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Published: Thursday, May 10 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

I appreciate the tremendous effort of these four lads.

Temecula, CA

Good article. The only thing I would add is I'm hoping that KOC is interested in free agent Goran Dragic. He isn't as young as the fledgling foursome members, but he just turned 26. Even if the Jazz get Golden State's pick in the draft, Dragic might be as good an all-around point as any in the draft. Hard to say, though, since I've only read about the potential draftees.

Orem, UT

I agree that these four are the future of the Jazz and should be protected. However, we need to build from there and bring in other equally young athletic players, particularly a point guard, so they can learn to play together. The other need is for them to get minutes on the floor. Our aging starters will never bring us to compete at the elite level of the NBA, so we need to replace those who have the potential to do so.

Washington, DC

Agree with Scalman, Dragic would be a great pick up to work with these young guys. He's got some experience, still young and could really fit in. Hoping these four work as hard over the summer as they've said they will. Easy to see this being a solid foundation that could actually be together for a while.

Mark from Montana
Aurora, CO

The Jazz will never be able to keep all four players long term. I predict that at least one, if not two of them, will be gone within two years.

Los Angeles, CA

Dragic is going to command Devin Harris level salary- how the the Jazz get him? It would require a trade of either Al, Sap or Harris.

At Mark from Montana, I guarantee that all four of these guys will be here two years from now. Hayward and Favors are under contract for the next two years and Kanter and Burks the next three years.

The Jazz need at least one reliable shooter and need to let Sap or Al go so as to open the door for Favors to start.

I like the thought of Al to Philly for Iggy (who has 2 more years on his contract). Favors plus Sap is a top 5 defense, and Iggy will make it even better. Iggy can also score, and will be a great influence/teacher for Hayward and Burks. With this lineup, CJ, Bell, and Howard can be replaced. Harris would do much better with this lineup as well.

Los Angeles, CA

Trade Al for Iggy and that solves 90% of the problems the next 2 years.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Trade Al Jefferson anywhere we can. I'm so tired of watching him standing there with the ball while the defense sets up, then the double team, then the triple team and watching him force up a shot.

No doubt he has good footwork and can score but he makes nobody on the team better and nobody ever benefits from the double and triple teams so what is the point.

Harris is #2 on my list who needs to go. Another player that does not make anyone better and at the PG position that is a fail. He never makes great passes. He either races down the floor for a layup or he shoots a 3. His assists are few and far between and that is a no-go for the Jazz system. We have alot of athletic players who need to get the ball in position to score and that is not his specialty. He just fits better on a team who wants a scoring PG and a mediocre passer. Tinsleys passing makes Harris look weak and that is a problem.

As far as the core four I agree. Lets see what they can do.

Kanter is ? though.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

If Favors learns just half of Al Jefferson's post moves, he's going to be unbelievable. He's also collects rebounds like few players I've seen and he's also turning into a great shot blocker. We all know we need outside shooting to help open up the inside game, but I suspect that is in the works. I think we do what San Antonio has done, and simply teach everyone to shoot the uncontested three-pointer. Then they simply can't pack in the paint.

Tokyo, Japan


I'd rather trade Al Jeff + Harris for Eric Gordon + future 1st round draft picks and some filler players(probably Jason Smith or Kaman?) ...Eric Gordon is a legit scoring threat...even after coming off an injury...he can still explode for 20 - 30 a game...i think he has a more realiable outside shot than iggy...although iggy...is a better all around player...but he doesnt score as much now than he was before...we need a little offensive push...if they cant get dragic...and this trade happens...they better groom burks to be the PG of the future...i think he can do it...

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