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Published: Tuesday, May 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Sing along, "ALL my ex's live in Texas".

Fifty years after Vietnam

In his speech at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., President Obama did more than just mark Memorial Day; he began the 50th commemoration of that conflict and those who served in one of America's longest wars.

Fifty years ago, American forces stepped up operations in Vietnam. During the conflict, more than three million Americans served in the Vietnam war, and more than 58,000 American patriots gave their lives. And when U.S. forces returned home, too many never received the hero's welcome they deserved.

Yesterday, President Obama told their story as it should have been told all along a story of patriotism, honor, and courage.

SORRY Mitt Romney, I fought, never hid in France, and stayed in school to avoid the draft either. You'll never get my vote ever.


Getting it Right
Sunnyvale, CA

It's ironic that the Obama campaign is talking about lack of moral leadership.
Sorry Obama, you will never get my vote ever...

Romney 2012!!!

Lehi, UT

Sing along: "Na na na na na na ..hey, hey, goodbye Obama..."

"If Mitt Romney lacks the backbone to stand up to a charlatan like Donald Trump because he's so concerned about lining his campaign's pockets, what does that say about the kind of president he would be?"

Answer: Then Romney JUST might turn out to be the current president-in-training (aka Obama) who promised to stand up to charlatans like the lobbyists and has never done it because he is so concerned about lining up his campaign's pockets!!

So, sorry Obama, you will never get my vote, EVER! ... ROMNEY 2012!

Lehi, UT

By the way, Romney is backed and preferred by more veterans than Obama! - a 24% margin (?)


H. Ross Perot 2012!!!

American Fork, UT

Sorry, romney, you'll never get my vote. Ever.


Now kids, can't we all just get along?

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

Visit with Trump in sin city, refusal to renounce the "birther issue," visit to coal country to poke fun at "green jobs" in Colorado...

... This how Romney celebrates his nomination? What a joke!

Krissy from Massachusetts

To Brother Chuck, don't you realize that Obama's apology on Memorial Day about how the Vietnam troops were treated when they returned was just an election ploy...He's scared b/c the Vets don't like him. He did not mean what he said. Also, you said you would not vote for Mitt b/c he did not join the military- well Obama didn't either. It takes a really special person to have the guts to join and I don't think I'd want Men or Women who can't hack it to fight...

Meadow Lark Mark

I guess I just find it interesting how this article tells of Obama being so pious. Please. The best candidate for this election is Mitt Romney.

Krissy from Massachusetts

Brother Chuck, Obama did not mean what he said about apologizing to the Vietnam Vets. It was a political ploy to get the Vets to like him b/c he is low in those polls... Also, you said that Mitt did not join the military so you would not vote for him. Well Obama did not join either. It takes a really gutsy person to join and not everyone can fight. Do you really want just anyone joining the military?

Salt Lake City, UT

Brother Chuck Schroeder,

You mean Mitt Romney was smart enough to avoid Vietnam?

We need a smart man for the President...

Romney 2012

bob j
Bli Bli, Queensland

Another rung up the ladder and I feel sure that Romney's shoes will not slip as he climbs. Viva Romney.

Centerville, UT

Just wait until we start getting close enough to see over this 'fiscal cliff' the media (particularly the financial media) keep talking about. We are coming up to the debt ceiling (AGAIN) and there is no indication that the Democrats want to do the responsible thing and make cuts to the budget. We are about to kiss the $16 Trillion debt marker goodbye. The Bush tax cuts are going to expire and the Democrats aren't about to give in on that without a fight. So here's what we are going to have later this summer: The party in power is going to campaign against extending tax cuts that affect everyone, not just the rich. They are going to campaign on going 'FOREWORD' on huge deficit spending, and they are going to campaign against capitalism.

Don't be surprised on the morning after the election that Mitt Romney won in a landslide.


So as quite a few of those I know personally are having new hope in the economy with Mitt , might this help to already bring an upswing that then Obama claim as HIS work? Just thinking.


Nobody won tonight except President Obama. Sad how politics work but with Romneys venture capital past and Donald Trump's statament...we have a winner...Obama.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

My vote in Utah doesn't matter. Mitt Romney will win the elector vote by a landslide here.

To those who think all veterans love Mitt Romney and hate President Obama - you are wrong, very wrong. Many of us who have served, fought, and loved this country are weary of endless war.

“The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” - Douglas McArthur


Lets all have a group hug, shall we!?

Santa Monica, CA

I know Mitt will never have the character to stand up to Trump and call him out on his birther tactics. That kind of courage was bad for John McCain. But couldn't Mitt ask him to quit bobbing for Cheetos and stick to the "two directions per combing limited" hair reform? Watch Romney and Trump closely Republicans. The Donald now is part of you and yours. I have the comfort of knowing, that even should President Obama lose this race, I will never be in the same tent as Donald Trump and the birthers. Can you say the same?


@xert - if you think your tent doesn't have unflattering figures, it merely shows your willing partisan blindness. Ever heard of Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Code Pink, Communist Party USA?

Get a real issue. Do you really want to be defined by the kooks in your tent?

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