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Published: Saturday, June 9 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Utah Businessman
Sandy, UT

@L Valfre
"Depending on how you look at it, some would say it's a mental disorder. Would you ostracize a mentally handicapped person the way you do homosexuals? Or are you picking and choosing who to hate?"

Why, when we disapprove of what someone does, we are so often accused of "hating" them? I have never hated anyone in my life, but I have certainly seen many people do things that I disapproved of. Sadly, many of those people have "reaped" what they have "sown"--a brother-in-law who thought it was great to have a bottle of whiskey availabe, then became an alcoholic. My sister never stopped loving him--went to AA meetings with him, etc., but finally drink destroyed his marriage and, a few years later, ended his life prematurely. Another brother-in-law was a heavy smoker as a young man and died at 32 of lung cancer, leaving a widow and two small children. These were fine men whom I (and many others) loved, but their unwise habits were their undoing.

@ Ranch Hand
You are probably a fine man also--I beg your forgiveness if my remarks have caused you pain.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Appropriate username."

Was there same-sex Neanderthal's back in the day? I doubt it.

"What are "boy things" and "girl things"?"

Boy's things: footballs, baseballs/bats, fishing poles, pocket knives, pet toads, model airplanes, play swords and guns, etc.

Girl's things: dresses, lipstick, combs, curled hair, frilly dresses, dolls & doll clothes, toy purses, tea sets, etc.

"Products of a mindset that isn't always consistent."

Yeah, but mostly consistent.

"It actually used to be near the beginning of the 20th century that pink/red was the boys color and blue was a girls color."

No problem. What matters is what's considered feminine/masculine and to not mix the two. If a pocket knife is considered feminine and tea sets masculine, there would be no problem provided it was perceived that way by society... and consistent.

"There's photos of FDR as a kid wearing what would clearly nowadays be considered feminine attire."

But he was not considered 'cross dressed' in the day. My spouses father had curled hair in his youth. Didn't effect him.

"If a son wants to be in ballet classes goodness just let him."

Ballet is not considered only feminine.

Sparks, NV


Immorality is "licentiousness, profligacy or promiscuity, an immoral act," but that does not cover Bigotry, even though it is not a desirable trait. There are lots of evils in the world today, more than ever before but they include many more things than bigotry.

When I look in the mirror, I see someone who has been trying all his life to do the right things and has failed many times, but I have also felt the Love of God poured out without measure and want everyone else to feel those same things. I know how it works.

God is a God of Justice and Love, neither can be ignored or denied. By ignoring the truths about the deceptions that those who have chosen to be "gay" live under, they will suffer from that justice at some future day, whether in this life or the next. "Wickedness never was happiness." I am trying to help them. I am trying to show that they don't have to remain in this lie, they can access that Loving attribute of God and overcome that which cannot bring eternal happiness.

It may not be easy to overcome, but its worth it.

Tucson, AZ

Think about this: because there is no evidence there is a gay gene there is not one. How many times have I read in these comments; Absence of evidence is evidence of absence in regards to proofs of the BOM. Think about your logic. lastly, how many children of gays were adopted and had bad experiences beforing being nurtured in a gay home?

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Where are the results for children raised by married same sex couples? Oh, I forgot that is evil, illegal and the source of all our problems. I'm very suspicious of this study that denigrates lesbian mothers. There is no logical reason for the higher incidence of "bad" behavior from adult children of lesbian mothers. Further research indicates that Elsiever, the publisher of this study has been accused of many things including, the plaintiff alleged that Merck had paid Elsevier to publish the Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine, which had the appearance of being a peer-reviewed academic journal but in fact contained only articles favourable to Merck drugs. This may be a study the Elseiver feels has potential to generate revenue.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

@Kellywsmith: To hate someone for being born is supreme bigotry. The greatest evils of the last century were done in the name of furthering the chosen people. If you really are sincere about loving God then stop lying about choosing to be gay. When did you choose? when you were made Deacon did the bishop ask you if you wanted to be straight or gay?

Leesburg, VA

I don't know if this comment will published or not. But here it goes.

Businessman, Georgeman, Neanderthal, VOR, and others who like to claim SS being a choice, or who just believe that glbt people can change their tendencies.

I would like to offer you a challenge in the name of science:

1. Think about what it means to be gay in your society
2. Please observe people of the same sex and think about falling in love with one of them.
3. You may like to imagine having a passionate sexual experience
4. Since you think sexual orientation is a choice, you may like actually try having sex with somebody of your same sex. No permanent damage since this is reversible.

I wouldn't expect for you to be able to go further than step number 2 because is not your nature.

I just would like for you not to condemn or judge things that you clearly do not understand,
you may like to read a book such as "The Sexual Spectrum Why We're All Different" by Olive Skene Johnson, Ph.D.
Peace to you and hope you are able to give peace to everybody else.

Idaho Falls, ID


My brother asked for a doll and a dress for Christmas one year. He got both. He is now the happily married (to a woman) father of four children. Giving a little boy a doll doesn't turn them into gays.

