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Published: Wednesday, May 30 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Marlborough, MA

In a poll released today, Massachussetts voters overwhelming favor (by 25%) President Obama over Mr Romney. For those that are not aware, Mr. Romney is a the former govenor of Massachussetts. Most polled felt he left the state in worse shape than when he became the govenor. This poll should speak volumes to the undecided/uninformed.

Mcallen, TX


Can't trust people or polls. If Fidel Castro ran as a democrat for president, he'd win California, New York, and at least forty percent of the votes.

Why do think over ninety percent of all people in world history, have lived in poverty?

They're easily deceived by flattering speeches of corrupt men. History keeps repeating its self, and people don't learn from past mistakes.

Obama may just win again.

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