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Published: Saturday, May 19 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Montesano, WA

Nice story! I hope more people read this and take something good from it!

Plano, TX

Amazingly interesting topic - I heard Dr. James Moody (author of Life after Life) speak in the 1980's at BYU. He had collected many accounts of people who'd experiences in this realm and published them, noting the commonalities etc. He had not had an experience himself, just collected from his medical connections. Great read.

Cache county, USA

Now that's a comforting story.

a serious man
Rexburg, ID

These experiences are real, and they are changing the face of spirituality around the world. The scientific explanations are embarrassingly inadequate.

Happy Valley, UT

Has Stephen Hawking had a near-death experience? If not, who is he to judge? If so, who is he to judge? This was someone else's experience. Only the person who experienced it really has any idea of how real or unreal it was.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

When the brain is deprived of oxygen, or when the typical electro-chemical composition is disturbed, hallucinations, delusions, and psychotic episodes are common.

I recently visited with a woman who was "seeing" people long dead and holding conversations with them, mixed in among "seeing" people who are still alive but thousands of miles away - but she saw them in different ages of their lives. She would talk to me, then to them, then to me again.

Either I must conclude that, like Sixth Sense, I am a ghost (in which case you should all worry that I can type on this keyboard), or that there is no reason to place any confidence in "near death experiences" as testimony of "life after life".

Stop depriving your brains of oxygen or scrambling your grey matter like eggs in a bowl - this will reduce the delusions. And for crying out loud, stop using brain-damaged persons as witnesses for your faith! It really detracts from your credibility!

Paul Wally
Richmond, TX

I believe what happened to myself and many of those are the same experiences,not only the beautiful peace which comes during those times. In my case there were doctors who were in control of my life and death. The first experience I was able to talk with my brother-in-law who had been dead for over a month. The next time I was able to watch my surgery. They had just talked me into being resuscitated before surgery. Also two men up for surgery left and my surgery was done about 4 hours early and I had the best leg amputee surgeon in Houston because they left without surgery. Dr. Stephen Hawking also like to got to strip joints. We see and hear from who we follow if be of God or Satan. We chose who our master is by how we live our lives. Everyone has selective hearing, not just our children. The gifts given us can be used for good or evil and that is a choice we make each time we receive those gifts.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Beautiful story.
My Grandfather had a life-after-death experience and described it the same way.

Death - just like mortal birth, the experience of mortal death happens to ALL people exactly the same.

Even Celestial, Terrestial, and Telestial Glories do not happen until after the Final Judgement --- whenever that may be....

Boise, ID

Nice story.

We will all figure out how this works one way or the other. We all get to die. Perhaps one of life's adventures. This story is comforting to me and may help me live a better, fuller life. If Hawking is right, my life will have been better and fuller. If he is wrong, he will likely be pleasantly surprised. I don't have a lot of faith in atheists.

Riverton, UT

There are people who say that we have to prove that there is life after death. With a challenge like that, I say, they have to prove that there isn't.

What, no takers... because you can't, just like I can't prove that there is, it is all taken by the faith that you have one way or another. So let me believe my way and don't attack it. I don't attack the way you believe...

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Santa Claus is also a comforting thought.

But comfort does not equal truth.


At least eventually we will all experience the truth of whether there is life after death. If our consciousness ends then no one will really 'know'.

I for one don't really want an end to my consciousness and as a scientist (Chemical Engineering processes not MetaPhysics) I do find it a little encouraging that so many of these near-death stories are similar especially when most had not heard of these experiences before their near-death experience. I did notice while reading several of these books years ago that the one common thread to all of these experiences was they no longer feared death which I also find very encouraging. Please note that oxygen-deprivation experiments do not reproduce any of these experiences, even with adrenaline.

Death is the last, great adventure to life! How better to experience it than by becoming the best person we can be in this life?

a serious man
Rexburg, ID

A Scientist: Look, I get the whole Richard Dawkins skeptical scientific materialism thing, but when it comes to NDEs you are obviously out of your depth. The experiences bear no resemblance to hallucinations nor do the people exhibit any form of mental illness or brain damage.

Window Rock, AZ

To "A Scientist" So how do you explain one lady dying on the dying and coming bakc to life and observed a tennis shoe at the roof of the hospital and later confirmed by doctors that there really was a tennis shoe on the located on the roof of the hospital.

So does lack of oxygen lead the similar near death experiences as seeing loved ones. Wow, maybe I should "lack of oxygen" and see my loved ones. Must be something specific to oxygen.

Orem, UT

@A Scientist,

I have seen similar phenomena in people under hypnosis. These people were in no way brain damaged or oxygen deprived, but experienced definite stimuli of multiple senses. They saw scenes acted out, felt emotions such as joy and sadness, felt electric shocks, and even smelled various odors. It is quite an easy matter for the mind to conjure things which are not really there, under the right circumstances (circumstances that are surprisingly easy to encounter, as I have done myself).

The experiences I find difficult to explain away, however, are those that include an uncanny clairvoyance and knowledge of hidden things. A friend of mine, an atheist, had one such experience in which a number of messages were conveyed which he delivered to relatives who were surprised to receive such insights from a man who should not have had knowledge of the sort. Oddly, this near-death experience did not include directives to join a church, find Jesus, or anything of that nature, and my friend remains an atheist to this day.

It does leave one wondering what it all could mean.

bob j
Bli Bli, Queensland


Glendora, CA

I find it odd that Steven Hawkins is so obsessed trying diss the idea of a God.
Could it be that he is running away from Him?
Many notable scientists of at least equal notoriety, ie, Einstein, Newton, to name a few, believed very much in a higher power.
Hawkins is not the ultimate paragon of scientific thought.

Mcallen, TX

A Scientist,

Don't be so offended by this. After all, school buses evolved from a big bolder over many years.

Believe what you want.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you don't understand this phenomenon the scientific approach would be to collect data, propose a hypothesis, determine tests that would prove or disprove this hypothesis or how to develop a theory once you have taken the fore mentioned steps. I actually have and all the claims about hallucinations, delusions and psychotic episodes do not relate to the topic of what these people who have experienced. I do not expect anyone to believe anyting but I do recommend more than casual investigation of this fascinatiting topic. I will recommend the word of a world reknowned cardiologist or a prominet neurologist who has actually had one of these events over some one who reads pop science articles written by journalists with no knowledge of the subject matter. Might I recommend starting with Dr. Pimm Van Lommel M.D. Cardiologist or Dr.Eben Alexander M.D

Just Me

RE: The Scientist:

Thanks for the good laugh before I went home!!! I like how you can explain grey matter, brain cells, hallucinations etc... but I leave you with a quote from a medical doctor and apostle of Jesus Christ:

"Ask yourself, 'Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary?' The likelihood is most remote. But if so, it could never heal its own torn pages or reproduce its own newer editions!"

It more simple than you can even admit. Science is REAL with laws and controls. It's how "The Creator" gets things done. Geez' he's not magic!!

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