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Published: Thursday, May 17 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

Actually, I think Dallin Oaks looks solid to me (tough old guy).

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Duckhunter (2 of 3):

"Speaking about running away I invited you out to Highland this fall for one of my football teams games."

I never replied because I don't recall you having ever extended such an invitation. And for what it's worth, even if you HAD, it wouldn't be reasonable to expect that I would have accepted it. And why? Not because I'm "running away", or being I'm being "willfully ignorant".

It's because I live in Philadelphia.

FYI....that's in Pennsylvania. Do you know how far Philadelphia, PA is from Highland? Why would a Philadelphian fly all the way out to Utah to verify the validity of an anonymous poster of dubious reputation? That would be like going on a snipe hunt. You could hunt all night, but you wouldn't find one. Besides, there are plenty of Ute fan posters right there in northern Utah County and southern Salt Lake County that you could invite. Seems awfully "convenient" that you'd only do so for a working professional who lives over 2,100 miles away, dontcha think?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Duckhunter (3 of 3):

There are a lot of "Brandon Gurneys" on Facebook, but in the few minutes I looked, I didn't find THAT guy. Furthermore, I took a couple of classes at UPenn, but that didn't put me on the Wharton Alumni distribution list, and neither do I consider myself a cougar alumnus despite studying there my Freshman year.

And, for what it's worth, Brandon Gurney's "Linked In" profile makes no mention of the University of Utah.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ gdog3,

I think he looks like Yoda actually.

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

Hang on...slow day at the office so I read the comments on this thread. Happy to see the boys on the hill getting some pre-season attention, that should help with recruiting, but other than that, doesn't really matter. What I find funny is Duckhunter calling out Naval Vet: "Let's settle this at a ward flag football game!" Somebody lives in a Napoleon Dynamite world.

Las Vegas, NV

Way to go Star and Wolfman!!

Let's stick to the subject of the story and not be lead astray from some Fangupo-lovin' southie!!

Go Utes!! Onward and Upward!!

Las Vegas, NV

@ hymn to the silent: "Somebody lives in a Napoleon Dynamite world."


Bountiful, UT

Obviously Duckhunter does not want anyone to pay attention to the actual article that says the Utes have two pre-season all-American selections.

Highland, UT

@naval vet

All you have to do is look up his facebook profile. I've now given you 3 references you just refuse to look at them. Or more precisely you have already looked at them, know I'm right, and now want to pretend otherwise. Yes that gets an LOL!

Highland, UT

@naval lint

You are obviously incapable of looking up the easiest of info. All I did was google Brnadon Gurney and his facebook link appeared right there on the 1st page. I clicked on it and there it is right on his homepage "studied at university of utah". LOL!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"All you have to do is look up his facebook profile. I've now given you 3 references you just refuse to look at them...You are obviously incapable of looking up the easiest of info. All I did was google Brnadon Gurney and his facebook link appeared right there on the 1st page."

You have NOT given me 3 references. I specifically asked for the Google search engine requirements for the publication, article, author, and date of ANY of the articles you referenced, and thus far, you have provided NONE!

As for Brandon's Facebook, I looked again, and the first hit was for a guy named Brandon Gurney who had a giant "Pulp Fiction" wall on it, but nothing related to the UofU. Of the other Brandons, none looked like the one the DNews shows. I'm not willing to spend any more time searching for that which is not there. You can either post the name of the articles you referenced earlier, or tacitly admit that you have nothing.

Provo, UT

I bet Ducky looks like Major Winchester and Sammyg probably looks like Radar!

Iowa City, IA

Congrats to Star and Wolfman. Here's hoping both can stay healthy this year.


Looked up Brandon Gurney on Facebook and one of the first ones on there was THE Brandon Gurney, who "studied at the University of Utah."

Duckhunter is right.

But as far as being a Y-homer? He's employed by DesNews (as well as scout.com and KSL) to cover BYU recruiting. As it is the DN, I'm sure there is an obligation on him to be pretty positive about the recruits---hence the appearance of being a "homer." Yet, I've not seen him say things disparaging about the U, so there I don't belive he is a turncoat.

But based on his profile, he's a part of "Clipper Nation" which I found interesting.

I also find it interesting Duckhunter is breaking out the studied at/graduated from smack amist the hair-talk. Why? What is his alma mater anyway?

Provo, UT

Just a thought...... does anybody else ever think of Maj Winchester from MASH when they read one of the trolls posts?

I do, and sammy makes me think of Klinger

Highland, UT


Are you asking where I attended? Both BYU briefly and UVSC. UVSC is my alma mater.

As far as Gurney is concerned I actually don't care where he went to school or who he covers I just find it amusing that utah "fans" like naval vet, chris b, stg, and so many of the others spend so much time claiming he is a "BYU homer" when in fact he attended the university of utah. I suppose it is entirely possible he is one of the thousands of utah students that are actually BYU fans, I know a lot of those, but like you said I see no indication of it from his articles other than he does write positive things about BYU recruits and commits. It is his job afterall to cover BYU recruiting and no one that covers recruiting for any school writes a bunch of negative stuff about their recruits. When guys commit or sign it is always positive because no one knows how they will turn out yet, it is an optimistic moment by nature. But some of these utah "fans" want everything about BYU to be a negative and that includes media coverage.

South Jordan, UT

The only troll that makes me think of Maj Winchester is Utah-Hawaii Alum you know the one who brought up the fact that he was a full ride scholly Div 1 athlete that competed for Hawaii from 1983-85 on their golf team now that sounds like Maj Winchester

Provo, UT


as a ute fan, I thank you for giving props to Star where props are due. I don't know why this ridiculous argument started, but I for one am excited about the talent that the utes have this year. The Wolfman is possibly my favorite ute of all time, aside from Weddle of course!

Las Vegas, NV

@ reasonableUTE: "I don't know why this ridiculous argument started"

Someone is trying to start a ridiculous argument to deflect attention from his "Fangupo" debacle!!

Go Utes!! Go Star!! Go Wolfman!!

Highland, UT


Well Star is inarguably a stud, I wish he could have attended BYU but it is obvious he wound up at the right place for him.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ Billybubba,

At least I know what going college is all about, and not being an extra in the movie "Deliverance." I know you are proud of that. Cheers!

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