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Published: Friday, June 8 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

In response to the title question: No, Orrin Hatch is not conservative. He used to be. But too many times he has strayed from conservatism and the Constitution and voted for big-government programs like SCHIP and others. These unwise programs have contributed significantly to our massive national debt. Hatch has become part of the problem in Washington, which means that his seniority is a LIABILITY, not an asset. But he still keeps telling us that he's conservative. Fool me once ...

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

A conservative is someone who believes in smaller government, lower taxes, individual rights, strong national defense through a strong military and maintaining the core family values that helped establish our great country.

A Constitutional conservative believes in what is called “original intent of the Constitution”.

In this conservative definition of conservative there is enough vague meanings to allow a conservative politician to do just about any thing he pleases.

The main truth is that conservative is the promotion of private business operation over all the other conservative notions. And over the concerns for the welfare of the public.

Upon discovering or making up a public need, like health care for children, the conservative politician will propose a solution for the problem that creates and maximizes private profits while pretending to solve the original problem. Actually this is what all politicians do.

In this, Hatch is truly a conservative.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

What exactly is the definition of middle class? I don't know the answer but I do know that in an allegedly "free country" that is allegedly known for "rugged individualism" that there should be no such thing as a "middle class entitlement" which is exactly what SCHIP is. I guess if you want to be straight up then the mortgage interest deduction is a middle class entitlement also. My family is eligible for SCHIP but I don't want it because if a man can't take care of his own family then he's no man at all. No thanks Senator Hatch. (However I do claim my mortgage interst deduction) I don't want to take from my government but I certainly don't want to give them an extra dime to fritter away if I don't have to.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

NO, most emphatically, NO, Hatch is not a conservative. He also does not uphold the U.S. Constitution. I supported him (a long time ago) in his first bid for election. I made calls from a call center and did other tasks to help him to election. I've never done it again because he strayed in his first term. It is pathetic that he has been re-elected over and over. I agree with red state pride, particularly his last sentence. Hatch is a big government politician, and anemic looking besides. He needs to get out of politics and retire from "public service."

Santa Clara, UT

Yes but......ONLY at election time!! Back in Washington, after the election, he changes and becomes one of the elitists whose favorite pastime is spending OUR money. Retire Hatch....oh and for sure retire BO.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Orrin Hatch is a liberal democrat aka neocon. His policies are not conservative at all. He has no idea what real conservatism even is. Republicans are not conservative.

Layton, UT

Sen. Hatch learned his politics in New England, not Utah. New England conservatives are usually considered RINO's by Utah conservatives (more like most Utah Democrats in Utah). He came without Utah conservative ideals. The Republicans were so eager to replace Sen. Moss that they didn't look closely, or didn't care, because he has never been a Utah conservative.

Sen. Hatch Has been in Washington for almost 36 yrs. All we need to do is look at the mess we are in now to know that anyone on "either side of the isle" has helped created the Problem so how can they be part of the Solution?

What we don't need in Washington is career politicians - we need statesmen who do their job and then go home.

The only difference between a career politician and the "welfare cheat" we heard so much about a few years ago is the person on welfare didn't take as much $$ at the pubic troth as the politician!

It's past time to send Sen. Hatch home, not to Washington again.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Why do we want more conservatives in Congress? Did we like what happened under Bush? Do we want another economic meltdown and bailouts?

Do we want more wars? More defense spending? Deregulation? Subsidies to companies like BP so they can pollute our oceans? Big Ag? Fighting against the middle-class? Corporate welfare? Unsustainable tax cuts? Foreign aid to China? Yes folks, under Bush we gave billions away to China in "foreign aid."

No thanks.

The Hammer
lehi, utah

This article is not telling the whole story and after reading it I went to the most liberal healthcare rating group (APHA) to see where they rated Hatch. He was rated 0% by this group.

Schip was not perfect and that is because of Newt Gingrich NOT Orrin Hatch. Newt's attitude alone gave the Democrats the upper hand on the Balanced Budget Act negotiations which Orrin worked to save.

Schip gave states more freedom over medicaid. The spending projections under the old plan were worse than the projections under the Kennedy/Hatch compromise and continuing down the old path was not a good option. Its easy to pick apart a few pieces of legislation that went wrong but there is far more evidence to support Hatch's conservative credentials than one bill.

Even in the 2007 bill Liberals were against it because it limited states ability to expand the program to families with annual incomes above $50,000. The intentions of Orrin Hatch on Schip were in the right place and even the best of bills will go wrong if the freedom we are given as a people is abused.

the truth
Holladay, UT

RE: The Real Maverick

Exactly who were those conservative?

We had RINOs like lindsay graham and Hatch,

(conservatism is NOT equal to the republican party)

we had a liberal republican like later changed to demcrat party like specter.

The fact is liberals repubs, RINOS and blue dog democrats were running things,

maintaining the status quo, increasing spending, growing government.

We have not had a truly conservative government in over a hundred years.

Yep, liberals, progressives of both parties, RINOS, DINOS, there are the ones that have been running this country into the ground for hundred years.

If you really want true hope and change maybe we should actually try true conservatism.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Orrin Hatch and all the other Republicans in Congress (and possibly all the people in Congress, including staffers, for that matter) should just vacate the premises, return their collective paychecks, surrender their benefits, and just go home. Nothing is getting done in Congress. All Republicans do is vote "NO!" and all Democrats are too disorganized to do anything. This is government pork at the most extreme, except these folk, including Hatch, ride the gravy train to prosperity.

What gives? How does the extreme Right justify paying exhorbitant salaries to people who do absolutely nothing but vote "no" when they are told. We might as well have this process all automated by a computer program. I could easily write a program to deliver the requisite vote for pennies on the dollar. Since nothing is going to get done between now and January 20th of next year, we might as well save money while doing it.

And if Obama is re-elected, Republicans will certainly double-down to make nothing gets done in a second term. Voting "No" doesn't take any skill or expertise. Imagine the savings the taxpayers could enjoy by removing the obstacles.

Springville, UT

Why is it so important to be labeled? What's wrong with being pragmatic and sumply working to solve problems? It is no virtue to be labeled more conservative than the next guy.

Danbury, CT

Most of you people wouldn't vote for Reagan again if he were running. You have forgotten that the Republican Party was the anti-slavery party (Lincoln), started the conservation movement (TR) and raised taxes to balance the budget (GHW Bush).

Bountiful, UT

Mr. Mad Hatter, You must be talking about tax and spend and raise the debt limit bills. Democrats do vote yes. Republicans do vote no. But what about the balance the budget and reduce spending bills. Republicans vote yes. Democrats vote no. And the president threatens a veto. We don't have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We have a government of the career politicians, by the career politicians, and for the career politicians.

Knightdale, NC

"Chris Dodd is one of the better Senators here. I know that Ted Kennedy felt that this would be in good hands with him." - Orrin Hatch

“I like Barack Obama and I want to help him if I can.” - Orrin Hatch

"Ted Kennedy is a very good friend & senator, one of the most distinguished of all-time." - Orrin Hatch

“I still support Tim Geithner,” said Orrin Hatch as he emerged from the meeting. “He’s a very competent guy.”

Does this sound like a man who is still Conservative?

American Fork, UT

I'm more conservative! No I am more conservative! no I am! No I am super ultra extreme conservative! That's pretty much how we pick our Republican politicians these days.

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