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Published: Saturday, June 2 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Temecula, CA

Romney already said he believes the President is a Citizen. That's all that needs to be said. He is not running for Chief Scolder so why worry what Trump says, or what Obama wants? Mitt Romney has stated in plain terms that this election is about the American Economy and Jobs! He is keeping his eye on the ball while President Obama's campaign continues to flounder and grasp for anything to build traction. He cannot run on his record!

Even CNN tried to get John Sununu(R-NH) to talk about Trump and the Birther issue. He refused and brought the discussion back to the Economy! All this article tries to do is pigeon hole Mitt Romney on an issue so the Liberal Media can create a issue out of a non-issie! The real Issue as Mitt Romney has properly stated is the Economy and Jobs! For Example:

23.5 million unemployed
47 million on food stamps
1.4 trillion deficit
15.7 trillion debt
Anemic GDP growth 1.9percent and going down
8 million Americans with no job and no unemployment benefits
A January 1,2013 550 billion dollar tax increase coming that will kill growth!

Tremonton, UT

Of course he'd like McCain. McCain lost. I think a majority of Americans would like someone other than Obama, the amateur narcissist. A dangerous combination.

Layton, UT

Of course the long for McCain, he was EASY to beat!

Layton, UT

He would like another easy to beat RINO. Obama also wishes he didn't have a record to run on.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

Obama is trying to illustrate that McCain was a man of integrity who had certain core principles that he would not violate, even if it cost him votes. It's is a good strategy, because it plays into Romney's image of a person who would do, or say, anything to gain the presidency. It highlights Mitt's inability to stand up to the nonsense spewed by Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent, and Donald Trump.

Even as a liberal I admire John McCain's honesty, and contributions to our country.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Obama would like anyone on whom he can defer the issue of his own failures. Better to talk about age, religion, stay at home mothers, etc. than about economic failure, opacity and corruption in the imperial White House, directionless energy policy, special interest campaign donors, unfunded health care, increasing dependence on government assistance, ballooning national debt and absence of an administration budget that will pass even his own party.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: liberal larry salt lake City, utah

Bill Clinton was quoted as saying: "It's the economy, stupid". To suggest that Obama has any greater scruples or integrity than Romney is ludicrous.

The reason Obama is in trouble is because he has proven he isn't capable of the job the American voters gave him. And no, our economy isn't going to get any better between now and election day.

Enterprise, UT

Well, duh. ...And Carter would have liked Ford better than Reagan. Go figure.

Draper, UT

Anybody but Obama! (Can this post get 100 likes?)

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Anybody but Romney! (Can this post get 100,000,000 likes?)

Ask yourself, do you think it's bad that the democrats are again embracing Mitt Romney as a reasonable voice on climate change and illegal immigration, someone who took on extremism in his own party. We all know he is, there's no need to convince crucial independent voters that the former Massachusetts governor is outside the mainstream. When Romney didn't condemn his supporter Donald Trump for raising more questions this week about the president's citizenship, it backfired on him. There has never been a conclusive DNA test proving that Mitt Romney is not a unicorn. Romney's birth certificate evokes his father's controversy.

Clearfield, UT

Bottom line. McCain was an honorable candidate. Romney has proved that he isn't. Romney is NOT what this country needs.

Centerville, UT

@Liberal Larry and Furry 1993

"It's is a good strategy, because it plays into Romney's image of a person who would do, or say, anything to gain the presidency."

Except that it isn't a good strategy because people don't believe that about Mitt Romney. Bill Clinton just cited his 'Sterling' business record and Collin Powell called Romney a 'Good man.'

This stuff about Romney doing anything to get elected isn't sticking. Can either of you explain why you think giving Obama another 4 years would make the unemployment rate go down? Romney, on the other hand, actually has experience in creating jobs.

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