Utes would like to make it out to be. Since 2000 you've won 7 of 12, but the last 6 matchups are tied at 3 wins a piece. If it wasn't for the Crowton era, BYU would have dominated at football also.


Actually since 2000 Utah is 7 of 11, the 12th game is this year. Over the last 6 years the three wins for BYU were only because of miracles, missed coverage/tackles by Utah. If it wasn't for those miracles BYU couldn't beat Utah without Edwards and Chow.

Speaking of "domination" Utah has destroyed BYU 3 times in 8 years while BYU can't seem to beat Utah by more than 7 points since 1996.

Springville, UT

Keep those excuses and deflections coming Utes. They are great!


I might have been disappointed with an occasional lack luster performance of the Cougars, but as far as being in a 'fetal' position, far from it. That's a standard 'form' in a Ute yoga class.

I'm still hoping that cliff diving becomes an 'Olympic sport' for the 'Conference of Champions'. Like gymnastics the Utes certainly have an edge over BYU in that 'sport'.

I will admit the Utes are resilient bunch. If I had suffered what they did in 2010 & 2011 in football and basketball, Chow leaving, Boylen leaving, 20 bb players, etc... well, need I say more.

Here's a participation trophy and a certificate of achievement for your second place finish in the Deseret Duel.

Thanks for playing.

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