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Published: Monday, June 4 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

You are exactly right Bronco. If you win, especially early, you will enjoy a lot of benefits especially in recruiting locally. To get blown out by Boise State and Utah within a 5 day period could be devastating. Utah State, Oregon State, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame is also a rough stretch.

Exposure is a double edged sword.Keep winning and the exposure will do wonders for the program. A few losses in a row will also do wonders for the exposure as millions will watch it happen.

Good luck on the exposure.


BYU fans don't enjoy the poor competition at home games.

Ann Arbor, MI

Did the Big12 call yet?

You guess must be freaking out.

Murray, UT


What was new in this article that I and many others didn't already know. This is old news. It has already been reported in the Deseret News or other news sources. BYU happy with ESPN? That is a real revelation.

Herriman, UT

I support continuing to play Utah State on the Friday before conference as usual, and maybe 1 other home game and 1-2 road games on a Thursday/Friday. Beyond that, you ruin the home game experience for too many fans who actually attend games. I want to head to the stadium for some nice Saturday afternoons and evenings. I find the 2011 date scheduling a big disappointment (especially when the I-15 construction is going to be a disastrous nightmare all through the Fall).

Cedar Hills, UT

it doesn't matter if you are playing on ESPN a 1000 times if you are playing cup cakes like Idaho State or Weber State. You soon become known as a lesser program. The U may not be on ESPN much but playing in the Pac12 elevates them far beyond the Y . The goal of the program shouldn't have anything to do with ESPN appearances but rather playing in a viable and respected conference. BYU can't schedule ANY good teams at home as an independent and that isn't going to change. It is either get into the Big12 conference or die a slow death into obscurity as an independent.

Springville, UT

Yes, Patriot... of course winning 4 games and losing 5 in your conference is a signinficant accomplishment.

I never hear anyone disparage and nag Boise St. for waltzing through their WAC cupcake schedule of yesteryear and destroying the Utes.

Why is that?

Highland, UT

Let's see, 4 out of 5 comments, negative blather from utah "fans". Do you understand now why I am the balance gdog?

Cedar Hills, UT

The Y is going to get its ears boxed this year with little Riley Nelson at QB. Boise, Utah and others are licking their chops. Nelson was a gimmick last year and now that teams understand what doman-ball is all about there is going to be alot of repeats of the Utah game last year .. this year. BYU is no fun to watch anymore - BYU is like watching Airforce. Bronco has ruined BYU football.


Yeah if I was BYU I would be talking about the ESPN exposure as well. You are going to get bumped by other ESPN contracts and games of more interest to college football fans. Its not in the best interest of ESPN to cater only to green jello and funeral potatoes on a stick fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why gripe that there's no new news in this article? Obviously there's nothing new to report on and won't be for weeks. It's a dead time of the year. I'm glad they try to write something every once to renew my excitement for the upcoming season. It's a long wait until late August.

Personally, I love night games early in the season when the weather is warm. Not so much in November, though. And while Thursday is tough for a late game due to work the next day, Friday is great. I'd have no problem with all Friday night (or Sat. night) games through late October. As a season ticket holder traveling from SLC, Saturday day games end up eating up most of my day.

Lux et Veritas
Draper, UT

If you call 8:15 on a Thursday night (10:15 eastern) against the likes of Utah State "exposure."

Nice try, Deseret News.

Surfers Paradise, AU

It would be awesome if we could have a home game against the Buffs to go to the chamionship...oh wait. That'll never happen...again!

Austin Coug
Pflugerville, TX


Schedule and time smack is week. I can watch the games which is a vast improvement of years in the MNT when we were all limited to the radio.


Syracuse, UT

I will still take the exposure of ESPN with a soft schedule and winning games than sitting in the pac 12 on the bottom half of the southern division and going no where real fast. Don't believe me? just ask AZ and AZ State. They are totally irrelevant on the national scene.....same as Utah is and will be from now on.

Salt Lake City, UT

Have to agree with Lux et Veritas. Half the country will be asleep.

#1 SLC Sports Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Patriot is VERY correct when he talks about a very slow death, but senior LDS leaders can alleviate the pain and just do the right thing and drop the program since LDS Church operated universities shouldn't be in the business of competing with the missions of state schools. More than likely BYU won't be able to schedule anyone except foes from the MWC, C-USA, MAC (I even saw a proposal today on a SB Nation MAC Board) & Sun-Belt in the years ahead and increasingly drawn out over the season as the years pass. The Cougars might win, but attendancece will dwindle and eventually the program will start to lose money, so a move to end it and cash in the chips might be the best thing in order. If a reclassification comes down, I think BYU will end up in the middle rather than the top and join Utah State, since I'm sure some want them there if they insist on keeping a program. Perhaps rejoining the MWC is in order down in Provo in such a scenario.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

This is the funniest article I've ever read. BYU, their coaches, players, fans and biased reporters are a "gift" that keeps on giving 24/7. There is nothing like it on the face of the earth. Thanks DNews! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

There is NO Big 12 for BYU, PERIOD! I wish people would quit talking about it. BYU was never considered for joining the Big 12 at any point.

West Jordan, Utah

Yes Duckhunter I saw the the comments (4 of the first 5). They were from Ute fans. And maybe they should have spared us with ribbing on a BYU article. But the comments weren't really that extreme, and there is nothing to expose or humiliate there. The comments are legit. They just aren't pro BYU (that's all).

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