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Published: Wednesday, May 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tempe, AZ


You need to do your homework. Cox is already on board and so is Brighthouse, which serves CA, AL, MI, IN. The PAC-12 network is also in negotiations with Directv and Dish. Deals will get done. Jon Wilner, who is a reporter in the Bay Area has said that it will happen. Everything he's said about the network has come to fruition. You should take a look at his blog and educate yourself. Then you won't look foolish on here.

You fear the PAC-12 network becoming large because of jealousy and because once it happens you will have to stop posting to the boards (if you stay true to your word).

Herriman, UT

Bummer - Holmoe can spin it all he wants, but this is not good news in the slightest. I must say, the independence thing is certainly good for the wider Cougar fan base and TV, but it really slaps local fans in the face. The weeknight drive to the game always stinks and it ruins the atmosphere. On Saturday it is more relaxed, you can make an afternoon or evening of it. On weekdays half the stadium shows up late from work and unless it is a Friday night game, the crowd packs up as quickly as possible to get home and get to bed so they can work the next day. I'm regretting this year's season tickets.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's interesting how many Utah "fans" spend all their time following the Cougars. As a BYU fan I don't care one bit what's happening at the U. I could care less what "news" is coming from the hill in Salt Lake. I think they just love to hate the Y. Whatever the reason, they are really just closet Cougar fans and that makes me happy.

Tempe, AZ

"I think they just love to hate the Y."

It's not the University that I dislike. In fact, I very much like what the University stands for and respect and admire its academic prowess and achievements. I have many good friends that attended it. Out of high school, I applied and was accepted to Utah, BYU, and USC, but ultimately chose to stay close to home. I would, however, be willing to send my kids to BYU when they're old enough if that's where they want to go.

However, there is a part of the institution that I do not like. You can draw conclusions about what or who I'm talking about.

Bluffdale, UT

Tempe, AZ

"tell us how many nationally televised games will the Utes participate in this coming year"

Every game will be nationally televised.

And you spend a whole post talking about the ignorance of Duckhunter? Look in the mirror dude. We all know that the Northern Colorado game will not be a nationally televised game. Just to clarify, nationally televised would be in every time zone. I would bet that a good share of the Utah games this year will be regionally televised; ie. Pacific and Mountain time zones only. Keep in mind BYUtv is not just nationally televised, it is also televised around the world in many countries.

I like Utah. I also like their coach. What I can't stand are Utah fans who always try to find a reason to disparage BYU or it's fans by making up nonsense that is not true.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I guess if BYU can have a "no Sunday play" policy, ESPN can have a "no Saturday play" policy.

Cowboy Dude

Can the Utes use LES on Saturdays? They certainly need the extra seats.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


If you really coach football and basketball -- as you've often claimed before -- what was this mysterious "business trip" you had to take to Tulsa during last year's Holy War?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"What I can't stand are Utah fans who always try to find a reason to disparage BYU or it's fans by making up nonsense that is not true."

Is your antipathy only reserved for "Utah fans" who allegedly do so, or does it ALSO apply to cougar fans [i.e. Duckhunter, sammyg, Buster aka Veritas Aequitas, et al] "who always try to find a reason to disparage [Utah] or it's fans by making up nonsense that is not true"?

Because I've never seen you call THEM out for doing so likewise. Seems a bit hypocritical.

Springville, UT


As part of a fanbase that already knows what it feels like to be 'nationally televised' I can tell you personally how great it is, even the reruns are great.

ESPN is hands down the world wide leader in sports.

If I were a Ute, I'd be 'frantic and emotional' over the fact that these things have not been published yet, this so called PAC 10.2 Network is sounding more and more like a West Coast and Mountain Regional Network.

Once the MWC goes belly up Larry can swoop in and by the leftover equipment for pennies on the dollar.

Bluffdale, UT

Naval Vet,
Absolutely not. I am equal opportunity, and will gladly call out ANYONE who states something I know to be untrue. I have in the past done as much if time permits and it is something that I care about. I will admit that I do not do it as often with fellow BYU fans because, unlike several of your Utah buddies, I rarely find an article about Utah that I want to read, let alone peruse the comments about.

Cowboy Dude

Can the Utes use LES on Saturdays? They certainly need the extra seats.

That's rich...a PAC12 school wanting to use the stadium of a private independent school because it is better than the one they have.

Highland, UT


When the pac12 network is actually on those systems come back and let me know, until then it is just hot air. Also I never said I wouldn't post on any of these boards. You utah "fans" never quit fabricating things. I said if the pac12 network is on enough cable and sattelite systems by the start of this coming season to reach 75% of the tv sets in the nation then I will not post on any utah articles for the entire season. That means from the start of fall camp until after a bowl game if utah actually goes to one. That is my deal. I didn't make it with you, johntheliarinslc or any other utah "fan" I made it with myself. Nothing is expected in return on my part.

@naval vet

I went to Tulsa on business the day after the BYU/utah game, I've posted that many times. I returned on Wednesday and even posted that day. I'm sure you'll lie about it again but that is how it went. But why are utah "fans" so obsessed with me taking a business trip? What does that even matter?

East Salt Lake City, Utah



The PAC-12 Network is in "discussions" with the "big boys" just like BYU is in "discussions" with the Big 12 (for the last 20 years). Only time will tell which "discussions" will continue into next season. My bet the Big 12 "discussions".

Wally West

@ MacNasty 3:34 p.m. May 16, 2012

Pridefully, chasing after the vain things of this world and in HD. Hmmmm!?

Everett, WA

BYU schedule is embarrassing. Only five games worth watching. Maybe six if you stretch it.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Remember folks it was a deal with ESPN (and an exciting, good football team) that propelled Boise State (that's Girlsee State to u fans up north) into the national spotlight. Of course, now Boise will never have to play on Thursday night again, right? Right???

Bottom line is: Boise didn't mind, doesn't mind and we don't mind either.

But after BYU embarrasses u in September, u'll wish there was someplace u could bury u're games. Saturday afternoon on a regional subscription channel won't even be deep enough.

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