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Published: Thursday, June 7 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Wendall Hoop
Murray, UT

Cancel because the new coach quit a few months before the season?! They could have found plenty of people to coach my goodness. That's just am example of how they thought Larry's era was so important that a lesser program wasn't worthy. That's a shame and put over 200 kids out of being able to play. It would have been fine and carried on. The program should have showed some determination and resilience to fight through adversity and do it anyway. All the lessons Larry taught were in vain because the people on the board of directors didn't understand any of those lessons.


The higher the fall the greater the bounce. Highland Rugby will come back regardless of the ego's involved with board and coaches. My son played for Highland in National Championship and we kow that Larry Gelwix will always be associated with Highland and Utah Rugby in a positive way. Looking forward to his return and some sanity in helping the boys who signed up to play rugby for Highland in 2012. Thanks Larry for your response and clarification.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good work Larry!

It obviously was YOU who made all the difference in carrying the Highland Rugby Torch all these years.

You are a legend and your "Good Name" is not besmirched!!!

The future is in front of you. Go and make a huge impact in California.

No worries here.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well second go around since the first post was rejected. What's wrong with asking Larry to concentrate on being a mission president than his Highland Rugby legacy? I just know the truth is out there - more credence to Evans' article.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT


Holladay, UT

All this shows is that reporters should check both sides of the story before publishing it. It sounds to me like Evans was out of the loop when the big decision was made. Lazy journalism on the first article.

Springville, Ut

Poor journalism is the standard from Mr. Robinson. No surprises here.

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