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Published: Wednesday, May 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mark l

It sounds like this educator wants there to be choices for parents to decide which type of school to put their children. That would be true freedom. If you like the type of school she describes, then you should be free to send your children there. Or if you want your children to have the common core standards, there will be a school for that. There should be many different types of schools.

Unfortunately, the education establishment is not interested in innovation or change. They are only interested in more money.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

This opinion piece represents left-wing educational theory at its worst. Its proposals are a clear and obvious recipe for failure.

Under this left-wing egalitarian view, students must be allowed to study what they want at whatever pace they choose, and they are free to ignore any subject that might be challenging for them. The theory is that no student should have to study things that are hard because doing so might hurt the student's feelings when he doesn't do as well as others. This is pure nonsense, .

Real world employers are looking to hire people with specific skills such as writing, math, and science capabilities. Employers are simply not interested in the fact that someone learned how to! draw excellent pictures of people eating ice cream cones.

Salt Lake City, 00

to Mark 1

Education needs money to pay for buildings, equipment, texts, etc. Utah is already spending the least amount of money on our students.

To John C. Spring

Inquiry based learning has its place. It works great in private schools that can pick and choose students. I know, I have taught this way. But now, I am in a public school, and have a variety of students and a state curriculum to follow.

What Mrs. Stoddard fails to address is the Common Core, other than to dismiss it as making everyone uniform. This is so far from the truth. Mrs. Stoddard is retired and has not been working with the Common Core. I have, and I like it. Children still get to be individuals.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

I agree with Alberobello: the Common Core is easily caricatured, but does allow for student individuality. My concern is with the educational establishment's mania for standardized testing. The very fact of testing warps and alters education in all sorts of negative ways.

Somerville, MA

I agree with Mr. Stoddard. Children learn more and better when they pursue their interests and learn in an environment in which they are known and respected for who they are as individuals. Learning basic skills such as math and reading while engaged in relevant projects makes the skills more interesting to learn and helps the learner remember them so he or she can use them in real life. Treating children as individuals is not lax education, it is respectful education.

one old man
Ogden, UT

JCS -- if you could only step back and see how far off base you are and how frequently you are out there, you'd likely be ashamed.

Towing the talking points of ultraconservative organizations is not being well informed.

Perhaps you could use a good dose of good education.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

Ok, old man, tell me how lowering of expectations and curriculum is good for education.

murray, UT

The Common Core was created to address the problem in our Utah schools of low expectations. The standards raise the bar on students performance in language arts and math to help all students be globally competitive. I spoke with a teacher from Park City who likes the common core standars and said her students are more engaged and enjoying learning. She has seen a big difference in her students achivment in just a short time. The Standards do not dictate curriculum. The Standards set clear, grade level expectations in math and language arts for students, teachers and parents. We can not allow the narow minded ideas of a minority group in Utah spread incorrect facts about the Utah Common Core Standards. The Standards allow all students in Utah public schools a quality education.

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