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Published: Friday, May 25 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Virginia Beach, Va

Vai, this piece left me in tears. This is the joy I have found in the Church as a broken man who is being put together again.

Pocatello, ID

Thanks for the update on Brian Vai. I graduated from Orem HS 2 years before Brian and Chad Lewis and knew them as short immature sophomores when I was a senior. I take pride in how Chad Lewis has lived his life and gone on and represented OHS, BYU his family and the church so well. I also glad to know that Brian has turned his life around and made better choices over the last few years. I have experienced life altering moments similar to Brian's when he was prompted to make the changes and better choices in his live. I'm sure many blessings await Brian and his new wife as they turn to the Lord and his Gospel and continue to make the right choices in their new life together.

Pleasant Grove, UT

That article moved me. Bryan and Chad were literally mine and my younger brothers heroes growing up as our dad was one of their high school football coaches. They were larger than life as far we were concerned. We would watch their highlight film over and over hoping to be like them and their teammates someday. I guess, after reading this, nothing has changed. I still want to be like these guys! Kudos to Bryan for having the courage to change and become a better man. May god bless you, Temecia and Rogan, and Sage in your new family unit. Thanks Vai, for bringing this story to us here in Utah and being the kind of member in the church that we should all be!

Salt Lake City, UT

Bryan and Chad are literally my heroes as well. They are both awesome!!!

I love your ability to write Vai. Keep the words flowing! You have a gift.

I am happy for Bryan and Temecia! How great it is to see them embrace the Gospel.

Good luck to the new Rowley family!

Midway, UT

I don't know any of these people, but I can relate. Having joined the chruch at 21 after a wild ride in party land, I can attest to the kind of peace that can only come from knowing your Father in Heaven is "well pleased". Nothing else comes close. Thanks for another great story.

Midvale, UT

I can only hope this same thing will happen with my kids we adopted and now are grown... getting past their rough starts in life to where they are true loved and are safe.

Utah County, UT

I appreciate the thoughtful article and reiterate the quality of Brian's father, Doug. I worked with him for many years. He gave dedicated service to teaching and to his country and was a great person.


I'm so tired of Vai dropping names. Here he goes again. Dropping the names of the rich and famous and who he's related to or personally rubs shoulders with.

Any takers? No?

Guess it doesn't apply when he's writing columns of the rank and file, the displaced and regular shmoes, huh?

I appreciate the balance of your columns. One week it's Junior Seau or Jabari Parker. Next week, it's Bryan Rowley, Marty Klein or Barbara Nielsen.

Draper, UT

I love your stories, Vai. Keepin' it real about what's real! Thank you.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

Great story, Vai. I guess I've missed some because I see names I don't recognize from your stories in Heater's comments. This story is the kind that provides a great example of how people can change their own lives, and how others can help with the effort.

Mount Pleasant, UT

All the comments were enlightening, some uplifting and some brought much thought. I too, made the choice to leave activity in the Church for 18 years. I was like a "lost soul" but didn't realize that until one night as I lay on the gurney in the emergency room I prayed for the first time in many years pleading with Heavenly Father to help me and I promised Him that I would do everything I could to start living my life the way I knew I should. It was a miracle what happened that night and I never lost sight of my promise and He never forgot me. Now there is peace in my heart and my soul and because of my willingness to trust my Heavenly Father I feel truly at peace living my life with a wonderful man, sealed in the Temple. There is nothing more powerful than knowing I have a Father in Heaven who loves me, protects me and forgives me for being less than perfect. There is nothing better in life than this knowledge.

Woods Cross, UT

"Dropping the names of the rich and famous and who he's related to or personally rubs shoulders with."

I don't care about their wealth or their prestige. If they are LDS coming home, I like the story.

Springville, UT

Vai has been good for the Church in the Philly area. And he is a great guy, too. I know both Philly and Vai.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Thanks Vai for the story. Need more of these.

Heater I have one thing to say. Down Fluffy

Riverside, CA

Thanks for another moving story Vai.

Unforseen blessings from the simple act of folding chairs with your son. That image will stay with me for a long time.

Orem, UT

Thanks, Vai. I have a son who is, because of lots of love from friends and family, beginning to right his ship. I love the hope the story brings!


Please keep them coming, Vai. You are the best columnist.

ed in atl
Duluth, GA

That is what the "Rescue" is all about. We all have to be involved and help out and love, to bring that one back in to the fold.

Saint George, Utah

Chill, Heater.

Great story, Vai.

Bend, OR

Then I will keep praying :-"
suzyk; I hope my ex-RM hubby DOESN'T "wake up" on a gurney, but I'd sure take it if he did!

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