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Published: Sunday, May 20 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Mitt Romney is probably too honest to be a politician. I think he would bet a good, maybe great president, but I doubt he will have the opportunity to serve. The liberal media willdo their best to protect Obama. Further, since half the people are getting money from the government those will vote for Obama no matter what it does to the country.

Cache county, USA

The last sentence says it all.
But he's scared to explore that side of his life due to people not liking Mormons.
I disagree with his move there.

Orem, UT

The articles have missed a very important part of his beliefs. Having served as a bishop he must have had experience with teaching self reliance, agency and personal accountability. He has been ridiculed for shutting down failing companies at Bain Capital. True Agency means that we have the potential for failure. That is life. Would we want to prevent the failure of the companies that manufactured buggy whips? Or dial phones. Mitt has had the very unpleasant experience of shutting down companies that were not competitive. Who better to be president and manage critically necessary downsizing of our bloated government.


5, amen to that last statement!

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Lots in that LDS faith to question. Just brings up a can of worms. Most likely Mitt has had some difficult discussions during his life with questioning non-Mormons and found that he is unable to answer their many questions. Better for him to avoid it at all costs, which could end up with Mitt being a non-President.

Provo, UT

No Fit in SG

I grew up with anti-Mormons challenging me constantly and never had problems answering their questions. Mitt Romney is a lot smarter than I am so I am sure those questions wouldn't be a problem for him...but it would be wrong for him to allow negative people to force him into non-political discussion. There is a time and place for that, and this is not the time and place.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Wayne Rout
"Mitt Romney is probably too honest to be a politician."

Honest people don't take every position on every issue.

Provo, UT


I don't think Mitt Romney is smarter than you are.

And that is what worries me.

Huntsville, UT


I guess it teaches someone "personal responsibility" to take the job they were working, being personally accountable for their finances, and eliminating that job.

Yep. That's how you teach "personal responsibility".

For what it's worth, I worked for two different companies purchased by Bain Capital. Neither one was in any financial distress when purchased, yet jobs were cut. Must make money for the buyer, not the ones doing the work.

m.g. scott

Re: RanchHand

I've never worked at a company that didn't have useless make work jobs. Cutting is always possible. I used to work at a company called Sportmart. They were Bain capitaled into Sports Authority. Jobs were lost, new ones were created. Life in the capitalist world goes on.

Re: I M LDS 2

Don't doubt it. Romney is smarter than You, Me and Sammy B put together.

Saratoga Springs, UT


You worked for two companies purchased by Bain Capital? Which two companies was that...Dominos Pizza, Dunk'in Donuts, Burger King, Sealy, The Sports Authority, Staples, Toys R' Us, or maybe it was the Weather Channel. I am curious to know what position you held for your said "two" companies. You must have been high up to understand and be privy to the financial make up of your said "two" companies. I am tired of people popping off about Bain Capital. Asset Manaegment, Financial Services is what Bain Capital is. There are hundreds and thousands of companies just like Bain out there. I have never worked for Bain or been purchased by Bain like Mr. RanchHand. But know what they do before you spout off and accuse them of losing your job. What about the upper management team that sold to Bain. How did they not sell you out? Mr. RanchHand should expound, because he was in a position of knowledge and knows all about the finances of his said "two" companies. Why did management sell you out for the Millions of $$$ Bain paid for the companies and employees. Personal responsibility? Try it!

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Not to worry. Mitt Romney just has to be smarter than Barack Obama. No problem!

Maricopa, AZ

I'd like to see how Obama's faith reflects on his life.
Not the one he suddenly switched to when he became president.
What size flip flops would you like to wear today sir.

Cedar City, UT

There's not a dime's worth of difference between Romney and Obama.

They are both devoted family men, faithful husbands and excellent fathers.

They are both morally grounded and focused on making life better for all of us.

They are both pragmatic moderates.

They are both smart.

Neither has served in the military.

Their differences, as far as I can determine, are from their perspective on the world. Nothing more or less.

As we members of the LDS Church prepare to vote, I'm sure we will all make the best conciencious decision. Many of us will go with Romney. Many of us will vote along with Ried.

In the end we'll have a good president. Either will do.

Orem, UT

I am not sure that you knew all about whether the comapanies you claim to have worked for were in financal distress. It is rare that a venture capitalist makes more money disecting the company than they would if the company grows. But that is only part of the issue. It is mostly the folks receiving government checks, either as an employee or as an aid receipiant who wants bigger government. Even retirees on Social Security recognize the risk to their earned benefits because of the deficit. Who better to manage the critical downsizing of the bloated government and the reduction of non earned, unsustainable benefits it pays out, then a Man who has done it before. Mitt Romney.

Saratoga Springs, UT


No not really. Both devoted family men, faithful husbands and fathers. Check. Both are morally grounded and focused on making life better for all of us. Morally grounded, yeah I guess to a point. Supporting gay marriage to me is not moral. Making life better for us all? I don't think so. Obama, is a self centered, egotistical maniac who only want's what's best for himself and what makes him look good, the guys arrogance sets me off. Is he a moderate? No, I don't think so on that either. Is he smart? Well that's still out for debate, he may be scholastically smart, but for our country, the answer is a big fat NO! Yep, neither served in the military. I say vote for the best candidate rather than party. In this case, Obama has shown nothing over the past 3 years so what makes you think it will change, it won't. So that leaves Romney, who in my own opinion (doesn't mean it's right) is the best candidate.

Cedar City, UT


Friend, your comment could easily be used to discount either candidate. My point is that they are so similar. Those outside of the True Middle only see the perceived faults of one side. But in reality they would be equally effective presidents. My best to both.

Maricopa, AZ

LDS, I appreciate your respectful tone, but to suggest that Obama has equal morals as Romney is either stretching the facts or simply ignoring them.
Abortion and same sex marriage are two enormous areas that distinguish the two.
Their skills in business also put them on two different levels.

Even Obama's closest religious advisers did not like his recent decision to support same sex marriage. (after 3.5 years of riding the fence)
If anything, IMO, these two men are far apart in many ways and our votes will say a lot about what is improtant to us, our families and our faith.

Cedar City, UT

I'm sure we can all agree on our Faith: Both homosexuality and abortion are "tolerated" by the Church. The extent of "toleration" is growing, however very gradually.

As Americans, we will be equally benefited by either of these men. They have their faults and strengths, as we all do. Neither will lead us astray. In the office of President, they would serve quite equally.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

Judging by our experience, when he came to Wisconsin, I would have to say that Romney's religion does not affect his daily political practice at all. Instead of reminding Wisconsinites of the historically clean and cooperative government we have had, Romney fueled the fire of governor Scott Walker's "divide and conquer" tactics by praising the class warfare that has raged in our state. For example: Romney told half-truths and falsehoods about the labor issues in Wisconsin. Romney said that Wisconsin's new voter ID law (the strictest in the nation) were to protect elections from "the other party" from engaging in their habit of voter fraud; a statement that has no factual basis. Instead of trusting in God, Romney broke the Sabbath and campaigned throughout the Sunday he was here. Romney appears to have more faith in the political process than in keeping the commandments of God. I make it a point to tell my many non-member friends not to judge our faith by the man who would be president.

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