That being said, I do believe it is supremely unfair to kids to allow homosexual couples to adopt children, intentionally denying them one gender of parent or another. I believe gay fathers can learn to braid little girls hair and can do well at tea parties. I know moms can play catch with their sons. But what the children might be missing out on is far more subtle that these outward gender specific activities. They are mission out on the interaction between their father and mother, a healthy heterosexual relationship being modeled to them daily. I wonder if there is some insecurity from eventually realizing their parents could never create a biological child.

I think it's messing with kids minds to place them in these homes. I do think it's OK to place severely mentally handicapped children with homosexuals. The most important thing for them is love and proper care. They will never marry anyway.

Murrieta, CA

I know the first place I am going to for an impartial study about gay parenting is a church-owned newspaper.


Many gay people have been so brutalized for who they are, that it does affect their parenting and their children's well being. Unfortunately, some people will consider these results a victory.

Cedar Hills, UT

Maybe we can't agree that a person is biologically homosexual, but at least we should agree a person can have a psychologically-homosexual attraction. His/her attraction should not be disputed. As such, psychology should not be taken lightly and certainly there is little doubt that the psychology of the parent (i.e. standards, religion, politics, norms, sexual orientation, etc.) influences the raising of a child. In other words, the studies that say there are no statistically significant differences between kids raised by different types of parenting psychology don't represent reality. To say otherwise, is to defend the absurd statement that parenting doesn't really matter. Anyone buy that?

non believer

What a truly stupid article that leaves so many more questions than any scientific facts..... Every piece of his research is questioned and does not give any concrete evidence! Why this was allowed to be published is beyond me?

medford, MA

Gee,if in the garden of Eden were placed Adam and Steve, none of us would be here. Hmmmmm, now that's a thought.

Brian H.
Provo, UT

If being gay is a choice, why on earth would someone choose to live with the stigma of being gay, especially in a conservative LDS community? You really think that a young person would choose that kind of life if there wasn't something internal driving them to identify as gay? Sexual orientation is absolutely not something you can teach a child. Gay kids are born to straight parents - are you giving the parents credit (or should I say "blaming") for that too?

Mesa, AZ

@my slc

"I am legally married in California, 2008. Six states (CT, IA, MA, NH, NY, and VT) plus the DC also recognize legal gay marriage. Over 35% of Americans live in states that recognize gay marriage or strong civil unions.

This issue is not going to go away. It will happen in out life times, and much sooner (3-5 years) I believe."

I think it will be more like Blue States will legalize gay marriage and Red States will not. It will reflect on the political leanings of the states. Legalizing gay marriage as a Federal mandate would clearly be a violation of the 10th Amendment

Salt Lake City, UT

The study did not compare children of two lesbians to mixed-gender parent households, they compared children of a woman who at some point was in a lesbian relationship. So this could be all sorts of different possibilities. Could be a lesbian couple, could be a single parent who has dated a woman at some point, or any other sort of thing.

"Legalizing gay marriage as a Federal mandate would clearly be a violation of the 10th Amendment"

Nope. Loving vs Virginia got rid of interracial marriage nationwide despite South Carolina keeping a ban of it on the books until the early 90s.

Salt Lake City, UT

"In most ways, the accumulated research shows, children of same-sex parents are not markedly different from those of heterosexual parents."

- 'Coparent or Second-Parent Adoption by Same-Sex Parents' - POLICY STATEMENT - PEDIATRICS Vol. 109 No. 2 February 2002, pp. 339-340 - Pulished: 02/01/10


@Ranch, Calling an act a sin doesn't mean I'm calling someone evil.

Sure, I might think a practicing homosexual is a sinner. I also know that I am a sinner and so is everyone else. Believing we're all sinners isn't pessimistic Good people can and do sin. KellyWSmith talked of a God of love, not one of hate.

He shared an empathetic and loving attitude. Whether you agree his beliefs or not, he was kind and you repaid his kindness with calling him evil.

Well if you are allowed to call others evil then I think I should be able to call you a sinner for saying it. At least sins can be forgiven.

You aren't God and you don't have his authority to judge others. But to quote a commandment to not judge right after judging someone means that not only are you refusing to accept the teachings of kindness but you willingly do it while knowing its wrong. At least forgiveness is still within reach.

I don't care whether you believe that or not. But with all due respect, you have practically pronounced yourself to be the real bigot here.

my slc
Newport Beach, CA


I think the 10th amendment with the state sovereignty is great. But...

The 14th amendment with it's due process, which prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without certain steps being taken to ensure fairness trumps it.

As soon as your marriage, drivers license, etc are in question or put to a vote you may be a big believer in the 14th. Just saying.

Bountiful, UT

They interviewed a "whole" 3000 people in this "study"? I'm supposed to give some sort of far reaching credibility to someone's "conclusions" based upon the same number of people that were in attendance at my daughter's high school graduation? I think not; moreso, another "let's back into the numbers" so that my preconcieved opinions can show up on the internet, effort. I read this article will hit my personal delete button because it was a waste of time.

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