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Published: Tuesday, June 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

BYU basketball under Dave Rose has become a lot of fun. Great players in the program, lots of wins, ncaa tournaments, more great players coming, and the style of play is very fun to watch. It would be great if BYU could land either Parker or Dastrup, and beyond great of they get both. But even if they don't what they currently have and have coming is fantastic. There is reason for omtimism about getting both players as there is a lot for BYU to offer them now. Let's cross our fingers and hope it happens.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Is this what irrelevance feels like???

I could get used to it.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm certain that BYU got these players because they were not good enough for other in-state schools to recruit. Their flawed judgment includes wanting the best BB program and the best education.

Overton, NV

Don't know why any player would choose BYU over Utah. At BYU, there is a good chance they will sit the bench as a Freshman. At Utah, the opportunity to play right away is wide open.

Frisco, TX

As good as Bronco is, Lavelle may always be remembered as the greatest football coach at BYU.

Dave Rose is now earning his legacy as probably the best basketball coach to ever coach at BYU.

As good as the past 5 years have been, the next 5 years look even brighter at the Marriott Center.

If we get Parker and Dastrup, the Cougs are a legit Top 10 team and will make a strong run at the Final Four.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can't wait for the Utes to take that ginger to the woodshed for four years. Should be fun.

Kearns, UT

I actually appreciate and respect what Rose does at BYU with the basketball program. He is everything Bronco is not. Respectful of opponents, classy, not delusional about his program, basically a good guy. They play an entertaining style of ball that's easy to watch. I have no problem giving that program its due. They are good.

But I'm confused what the point of the article is. To say that if BYU lands Parker, the #1 overall recruit on some sites, and another top 50 recruit, they will have an unbelievable class, is like saying if the Jazz can bring in Derron Williams and maybe Kobe Bryant this year to add to what they have, they could be a "Fab-Five" type team. Not exactly high level information there.

Layton, UT

aljmac says:

"I can't wait for the Utes to take that ginger to the woodshed for four years. Should be fun."

The woodshed, that's where all the players that transfer from the U hang out right?

5 losing seasons in 7 years.

More transfers than wins last year.

A coach who's scared to play Weber State

An AD who is scared to play USU

The U isn't taking anyone to the woodshed any time soon.

But you don't have to take my word for it: 15K empty red chairs agree.

Hang in there lil band of transfers!

CO Ute

It is really sad that there is a nice article about BYU BB and more than half the posters can't wait to talk about Utah. I've traded barbs with Duckie and CougFaninTX before, as they love to talk trash. However, I give both of them credit for making strong posts that are positive and focus on the article without feeling the need to go elsewhere with comments.
The Y has a good BB team right now, a very good coach, and a lot of talent coming in. Will be interesting to see how the team does against Gonzaga and in the NCAA tournament going forward.

Farmington, UT

Not sure how other Ute fans can dog on these recent BYU commitments. Solid players, great kids, and nationally recogized. Seeing Coach Rose sustain what he has been building at BYU is simply impressive. Keep it up!

Coach K is heading in the right direction--hopefully U hoops will catch up to Cougar hoops in the next few years....go Utes!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

I know why guys like Haws go to BYU...........they couldn't get a date at a normal school on their best day. Haws makes Hartsock look like Brad Pitt. Yikes!!!!!!!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

There are those who let their light shine before the world. They can do this because they have a light the burns bright.

Trash talk is just attempting to blow the other persons light out. This is only necessary if one does not have a light or it is so dim that it cannot be seen in the presents of a great light.

Dave Rose is a class act and so are the BYU BB players. They don't ever say anything negative about other teams. They don't have to.

I am looking forward that light burning very, very bright in the coming years.

Unca Bon

Agreed Co Ute, there is no need to discuss the University of Utah here. I'm really excited to see how BYU does this upcoming season. I think a lot of their success is going to rely on whether Carlino grew as a player in the off season. If he can break down the offense and distribute the ball effectively to his open teammates, BYU should do very well. Otherwise, we'll be taking a backseat to St. Mary's and Gonzaga once again. Go Cougars!


The team is struggling in the WCC right now.. Man this "Fab Five" will not even push them to the top of that league. Sadly, BYU has made some bad choices with positioning/placing there programs and the recruiting will continue to struggle... You can polish it all you want but the glory days are gone with the programs.

Unca Bon

I disagree with mightymite. BYU had a fair showing in the WCC, though I do believe the WCC surprised them a little bit. But everyone knew the St. Mary's and Gonzaga were going to be tough competitors. The depth of BYU's team is better than it's even been before. Nick Martineau and Josh Sharp are the only two players who I would say actually hurt the team when they're on the floor (hopefully Sharp gets his legs back, but I think we should have held off on him and let him go to Utah).
And believing the Jabari Parker wouldn't drastically change the dynamic of BYU's basketball team is silly. I'm not saying BYU hasn't even a remotely good chance of getting this remarkable athlete, but if BYU had the type of recruiting class that this article is discussing, BYU would be favored to win the WCC.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm amazed this article didn't mention Jordan Chatman as well, I'm not so sure he won't be better than any other recruit that has already signed or given a verbal. If these other two end up at the Y it will be ridiculous - I highly doubt Parker will be a cougar though.
But yeah, from a die hard Ute, BYU has a fantastic looking future on the hardwood. Props to Coach Rose.

Centerville, UT

I am an Aggie fan, but I have to admit that the future looks bright for BYU. DAve Rose is a fantastic coach. I can understand some of the comments from the bitter Ute Basketball fans here. Your program is going through the equivalent of the Gary Crowton era...only MUCH longer.

Springville, UT


Took the liberty to edit some of your post. In light of BYUs success in basketball you must have been referring to your Utes. No problem, I fixed it for you...

The (Utes are) struggling in the Pac right now.. Man this "Fab Five" will (slaughter us). Sadly, (several of our former basketball coaches who we are still paying) made some bad choices with positioning/placing there programs and now the recruiting will continue to struggle... You can polish it all you want but the (Ute) glory days are gone with the programs. (Sure wish Majerus could have stayed, those were the days).

20 transfers since 2010 and proud of it, huh? And today you had a great football player bow out of the mighty PAC conference to play at Southern Utah.


Unca Bon

Props to the Utes and Aggies who give credit where credit is due.

Cedar Hills, UT


you must be referring to Griff Mcnabb who said this about his transfer...

""I really enjoyed my time at Utah and made a lot of good friends. I feel that with my size and the level of competition that Utah is playing now, I'd have a better chance to pursue my goals and dreams at SUU."

Sounds like a personal problem to me and not one of the University. Nice try though.

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