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Death toll tops number killed in action this year

Published: Friday, June 8 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

My heart goes out to these soldiers. God bless them.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I'm a Veteran -- let's see....


America's LONGEST war,
Multiple deployments, years on end,
No clear Mission,
Lowest Paid Government Employees,
Highest Risk Government Employees,
No jobs to come home to,
No one wants to hire a Veteran,
Military experience doesn't translate very well into Private Sector,
Republicans keep trying to cut your pension, disability, VA benefits, AFTER your service ends,

Shall I continue?....

Joan Watson

One has to ask questions, why are militarymen more prone to suicide than military women? What is the profile and background of military personel who commit suicide? Is there a common underlying thread that is dominate in those who commit suicide? Is today's military suicide numbers more that that of World War I, World war II, Korean, Vietnam, or the Gulf War? If not what and why the difference? And finaly, but not by any means least, why cannot many in our military personel cope with what is required of them while they serve whether in peacetime or in time of war? And does the large payout sum for those who enlist tempt them and blind them to the real consequences they may face during military service whether or not they are psychologicaly prepared for such a demanding, structured, and dangerous life?

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

And this is just our active servicemen. You should hear what is happening with our new vets!

Holladay, UT

Support the troops translates to support the cause of war.

We need to stop this military interventionism. Several of our founding fathers, including the farewell address of George Washington, warned us repeatedly of the evil of looking for monsters abroad to destroy.

A good read of D&C 98 will also provide some perspective on the role of war, and what the Lord has outlined as just causes.


Endless, no-win wars are taking their toll, even on those who have not yet fought in one but
who know that soon they will.

We need to bring our troops home from all over the world and if they must die, let it
be defending our nation from the "on-going invasion" that will soon sink us.

Not only is this the economically smart thing to do but it is also the moral thing to do.

"Nothing in the Constitution nor in logic grants to the
President of the United State or to Congress the power
to influence the political life of other countries, to 'uplift'
their cultures, to bolster their economies, to feed their people,
or even to defend them against their enemies."
President Ezra Taft Benson

"What on earth is wrong with the United States simply minding its own business?"
Robert Welch

Anderson, SC

Its a little late....the military knew all of this years ago. Sort of like "sweep it under the rug until everybody suddenly wakes up" these are throw aways...for some to "get it" they need to be inside the battlefield...programs are not enough..they've always needed intervention. Our government is to involved with "politics" ...money is the God of these times...in other words, they can't see the forest for the trees. I was so concerned about this matter that I cut out an article on it several years ago...I wept from the "inside" of my heart more then from the "outside", mainly because I knew many would be "forgotten"...I don't pretend to know a lot about the military, but unfortunately, I know far to much about human behavior patterns. Our world is not the same as 25 years ago...many have seared their conscience and no longer are able to even recognize the truth. If we can't respect and take care of those who strive to lay down their own lives to protect us, then we've crossed a line into a realm where life means absolutely NOTHING..God help us.

Clearfield, UT

Idaho Stranger. Are you saying we should have let Hitler conquer the world. We are our brothers keepers and where there is starvation, war and turmoil we should do something. I am not advocating that we be the world's police force and engage in endless wars. It was President Benson who visited Europe after WW 11 and coordinated efforts to send food and other necessities to destitute church members.

Having served in the military I can verify that this article is accurate. There is a reluctance to seek counseling or mental health intervention. This macho attitude is much more common amomg men than women. I think it is tragic and a one of the factors that leads to suicide.

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