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Published: Thursday, May 17 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Joe Kruger and Eric Rowe should have at least been third team all-conference. But it's whatever, preseason lists aren't really anything much more than a list of players you can expect to watch for during the season. If both of them keep improving the way they did last season, I expect they'll both be voted either first or second team all-conference by the coaches this year.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Nice props for both Star and John. I wish them both the best for the upcoming season.

I hope both guys can stay healthy and hopefully have a big impact for the Utes this year. I'm assuming that White won't get as many carries as he did last year considering our depth at running back - but I would like to see him go over 1,000 yards.

I can't wait for the season to begin - its a great time to be a Ute!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

The mighty Utes are gonna be DANGEROUS this season!

Highland, UT


By the way, Gurney is a utah grad. So if, as you say, he is a "Y-homer" he must be one of that huge list of guys that couldn't get into BYU so he went to utah as a fallback and kept his BYU love despite attending utah. I wonder which it is?

South Jordan, UT

props to both of these fine players

Santa Monica, CA

Copngrats and stay healthy to both of these amazing players. Star simply makes Utah's linebackers better by eating so many blocks and the Wolfman will be the best running back in the Pac 12 this season. The Utes are going to fly, baby.

Tooele, UT

Congrats on the pre-season honors. Let's hope they can live up to the honors and not go down with an injury this season. Hope the whole team can withstand the injury bug and it could be a great year.

Holladay, UT

"By the way, Gurney is a utah grad. So if, as you say, he is a "Y-homer" he must be one of that huge list of guys that couldn't get into BYU so he went to utah as a fallback and kept his BYU love despite attending utah. I wonder which it is?" - Duckhunter

This quote right here by Duckhunter is one of the reasons I, along with many Utah fans, cannot stand byu fans. FYI, duckhunter, I graduated from Utah and never even considered byu.

american fork, UT

Dumb. Heck, If the media where not so liberal then there would be tons more of my cougs on all american lists. But you know how it is. All hype!

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Okay Duck, once again the answer to the question nobody asked. Amusing in it's own way I guess. Possibly two #1 NFL picks from U of U in eight years; impressive. Go Utes.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Per Brandon Gurney's DNews bio...

"Brandon Gurney covers recruiting, high school sports, and BYU athletics for the Deseret News. Previously, he worked with scout.com for eight years, covering BYU, with an emphasis on recruit coverage. He joined the Deseret News full-time in the summer of 2011."

That's it. That's all it said. Nothing about having ever graduated from the U.

In 2007, the Univ. of Utah published a 1,555 pg. Alumni Directory consisting of over 230,000 Utah graduates. But in THAT edition, there were only 5 "Gurneys":

(1) Allen Gurney - BS 1970, MS 1973;
(2) Clinton Gurney - BA 1967;
(3) Eric Gurney - BMT 1985;
(4) Kathryn Gurney - BS 1971;
(5) Walden Gurney - MEd 1976

...but NO "Brandons". So where was it published that Brandon Gurney is a Utah alumnus? Don't tell me you know HIM too!

You didn't frantically and emotionally make THAT up as well, did you?

Wally West

@ cougarfanzz 11:18 a.m. May 18, 2012L

So? All the gum flapping about the Y being a legacy program and past accomplishments is rubbish?


"By the way, Gurney is a utah grad."

Yes, but his job is to report recruiting news and updates related to BYU. Ya know, make BYU look as good as he can. Like claiming that if you count returned missionaries (who have already been counted on recruiting rankings, also while ignoring the number of recruits not joining the team this year leaving on missions), then BYU has a top 25 recruiting class. Now there wouldn't be any motive for bias in this situation, would there?

South Weber, UT

The answer is C ... non of the above.

Highland, UT

@naval vet

Back before signing day there were a number of video interviews posted by the dnews that involved Gurney and some guy that covers utah. In one of those interviews Gurney stated he was a utah grad. I'm going to assume he isn't publicly lying about it but I suppose if you don't want to believe him that's your business.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


So in other words, what you're saying is, you can't back that up about Brandon Gurney having ever graduated from the U. I thought not. Typical.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

May I say before this thread becomes 3 pages of off topic ankle biting from the regulars who haunt these forums, congrats Utes!!! Make us proud!

Ann Arbor, MI


Would you be able to provide a link to the video stating that Gurney went to Utah?

Thanks a bunch!

Tempe, AZ

Who cares about Gurney?

Can't wait to see what JW4 will do with a capable passing game keeping the defense off-balance. I think he will have less carries this year due to the rise of Langi and insertion of York and replacing 2 Tackles that are on NFL rosters will be challenging, but I think the Wolfman is poised for a great year.

I am also really excited to watch Lotulelei play. He was one of my favorite players to watch last year (the other was Asiata). As good as the D-line was last year, it might be even better this year. Lotulelei will be an integral part of it!

Proud Ute

So the story is about two Utes being named as pre-season All Americans and all the troll has to add is some random, irrelevent nonsense about where the author went to school?
Sounds frantic and emotional for sure.

Just a thought...... does anybody else ever think of Maj Winchester from MASH when they read one of the trolls posts?

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